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✧ Starship Enterprise {a battle group} ✧

✫ auditions are open! ✧ created November 20, 2016 ✧ mod: @sofie-dreamy ✫ audition template ✫ goo.gl/wg07uQ ✫ example audition ✫ goo.gl/UwfBhN ✫ Additional Links ✫ ✧ Commanding Officers {Job Interview} goo.gl/m1KsqM ✧ Commanding Officers {Results} goo.gl/pfoFQS ✫ Hashtags ✫ ✧ #StarshipEnterprise ✧ #StarshipEnterpriseShotouts ✧ #StarshipEnterpriseJobInterviews ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ ✧ ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ It's the year 2527. You have been attending the Starfleet Academy for the past four years and have now been assigned to your first mission on a spaceship. But not just any spaceship, you've been assigned to the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-F), the newest version of the famous Enterprise starship. You will join the other crew members on a five-year mission of deep space exploration into uncharted space: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ ✧ ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ ✫ Rules ✫ o1. This is a non-elimination battle group. You will battle as individuals. o2. Only one oc character per contestant. o3. Please take a look at the list of occupations that are needed down below before you audition. Choose your occupation and include it in your audition set. If you want to apply for First, Second or Third Officer, please include this in your audition set as well; it will be chosen later who gets the positions. Keep in mind that only people in charge (Navigator/Hemsman/Communications Officer/Chief Engineer/Security Chief/Transporter Chief/Chief Tactical Officer/Personnel Officer/Chief Medical Officer/Counselor/Chief Science Officer) can become an Officer. Your ranks will be published once auditions are closed. o4. Your oc character can be of any species you want, please check out Memory Alpha (goo.gl/Qqx1vs) if you need any ideas. If you want your character to be human it's totally fine because there have been mostly humans on the Enterprise. If you are worried that you will not find many pictures of your oc's faceclaim because you want them to be - for example - a Vulcan, don't worry. I think we all have enough imagination that we can imagine them looking a bit different. o5. Be kind and respectful to each other. We're all human. o6. Be original. Don't use templates. o7. ❌ means you did not join a round and did not tell me why, ✔ means you did tell my why and did not receive a strike. o7. You can make up to five shotouts to earn points before the contests start. If you have any problems or questions, just message me. ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ ✧ ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ ✫ Point System ✫ SHOTOUTS | +O1 o1. PLACE | +1O O2. PLACE | +O9 O3. PLACE | +O8 O4. PLACE | +O7 O5. PLACE | +O6 O6. PLACE | +O5 O7. PLACE | +O4 O8. PLACE | +O3 O9. PLACE | +O2 1O. PLACE | +O1 ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ ✧ ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ ✫ Prizes ✫ o1. a follow from me. o2. a personal shotout set for you. o3. an icon for you on my icon account @elxstic-heart-icons. o4. a set of your choice. o5. a collection of clipped pictures of your choice on my clipping account @the-asgardian-clipper. ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ ✧ ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ ✫ Starship Enterprise ✫ Captain ✧ Arina Lilien Corsac | Billie Piper | @sofie-dreamy (example character) First Officer ✧ Commander Valeria Laren Tal'aura | Amber Heard | @etoilesdanse Second Officer ✧ Lt. Commander Thalia Sinclair | Cara Delevingne | @mikaelsonlegacy Third Officer ✧ Lt. Commander T'Aeri | Eiza Gonzalez | @seraphis ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ ✧ ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ ☾ Command Division ☽ (goo.gl/rNxsqa) ✧ Captain's Personal Assistant an administrative assistant to the captain. ✦ Verity Diamond Ryder | Taylor Marie Hill | @charmalfoy | O1+ points ✧ Helmsman a crewperson who controls both the speed and attitude of the ship, as well as the ship's weapon and shield systems. ✦ Nysa Seren | Stephanie Leonidas | @questing-witch | O5+ points ✧ Navigator a crewmember who navigates the ship and also uses the ship's navigational sensors to determine the positions, speeds, and trajectories of other objects. ✦ Thalia Sinclair | Cara Delevingne | @mikaelsonlegacy | O3+ points ✧ Communications Officer a crewmember who is responsible for managing all incoming and outgoing transmissions, whether they be visual, audio or text communications. ✦ Annalie Fate | Barbara Palvin | @the-forgotten-wolf | O3+ points ☾ Operations Division ☽ (goo.gl/h26YO0) Engineering