+ ORGANIZE YOUR TEXT BOOKS. In your locker keep your text books in the order of your classes. It will be faster and more organized.

+ HAVE LOTS OF FOLDERS. Have a folder or binder for each class so your papers don't get mixed up and things are easy to find.

+ CLEANING THINGS OUT. Clean out your locker, binders, and backpack about once every 6 weeks.

+ KEEP A CALENDAR OR PLANNER. Keeping a planner helps you remember when your tests are and when projects and essays are due.

+ ORGANIZE YOUR WORK AREA AT HOME. If you have a desk then keep stuff for school in one drawer and a drawer for supplies, etc. You need a clean, quiet area to do homework and to study.

+ COLOR COORDINATE. Color coordinate your binders, planners and calendars. Have a certain color for each class, tests, homework, etc.

+ SET HOMEWORK TIMES. Studying and doing your homework at the same time each night is good. Setting aside certain a certain time helps prevent procrastination.

+ GET A PENCIL POUCH. A lot of people just keep their pencils and pens in their backpack or purse, but keeping them in a pencil pouch makes them easier and faster to get to.

+ GET A BULLETIN BOARD. Bulletin boards are good places to pin important things you don't want to forget about or lose. Put it right above your desk or by your door, so you will see it often and will never forget things on it.

+ SAVE ALL OF YOUR ESSAYS. If you type an essay or homework assignment make sure you keep it in a file on your computer in case something happens and you need it.

tip by: @xoashleyyxo
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