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23. InStyle


I watched Catching Fire today. It was my first time in a cinema and it was awesome.

I can't even begin to describe what I felt through out the entire movie. There were scenes here and there that me want to cry.

Especially when Cinna got beaten up.

.. and Katniss's little speach in District 11

... and when Katniss got chosen as tribute (though that part was pretty obvious, her reaction was just so emotional)

.. and when Mags smiled at Katniss when she went to talk to her. I just couldnt bare thinking that she was gonna sacrifice herself fo Finnick&Annie

I might start naming every scene in the movie, lol.

Although I don't like Katniss that much (because of how she leads both Gale and Peeta on) I love Jennifer Lawrence. She acts so well, even when her personality is so different in reality. She should never give up on acting! 

It's really late at night right now so I better go to sleep. Though I can't sleep I don't get tired these days, I mean how can some one possibly get tired of lazing around in front of the TV and computer all day?

Yeah that's right. That's what I do for a living. Pathetic, aren't I? Ikind of miss school right now, if i had school, i could be busy studying.


(I'm gonna regret saying that) -.-
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