I'm in the process of "writing a novel" (or whatever this is, haha) called "An Andromeda Affliction" that I decided to put up here as well. 'Cause why not? xD

* * * * * * 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EIeUlvHAiM -"Cosmic Love" by Florence + the Machine.

 - - - - - -

Name: Adne Peeya
Location: New Terra, Earth
Hair color: Really light strawberry blonde
Eyes: Dark navy
Model: Zippora Seven
Likes: The city, biology/science, good food, alcohol, coffee or just caffeine in general, her best friends, her boots, playing with her hair
Dislikes: When her mother gets "ideas," when her best friend gets crazy and/or depressed, people that put her down, uncertainty, gossip, jobs that make her feel useless or disposable, the Andys on ads

- - - - - - 


Andy was born with the stars in the eyes. They whirled and swirled around her irises, swimming past nebulas and supernovas into the supermassive black-holes of her pupils. They collected in her mind, filling her up with cosmic debris and a vast expanse of possibility. They filled her up with intense, blinding explosions of shimmering light. And deep, never-ending voids of velvety black. She held it all in her fingertips.

“It’s always expanding, ya know.”

She stared at her hands, turning them back and forth under the wavy fluorescents of her room, glowing worms erupting around the corners of her vision. She saw past suns and moons to gaze upon a single planet, a land of desert pockmarked with oasises of emerald green.

“I’ll take you there, one day. Paradise. It’s lovely. I promise.”

A flash of black, a lightning strike of piercing purple, rattling red, grating gold. White. A white that takes over everything, swallowing it al into nothingness. Never. Nothing. Never. Nothing?

Andy fell straight through the sky, the stars too far for her to reach.



“Aaaaaah, you’re a cheeky little bastard.” Gable poked Nat, his eyes twinkling with secrets, like they always were. He was always hiding something in his attic, high in his mind, that no one else knew. He had a gable-covered head, if every any of them had seen one.

Gable nudged Nat again, but this time it was a little too rough. Andy could see the smile drain from Nat’s eyes. But Gable always pushed it too far. She always had to break it up. “Eh, Nat?”

“I’m not even Nat anymore.” Andy heard the deep despair in her voice as Nat took the liquor from Gable’s hands and slugged some down. Nat wiped her mouth on the back of the sleeve on her shiny new maroon jacket with the enforced elbows, then chucked the empty bottle at the brick wall in front of the them, watching it shatter into a million pieces. They looked like a hundred broken stars. “I’m just a fucking Lab Rat now.”

“Yeah, but you make good money.” 

Gable stuffed his fist over one of the raspberry rolls that sat between them on a two-day-old newspaper, then stuck the whole thing into his mouth. Red oozed out onto the sides of his mouth as he laughed. It looked like blood to Andy.

But Nat was mad now. Her quick brown eyes were flashing from beneath the bangs of her short, boyish hair, her dry, cracked lips already curling. She jumped toward Gable, but before she could, Andy held her back by grabbing her wrists as she writhed to hurt him. She hissed with her blue, unfeeling, tongue, “It’s not so you can just stuff your filthy little mouth, you goddamn freeloader!”

“Nat. Nat. Nat...” 

Andy pulled her friend’s tiny frame close and stroked her back, softly shushing her. Nat let out a ragged breath and coughed a couple times before sniffing real hard and relaxing in Andy’s arms. She wiped her face again and then sat chewing her braided bracelet. The one her dad gave her long ago, before he left into the night, her and her sister’s cries being drowned out by sirens.

Ever since Nat had started that new trial for the drug that was supposed to help the colonists acclimate to confined spaces, her moods had been dropping faster than Andy’s dad when he jumped out the top floor of that hovercraft. That is, before he splattered to the ground because he’d rather be dead than follow orders. Then her moods would rise like the starships taking off everyday from the airport on the other side of town, still reaching for the sky when they kept shooting the heavens down. 

One moment Nat was happier than her own mother on payday right after she stocked up on her “remedies,” the ones that came in unmarked paper bags and made her crazier than one of those space-testers after seven black weeks in the stars. The next moment, she was like Gable’s uncle when he came home for work and automatically reached for the whipping-strap or the discipline-stick to “teach him a lesson.” 

To Andy, it almost felt like living with her own mother.

“I’m sorry.” 

Nat broke away from her friend and picked up the last roll. She held it out to Andy, shoving it toward her without looking up in that way she always did, never focusing quite right. “Here.”

Andy took it and broke it in two. She put one half into Nat’s hand and closed her tiny fingers around it before putting the other into her mouth. It was sweeter than anything she’d had in a while. Like what she imagined that maroon-colored stardust should’ve tasted like, the stuff scientists were always hawking as the next big step for civilization. If you didn’t go crazy right after.

Nat wrapped both hands around the dripping slice and ate in a small bits, not unlike the little rats they always saw scurrying into the darkness around their meeting spot. Andy smiled at her. “Gable and I thank you, though, for the scrumptious snack you were able to pertain for us.”

She elbowed Gable. Hard. Through gritted teeth, she insisted, “Innit that right, Gable?”

Gable nearly choked on his roll, but managed to swallow the sugary sweet down before answering with a very enthusiastic nod, “Chh. Uh. Yes. Very thankful, Nat. Very gracious.”

Nat rolled her eyes, but continued to focus on her roll. She licked her lips before retorting, “Oh, shuttup, ya brown-noser.”

But it was a playful cut, her voice more like her old self’s. Gable just saluted and playfully replied, “Yes, ma’am. Whatever you say, ma’am. You’re the one that brings home the bread, ma’am.”

Andy rolled her eyes, but Nat laughed. Which was a beautiful sound to all three of them. 

