k i kinda love this set, if I may say so myself :/ .

sylvie here with a little tip... sorry for falling of the band wagon of tipping. ive been so busy. :P

+Ease in or jump in!
Jumping in is the easiest/quickest way to get used to the water! Otherwise, go in as far as possible and then press/scoop water onto your body to get it used to the water before actually getting that part wet.

+get moving!
This is great since it gets you warm and gives you a workout. Run in the water. Jump, run backwards, tread water, doggy paddle for as long as possible, etc. Don't stop moving. This is really the best piece of advice.

+lie on the cement
hot sun + concrete = lovely place to lie after getting out of the water. just dont burn yourself.

+cozy up.
in the spirit of the nerdy tip girl (WHAT HAS HEPPENED TO YOU :'( ), bring a bathrobe. Or a scarf and gloves. Or a hot water bottle.

+find a long sleeved swimsuit
how should i know where? he. Or wear a rash gaurd? No no no WET SUIT. yes.
get into a crowded pool. hug a lifegaurd.


erm yeah, okay.
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