ll Cosmic Love- Florence and the Machine 
Thursday, June 7th: The Evans family is having their annual Summer Gala, this year's proceedings will go to the funding for the construction of a new high school in town. Make sure to buy a ticket and dress up in your best gown.
"How do I look?" I ask, applying a bit more bronzer onto my already sculpted cheekbones, then turning to Maxxie, who's sitting on the little couch that was placed in my bathroom. "Does this dress look okay?" I question, looking down at the beautiful, pink Emilio Pucci dress that I picked out. 

The invitation for tonight's Summer Gala said that it was a black-tie event and required a gown, and after searching for the perfect dress for hours and feeling almost discouraged, I had found this one. It was my favourite amongst all the others. The other ones had made me feel too stuck up.. too… snobby. 
But this one was perfect for me. It was flawy and softer, beachy and summery, while still being formal. 
And of course I felt amazing in the dress, but I somehow had a feeling I was going to feel different from the others attending the gala, but I didn't care. I was being me and if I was going to stand out, then so be it. 

Maxxie sighs, "Relax, A," He says. "You look flawless, as always." 


"Yes," He says, "But you could use just a tad bit of gloss… your lips look a bit pale." 

I nod, turning back to my makeup drawers and ruffling around in my lip gloss drawer. "Which one?" I ask, holding up a golden, peachy YSL one, and a pink, Givenchy one. 

"YSL. The peach will compliment the dress and your makeup better." He says instantly. It was times like these I was glad I had a gay, fabulous guy as my best friend. 

I nod once again, applying the YSL one all over my lips and then looking into my Chanel compact's mirror. "Okay, ready," I say, grabbing my decorative clutch and then leaning over, adjusting the strap of my Jimmy Choo sandal. "Are you /sure/ you don't want to come, Maxxie?" I ask him. 

I had surprised Maxxie with a spare ticket, but he declined, saying that galas just weren't his thing, so he would be spending the time home alone tonight, which made me feel awful. 
It also made me feel terrible because I knew that I would have to face Hampton's society alone. Which that thought alone made my stomach do a flip.

Maxxie nods, "I'm positive, you go, have fun," He says as I walk to the door of the bathroom, exiting while Maxxie follows me all the way downstairs to the front door, "Oh! And don't drink too much champagne!" He jokes. 

I giggle, "I'll try not too… but they always have the best champagne at these things!" I joke back as I wave him goodbye, stepping outside and closing the door and going down the steps and to my parked Mercedes. 
And off I go. 

I arrived at the gala right on time, and after presenting my ticket at the front entrance, I was in. 
And once I was in, I knew that I sure as hell was not going to be getting out for awhile.

The gala was buzzing with activity, rich, high society people socializing with others, probably discussing business or their family lives, or how happy they are to be in the Hamptons for the summer once again. 
I recognized some of these people too, so I knew I'd probably spend most of the night socializing and chit chatting amongst the others. 

"Champagne?" A waiter asks me as he circles the party with a try of champagne flutes, filled to the top with the finest Moët & Chandon. 

"Yes, please!" I answer, taking a flute off of the tray and pressing it to my lips, sipping the bubbling, golden coloured liquid. "Thank you!" I say as I begin to walk away, looking through the party. 
I could see more and more people I recognized, such as the elderly, old money ladies that practically owned the Hamptons, to the Posse, who I watched out of the corner of my eye. 

And lastly, I could make out my father. 
My father, the man whom I barely knew. He left after I was born, and I had no recollection of any memories. He was a stranger. A man that loved my mother but then left her, within the blink of an eye. 
And here he was, in the same room as me, standing a few feet away from me. I couldn't believe it though. We had actually come to this point. 

The only reason I knew who he was and what he looked like was because of the private investigator I had hired last autumn to find him. And thanks to him, he did. And he turned out to be in the Hamptons. Perfect, right? 

He was pretty much the main reason I came here. I wanted revenge. I was going to get him back for doing that to me. For doing that to /us/, my mother and I. His wrongs were not going to be forgotten. I mean, as long as I had a say in them they weren't going to be. 