Division ✧ Chief Engineer a crewmember who is in charge of all engineers and engineering duties. ✦ Kai Parker | Andrew Garfield | @thejaneway | O5+ points ✧ Assistant Chief Engineer a crewmember who is the primary assistant and backup to the chief engineer. ✦ Daniela Fernandes | Jasmine Cephas Jones | @uss-nefelibata | O2+ points ✧ Engineers a crewmember trained and skilled in the design, construction, and use of engines or machines, or in any of various branches of engineering. ✦ Rhea Auroa Tesla | Mila Kunis | @polystar10 | points ✦ Alenis Naprem | Lakshmi Menon | @semper-eadem | points ✦ Verus | Claire Foy | @yogahoser | points Security Division ✧ Security Chief a crewmember who is in charge of the security division of the starship. ✦ Lucian Blackwell | Matthew Daddario | @natasha-maree13 | O4+ points ✧ Security Officers a crewmember whose duties include the protection of Starfleet and Federation assets, the prevention and investigation of crimes, and personal protection of Starfleet officers and Federation or foreign dignitaries. ✦ Rhys Grayson | Henry Cavill | @queen-rhaenyra | points ✦ Ben Fitzroy | Sebastian Stan | @quakaroni1234 | points ✦ oc's name | oc's faceclaim | username | points Transport Division ✧ Transporter Chief a crewmember who is stationed in one of the several transporter areas on the starship. ✦ Edward "Ed" Wilkinson | Arthur Darvill | @propinquitys | O1+ points Tactical Division ✧ Chief Tactical Officer a crewmember who is in charge of tactical operations, including weapons and shields, and ship's security and the head of the Tactical Department. ✦ T'Aeri | Eiza Gonzalez | @seraphis | O6+ points ✧ Tactical Officers a crewmember who is stationed at the console that controls the starship's weaponry and shields. ✦ Rhanyr | Alexander Skarsgård | @nightwing-and-space | points ✦ Yara Selsye | Lyndsy Fonseca | @bloodystilinski | O2+ points ✧ Personnel Officer a crewmember whose duties include to be familiar with all other crewmembers' service records and with the service records of all individuals on a particular assignment. ✦ Alondra | Felicia Day | @policeinthebox | O1+ points ☾ Sciences Division ☽ (goo.gl/ai7CF4) Medical Department ✧ Chief Medical Officer a doctor of medicine with surgical skills, who is the head of the Medical Department. ✦ Naira Batyah | Anna Walton | @lycanthrope-misanthrope | O5+ points ✧ Medical Assistant a nurse or secondary doctor who is a supplement to the chief medical officer. ✦ Kyra Seeker | Elizabeth Olsen | @same-sunset | O5+ points ✧ Medical Technician a specialist who performs technical assignments in the medical field. ✦ Nathan "Nate" Chadwick | Jared Padalecki | @ellie-288 | O3+ points ✦ Sawyer Niffler | Eddie Redmayne | @firesidewanderingmelody | O1+ points ✧ Counselor a psychologist who is responsible for the mental well-being of the crew. ✦ William "Will" Curador | Oscar Isaac | @slightlyterrified | O4+ points ✧ Nurses an independent health care practitioner who, along with a doctor, is responsible for the crews health and well-being. ✦ Theavroxe "Thea" Kanu | Eliza Taylor | @megan-j-loves-you | points ✦ oc's name | oc's faceclaim | username | points ✦ oc's name | oc's faceclaim | username | points Science Department ✧ Chief Science Officer a science officer who is the head of the Science Department and responsible for coordinating the science department. ✦ Valeria Laren Tal'aura | Amber Heard | @etoilesdanse | O6+ points ✧ Scientists an expert in science, especially one of the physical or natural sciences. ✦ Kara Quill | Jenna Coleman | @hermionelhoranholmes | O2+ points ✦ Calliope Xanthe | Mia Wasikowska | @starnahelena | O2+ points ✦ Neela | Claire Danes | @multifandomgal | O1+ points ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ ✧ ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ ✫ Leaderboard ✫ O1. n/a O2. n/a O3. n/a ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ ✧ ┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅┅ ✫ Taken Faceclaims ✫ Alexander Skarsgård | Amber Heard | Andrew Garfield | Anna Walton | Arthur Darvill | Barbara Palvin | Billie Piper | Cara Delevingne | Eiza Gonzalez | Eliza Taylor | Elizabeth Olsen | Felicia Day | Henry Cavill | Jared Padalecki | Jasmine Cephas Jones | Jenna Coleman | Lyndsy Fonseca | Matthew Daddario | Mila Kunis | Stephanie Leonidas | Taylor Marie Hill
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Moderator Announcement sofie-dreamy Posted three days ago
hi, people! currently the enterprise is still searching for one security officer and two nurses, so please make some more shotouts or invite people who might like to join us. the first round will start as soon as we have enough members. hope you have a great day, xo. Sofie

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