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One of my favorite animes has to be Ouran High School Host Club. I can't tell you how amazing this show is! Such a beautiful anime. Tamaki, Kyoya, Hikaru, Kaoru, Honey, and Mori sempai. And then there is Haruhi, the girl who pretends to be a guy so that she could attend Ouran on a scholarship. 
Its such a funny series. I actually cried when it was over, because i didn't want it to be over. I am so sad that they never made a second season because that would have been so amazing! And then in season 2, either Tamaki, Hikaru, or Kauro can finally admit their love to her, because she is too clueless to know that they do. 

I am hopefully going to an anime comicon in a couple of months, and some of the voices of the characters will be there. The voice of Hikaru will be there!! He is my favorite character! Well, both of the twins ^-^v

If you like girly-ish animes, this is definitely for you! I recommend it if you DO like girly animes having to do with love and things like that. Though this has some pretty hilarious moments in it.
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