I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry that I haven't been on everybody!! SCHOOL HAS BEEN INSANE! They have given us sooooooooooooo much work it's not even funny and we have midterms this week so I've gotta study up! Trust me, when all this crazyness is over, I'll be on more often! <3 <3 Thank you all for baring with mee <3

This set suckss :| I just felt the need to make SOMETHING so y'all didn't think I was neglectiong you guys cx 

Caps didn't win last night -.- great way to start the half season :| BUT OMG, MIKE GREEN HAS A MANE! Seriously, I was like so surprised when I say him cx lol silly Green. Oh and I'm so late but congrats to Ovie and you're fiannceeeee for getting engaged! <3 

Wahh, I had to get up at 4 to go to my brother's hockey game yesterday -.- but they won, sooo don't care c: still tired doee! BUT the cute guy who my mom and aunt are convinced likes me who plays for another team was there so I was like :D <3 lol he has the same phone as me cx ahh okay, I'll stop boring you guys. 

How is everyone??
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