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So I was 38 weeks pregnant. Niall and me got over the fight and he was supporting me every step of the way. Through the morning sickness and mood swings to the late night cravings. We were on our way to the next stop of the tour....America. Or to be more specific New York. This was going to be my first time to America, other than Madison Square Garden. We were about to land in 10 minutes. I am so glad we are because I felt like I was about to throw up. I nudged Niall to wake him up. "Niall, babe. Wake up. We're about to land." He moved a little then opened his eyes. "Hmm? Okay babe." He sat up and smiled. "How is everyone?" He laid his hand on my stomach. I laid my hand over his. "Everyone is fine but if they don't land this plane I'm about to barf everywhere." He laughed and kissed my cheek. The air hostess came on the intercom and told us all the routine things and that we were landing. The plane landed and we walked out and headed towards baggage. Niall grabbed my hand and rushed as fans were coming from every direction. I put my hand over my stomach trying to dodge the hits from fans. I heard tons of screams. "S1ut!!" "I hate you!" "You're not even married!!" "Niall kill the babies already!!!" I tried not to cry but failed. We grabbed our bags and by the time we jumped into the taxi my eyes were full of tears. "Babe it's okay. Don't listen to them." He held me and I tried to stop crying. We pulled up in front of the tour bus and I had calmed down. We went inside of the bus to find the rest of the boys. I put all my things up then sat down. My stomach was hurting more than usual. I suddenly stood up and ran to the bathroom. I threw up and noticed there was blood all in it. "Niall!!!" I yelled his name. My stomach hurt so bad. I started crying. "Ni-all" I couldn't speak. He ran and saw the toilet. "Lux! We need to go to the hospital!" He picked me up and we ran outside and caught a taxi. What was happening?
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