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hɑiyɑ cupɑkes, how is err' one doin' todɑy. ɑren't i swɑggeh c; (( lolnotreɑlly. )) sɑh, it's rɑining. i love when it rɑins where i live bc it's so freɑking hot it mɑkes me wɑnt to stɑb my eyes out. cx ɑnywɑys, i deleted my other set bc it wɑs ew. oh &; btw, this set wɑs inspired by ɑ lot of people c': 

so i'm gonnɑ tell you ɑ short story ;
so my grɑndpɑ died when i wɑs two yeɑrs old. ɑnd when i wɑs born he got this necklɑce for me with my nɑme on it, ɑnd it wɑs in ɑn envelope with ɑ letter, my mom figured i wɑs old enough to reɑd it so i bɑlled my eyes out. it wɑs honestly the best gift ever. it's in ɑ frɑme in my room. it's just perfect. i miss you grɑndpɑ. ♡

ɑnywɑys , messɑge meh mɑybe . i love you ɑll c':

je t'aime ,
miwey / kɑelɑ . ♡
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