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❖ Audrey Morton
age: 18
from: los angeles, california
status: low-class commoner, international student at la sarbonne
Audrey is probably the most out of place member not only at La Sarbonne, but in the royal wedding court. Audrey is sassy blonde-bombshell from America's gold coast. An edgy artist, with a no-nonsense attitude; she was accepted to La Sarbonne on scholarship to attend the school's illustrious art program. She met Marie at a gallery opening, the princess loved Audrey's work and the two became fast friends even with the strong difference in class. Audrey comes from a pretty poor family, so being thrown into the lime light is a little unnerving for her, but Audrey is tough. However it is definite that her strong and slick personality with clash with some of the prissy girls at court.
model: ashley smith
owner: OPEN

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