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a nightmare;

It started strangely, it felt so real.

Instead of knowing that I had fallen asleep, I was unaware that I was dreaming, instead the belief that I was just running had adrenaline pumping through my veins. The cool of a coming winter hit my cheeks and frosted my nose as the trees of Central Park sped past me. I slowed to a walk as I neared the exit, pausing outside to change the song on my iPod.

Still everything felt so real.

Walking briskly I passed Park, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Avenue until I reached the water’s edge and started to jog along the dimly lit path. A hissing pop reached my ears despite the clamouring of the music from my iPod. Stopping, I pulled the earphones from my ears and stared around me.

The pop was loud and distinct, sudden.

Searching for the sound I turned around and looked behind myself.

Fear stretched like the horizon in my chest, leaving me breathless and aching. The lamp behind me was sputtering, the light dulling until in a painful burst it went out, as had all the others behind it. A sizzle alerted me to the dimming of the light before me, and I turned and started running before the darkness could reach me.

So real was the fear, so overwhelming.

I ran into a pedestrian when I wasn’t looking and with fear I turned and stared behind me, unaware and uncaring of the pedestrian that had disappeared when I had almost fallen over her. The lights were on and there was no sign of the evil I had felt surging for me.

Instead looming before me was an even more blood curdling sight.

My dead twin brother stood before me, his eyes hollow, his mouth agape. 

“It’s starting Laela,” he whispered to me, “stay away from him.”
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