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heeey everyone ~

So today i had my welsh speaking exam. It counts as like 30 or 40 something percent of my grade and erk. Me and my friend Emily skipped double biology [with permission] sat in the classroom for an hour and rehearsed it. Then these year ten kids came and it was too noisy so we went to a spare english class. Then me and her were called just as the bell for break went. gahh.
So we were given the paper and had to prepare during break. Then we skipped maths [with permission] and went into the room and said it while the teacher made herself a coffee. Then she came back and we said it to her once, then we recorded it. Then we only had five minutes left of maths so we skipped it :L

Anyway then i went to biology and we learnt about respiration in peas. fun. *sarcasm*
then I had welsh so we had a free lesson

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& this is for Battle Of The Disney Darlings Round One ~ ♡

I included an outfit for a music festival and i included a picture of miley cyrus [my team's celeb]
o1 @summer-bby-xo || bella
o2 me chloe
o3 @theinfinitewallflower || lauren
o4 @acid-tips || sydnee
o5 @green-jello || kayla
o6 @try-defying-gravity || meg
o7 @fashion-challenges || lexie
o8 @hmcr || hannah
o9 @happygee4 || geeah
1o @nutella-queen-infinity || wren

& this is also for @chloebaby-xo 's set challenge O2 include nail polish.
i used pink essie in the top right corner x
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