I was tagged by @freddarling in her lovely set http://www.polyvore.com/vintage_feeling/set?id=46637917
Some of My Favorite Things Tag
1) Tag 20 people, including me.
2) Use an item in this set and an item from page 5 of your items.
I used the MiuMiu shoes from her set and the collar from my page 5.
My favourite things:
· Photography. Specially with this kind of cameras (Minoltas)
· Universe, looking at stars, night sky. 
· Big cities, lots of people, anonymity. Being lost. 
· Flowers. Any kind, but I have a special love for peonoes and sunflowers. 
· High-waisted skirts, and collars. 
I'm supposed to tag 20 people, but I'm going random and just tagging 5. If you want to do it, go ahead!
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