"Alena, darling!" 
My thoughts were pushed aside as an older woman came and greeted me. She was big here in the Hamptons, and I happened to do her makeup for her fifth wedding last year, along with her daughter's for prom and various other occasions. 
I air kissed her cheeks, smiling and nodding as I listened to her, occasionally responding. But after awhile of talking about makeup and events and just hoe great it was that I returned to the Hamptons once again, someone called her name and she excused herself from me. 

"Thank God," I say under my breath. 
I wasn't rude. Not at all, but I wasn't exactly the social butterfly of the Hamptons, and the Hamptons practically equaled socializing. 

I continued walking, keeping an eye on everybody else, as well as an eye on my father, who was in the corner, talking to some man. I couldn't even believe he was here. A part of me though wanted to just go up to him, introduce myself as his daughter and hope for a happy response. But another part of me wanted to throw the tiny bit of my champagne in his face. How dare he even-

I stopped thinking as I collided with another person. Luckily, my champagne did not get on my dress (If I got anything on this f.cking $6,535 dress, I'd probably have to shoot myself.) and it didn't get on the girls, so that was another good point, since he dress as well did look expensive. 

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" I apologize to her, looking at her. 
She had chocolate brown waves, with bright blue eyes and as her lips upturned into a smile, I could see she had adorable little dimples. She was pretty, gorgeous even. 

"It's alright!" She says, waving it off. "I just hope your champagne didn't get on your dress!" She giggled. 

I looked down, smiling before looking back at her, "I don't think it did," I say. She looked familiar though. And her voice even sounded familiar. "Do I know you from somewhere? Sorry, you just look awfully familiar." 

She shakes her head, "I'm new in the Hamptons," She informs. "My name is Adelaide Daniels." She says, holding out her hand. 

Adelaide Daniels… she was a singer! That's where I knew her from. I had definitely known I had seen her on the t.v during interviews and performances, and perhaps I'd heard some of her songs on the radio. 

"Ohh, you're the singer!" I say, shaking her hand lightly. "I'm Alena Baroch!" I smile. 

She nods, "Wait… did you do Taylor Swift's makeup for the Grammy's last year?" She asks.

I nod. Doing Taylor's makeup was honestly one of my biggest accomplishments yet as a makeup artist. And the fact that it was for such a big awards ceremony made it ten times more special. 

"That was so amazing!" She gushes. "Taylor talked about it all the time, she really loved that look!" 

"I'm glad she did," I giggle. 

"Maybe you can do my makeup sometime?" She asks. 

I nod, "Sure!" I say. "I'll see you around!" I wave to her as I walk away, smiling as I sipped the last droplet of my champagne, before abandoning the crystal glass on a table.


I spun around to see a sight that I thought I would never see. 
Matt, my boyfriend, was walking right up to me, his Dolce & Gabanna tuxedo on his fit and handsome body, his face broken into a smile. 

I grinned, as he ran up to me, picking me up and spinning me around, giving me a long, delicious and very lasting kiss. 
Once he puts me down, I just stare at him, a clearly puzzled yet happy expression on my face. 

"What are you doing here? I thought you couldn't come because of business…" 

"I wanted to surprise you." 

"So… you're going to stay for the entire summer?" I ask him. 

He nods, smiling wide, "Definitely… it'll be a summer filled with just you, me and Maxxie." 

"Exactly how everything should be," I say as we begin to walk, then finding ourselves outside, where the beach was. The waves were lapping up gently on the bright golden sand. 

"It's beautiful out here," He mentions. 

I nod, "It is," I say with a smile. I smile even wider, reaching down to my feet and taking off my precious Jimmy Choos. 

"A… what the hell are you doing?" Matt asks. 

I giggle, grabbing his hand, "Come on! We're going for a walk on the beach!"

The sun was setting and as I leaned my head on Matt's shoulder as he placed a kiss on top of my head, I knew that this was going to be a long, endless summer… and surely, an eventful one.
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