Song of the day:Lenka-Shock me into love
" Love is so complicated "
I play cupid for my classmate lets call her Riisa
dumb twin-Kenta,foxy twin-Ryota 
wanna tell you that we just meet each other last year not so close and not so far "Confused you"

Now ,thing kinda changed i found out Riisa interest in Ryota 
i ask Riisa she said hmm,maybe but i got it she really like that foxy guy she changed her mind from Kenta to Ryota
and i don't know Ryota has the same feeling for Riisa or not ,their ages not a teen anymore[older than me ~3 years] so i decided we should be honest [first place Riisa said interest in Kenta that why i help her with Kenta tho]

I can't stand to see this anymore coz me&Riisa understand that Ryota has GF at Science Fac. and this not right to play around like this, he leave a sign that he also interest in Riisa
i break that wall yesterday 
i ask Ryota in font of Kenta&Riisa do you love Riisa ?
he answer without thinking twice I'm not [he also confirm I'M NOTTTT ]
gosh !! i still continue while ask Kenta and you?
i need someone stop me right? Stephanie walking to my direction and ask Rainie time to go
she save me during the midst of this..
but sudden out of the blue Ryota said i have someone in my mind and idh a GF
leave me&Steph dumbfounded WHAT ?

Why actually cupid turn to devil 
and now i'm the one who don't have that brave to face them 
so sad to Riisa,Ryota not go out with Riisa anymore ,instead after that accident he ask me can he go with me to my baseball game 
try to escape huh?
and me&Steph met his rumor GF from Science Fac. he trying to say no 
too late to defend right? 

My friend Stephanie said WTH with you ,why i did this to ppl... OMG!! this so wrong i never help someone that much like this before but see i made Riisa heart breaking ,i felt guilty !!
so complicated isn't? they're mature enough i just hope will solve this awkward soon
a kind of love stories~~

Thanks God i'm not in love with that dumb-foxy twins.
Don't worried i still la la tho!!

@color-me-red Sth coincident to Foxy guy aishhh my feel i hat* foxy guy haha<33
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