Gable opened two more bottles and handed one to Nat, who took it gratefully before closing her eyes and snuggling down to rest her head on his shoulder. They were always like that. Clawing at each other’s neck one moment and sitting in complete and utter peace the next, an unspoken truce and love keeping them together through it all.

“Want one?” Gable looked at her expectantly, his hand hovering over the last liquor between them all.

Andy shook her head. “Naw. I gotta jet. Make sure Mom didn’t burn the apartment down or get us kicked out again. I swear. I can’t leave her for even a day before she messes everything up. She always gets these…ideas.”

She rolled her eyes as she drained her drink. Then she hoisted herself to her knees and then to her feet, brushing off the grim of their secluded rooftop hide-out, a massive structure of tarps and old sheets stitched together between the brick-house over the stair-entrance of the apartment building Gable’s family owned and Nat and Andy’s building that was pressed right up against it. 

She hauled her massive patchwork-ed knit bag of tricks and traps over her shoulder and stuck the glass bottle into one of the seemingly never-ending pockets of her army-grade, shiny, silver, synth-made jacket, that she’d nicked from one of the houses she cleaned with her mom. Back when they both had a job.

“Ya coming, Nat?”

Nat shook her head, her eyes still closed. “Go ahead. Imma hang out up here for a bit. Cool my head.”

Andy smiled at her tiny friend, who looked so fragile but contained resilience deep down that only a few knew about. “Sounds good. I’ll shoot the moon with ya later, then.”

A replying chorus of good-byes followed her as she closed the door to the stairs behind her. She flew down the flights, stopping to give Missie and Lillie, two of the little girls that lived in her building but hung out in Gable’s all the time anyway, a quick hug as she was bursting through the front doors. Then she waved to Billie, Gable’s half-brother, and Maddie, while little Teennie bounced so hard in her mother’s arms she nearly fell out. “Hi, Mrs. Garrison.”
Gable’s mom grinned back kindly, if a bit wearily, before asking if Andy would be free to watch the kids anytime soon. “We need a night out, Cam and me. If you know what I mean.”

Andy smiled apologetically, to hide the sudden fear that flooded her as she wondered where they would even be in the near future. It was never really too sure for them. And she hated it. “Sorry, I’ll have to see. I’ll talk to you soon. Promise.”

“It’s fine. Whenever you’re not busy, Adne.”

Andy gave a grateful grin back to the one of the only people who used her real name. It was originally her mom’s insane interpretation of Ariadne, the princess who helped Theseus escape the Minotaur’s maze by giving him a ball of string to guild him back.

Somehow it made sense, in whatever weird way her mother’s brain worked. Andy didn’t really understand it. But, then again, she never really understood her mother.

- - - - - - 

Just another story/novel thing that I started. Been meaning to put this up for a while now. And since I am putting this up now it can only mean one thing...I should be doing something else. Not like I have an Art History test tomorrow that I've done all of 1/3 of the work due in less than 24 hours so far. Ya know.

Haha, anyway...I know, the beginning sounds like I should've used "Paradise" by Coldplay. But I've already used that song. And I got this stuck in my head today. And I freaking LOVE Florence. So it all just added up.

To answer some questions posed by my friend after she read it first:
- They are on earth. In a future. It's just a pretty messed up earth. In the future. It's call...dsytopia. Whoo.
- Gable is the same age as all of them, which is late teens (out of school, but just barely...seventeen/eighteen-ish, I guess)
- They are trying to inhabit other planets. But so far have failed. Hence them trying out the dust, which is supposed to help people live in space. But doesn't really.
- It's based off the Ancient Greek legends of Andromeda and Perseus and Theseus and the Maze. But in the future. Dsytopia. Whoo.

...I'm getting weird now, haha. Better get back to work. I really don't want to buuuuuut. Life. Just life, man.

I'm done for now. :P

P.S. I commented on my friend's facebook today about Phineas and Ferb mac and cheese that "Ferb's head holds more cheese than a regular noodle." Which is apparently hilarious. So I thought I'd share that with anyone who even gets down to this bottom part. Yay? :P
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@directionerforeverandever Hahaha, thank you SO much! And no, I totally understand, you find a new user and you just scroll through all them...I always worry if they think I'm stalking them too, haha. xD So it's all good. I'm just seriously happy that you like all my stuff. I means a lot to me. :)

Wrote three years ago
@lulu-belle-vieThanks so much! :D

Wrote 4 years ago
This is written really well. I probably seem like I'm stalking you, but I swear I'm not. Lol XD

Wrote 4 years ago
Love the song and the set!


We give an 'eff about the Oxford comma.

We give an 'eff about the Oxford comma.

the greatest thing in the world? writing.
here on polyvore, we have the epic "roleplaying".
ever want to write without having to create a character?
well, i'm here to solve that problem for you.
this is a group on polyvore where you enter your writing. this includes,
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our message for you?
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1) comment on the sets entered into the group! make friends with fellow writers...we don't bite. well, not most of the time. beware when we have writer's block though.
2) participate in contests. i'll have themed-contests for different types of writing.
it'll be fun. and a great way to get "featured" and promoted.
3) please, please: only join/enter sets if you are serious with your writing or simply have some sort of love for it.
so once again,
be your own character.
and in case you were wondering?
"The 'Oxford comma' is an optional comma before the word 'and' at the end of a list:
ex., We sell books, videos, and magazines.
It's known as the Oxford comma because it was traditionally used by printers, readers, and editors at Oxford University Press. Not all writers and publishers use it, but it can clarify the meaning of a sentence when the items in a list are not single words:
ex., These items are available in black and white, red and yellow, and blue and green.
The Oxford comma is also known as the 'serial comma'."
- taken from http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/page/oxfordcomma

here's your pen.
- alex.
created on 11/22/10.

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Waiting to Be Discovered

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