Hey everyone! I've decided to start making tips since I've seen some others do it, and I think it's an incredible idea! I'd like to give back to the community, just a way to say thanks for all the sweet comments & faves.

Tip #1: Staying Active/Keeping Fit.

Summer's here and you're having a blast! But school's also around the corner, and getting that body in shape wouldn't hurt!

Here's the running tips:

Take morning jogs. There's nothing better than getting up with a fresh start and a nice jog to start the day! First, start jogging once a week. You could do it later, if you don't tend to be an "early riser."

Some things you'll need:
-sweat proof shorts
-a tank top or a t-shirt
-a sports sweater (if you're cold)
-a pair of running shoes 
-a water bottle or gatorade bottle (optional)
-an iPod to keep you pumped (optional)
-a stop watch to beat your score the next time you do your jog (optional)
-sunscreen (if the sun is out)
-hair elastics to keep your hair out of your face

Avoid wearing:
-thick pants/jeans/jean shorts/denim skirts
-denim vests/denim jackets/leather jackets
-high heels/pumps/flats
-expensive clothing

Week One:
On week one, do a neighborhood jog for 15 minutes, in the late morning or early afternoon. Invite some friends to make it more fun! Or, if you'd like to spend some alone time, bring an iPod to get yourself pumped! Download some fast, songs you can run to! 

Week Two:

Try running an hour earlier than the last time.
Also, speed up a little than the other week before. If you can, try running for more than 15 minutes. Occasionally take water breaks every 5 minutes or so. Invite friends to join you, and even time each other if desired.

Week Three: 
Run earlier than the second week if possibly. Try jogging before the sun comes out. The air feels much more relaxing (in my opinion.) And again, invite friends if you wish. But, instead of speeding up, slow down to jogs. Jog non stop through at least 3 streets. Try timing yourself so you can beat yourself the next time you go for a jog. Record your times in a small notebook so you won't forget.

Week Four:
Jog daily now. Sleep earlier than usual so you can get up earlier to jog. It's up to you if you'd want to do a long distance jog, or a short distance speed run. Continue with your jogging cycle. 

Eventually, you'll be so used to it in a few weeks, you'll be like a mini Usain Bolt in no time! At first, it'll seem torturous and tiring, but believe me you'll get used to it in no time! 

And when school starts, you'll be fit and ready for P.E. and gym, wowing everyone with your newly improved speed!

Tips for sports:

Remember last year when you tried out for the soccer team and didn't make it? Dont' fret, these tips will surely get you a spot on the team faster than you can say David Beckham! 

Whether it's basketball, tennis, softball or any sports team you're dying to be ready for, I've got some great tips for you!

Make sure you've got your gear for the specific sport you're practicing.

For soccer, you'll probably need to get some soccer shoes (if you don't have any) and some shin guards. 

For basketball, you don't really need anything, but I'd suggest you buy a ball to practice, and also get a net to shoot on.

Baseball/Softball: You'll need a ton of gear. Check baseball sites for a full list. But the most important are gloves, a bat, a helmet, protective pads, and several baseballs/softballs.

Tennis: a racket & ball.

Ok, and I think you've all got it. 

Week One:

Invite some friends to practice with you, who're also trying out for the ____ team when school starts, or friends who have made the team before.

Ask your friends if they know any techniques/tricks that would come in handy at tryouts.

Practice and do drills with each other before starting any games.

Always bring a towel and water bottle to your ____ practices. You'll definitely be getting sweaty...so don't apply any makeup or such before your practices!

No one's gonna care how you look - as long as you improve at the sport!

Week Two:

Continue to do the same routines. Practice with each other, and learn techniques from your friends.

When you feel like you're ready, try playing a REAL game. That means get a "ref" (if it's soccer or basketball) so your game'll be fair and square.

If you've got guy friends who've made it to the _____ team before, don't be shy to call 'em up! The more, the merrier!

Arrange your teams fairly. 

Ask one team to dress in one specific color (ex. blue) while the other team dresses in another color. (ex. white)

Start your scrimmage game and HAVE FUN! Also, eye everyone's moves carefully - especially the people who are good at the sport! You could learn some tricks that could come in handy!

Week Three:

I guess by now you're pretty good at the sport and you don't need me to give tips!

But, remember to continue practicing at least 15 minutes a day, and watching ____ games on the tv, where you could learn some special techniques/skills/moves from the professionals themselves!

Keep your head up high, and I bet you'll have your own jersey with your number on the back in no time! :)

Ok my hands are really tired from all that typing so I hoped this actually helped someone!

If it did, say the sport you love the most in your comments! Haha.

Ok, so should I continue with the tips? I know I'm not the smartest person in the world, and not the best tip-giver too, but I love to help so if you want me to continue with this, please do say so.

Ok, so that was Tip #1!

And you DON'T need to take my tips! Please no rude comments, and if it didn't help, I'm sorry. Please don't leave hate on the comment boards. 

Thank you!
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