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requested by @imdiamondhi

hope this helps!!

+pull your hair back
Get it off your neck! Messy buns are the comfiest and coolest :)

+go loose
avoid anything tight fitting. the looser, the cooler you'll be, with air moving through your clothes. 

enough said :) break out the sprinkler, go to the pool.

+stay inside :)
the ac is the easiest way...

+wear cotton
cotton breathes so much more than any other fabric. always go natural, avoid polyester as much as possible!

+wear light colors
black absorbs light and heat. the lighter the colors, the cooler you'll be.

+cold lotion+chapstick
keep your lotion(s) in the fridge and your chapstick in the freezer.

eat healthy and cold! ice, cold drinks, salads, popsicles, fruits, and veggies are your best friends!

to the arctic. have fun.

all i can think of right now... :/ hope that helps?



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