First, let me say.
Being skinny; Is NOT everything.
And although a lot of people want to be skinny, it's not a big deal. ♥
But if being skinny;

Will boost your confidence.
Make you happy.(;
Make you fit into your wonderful clothes.
And let's you be healthy, then continue reading.

(I'll add on if you have any good ones.) (: 
( CREDIT: to Skinnygossip, )**
** These will be honest and straight forward.. Please do not starve your body, it's a horrible idea. And WILL get you sickk. :( Please don't comment with hate, there are people that would be interested in reading this. **

1.Get your vitamins! Calcium and iron are super important; take a multi-vitamin everyday. (:

2.Pay close attention to other girl’s bodies. Pick them apart – try to find faults even with the best bodies. Then apply these high standards to yourself. (DON'T OVER-DUE IT. Don't look at anorexic girls with thin legs like tooth-picks.)

3.Live by the scale and the measuring tape. Unlike people, they will not lie to you. 

4.Sleep at least 6 hours a night. Less than 6 hours sleep a night stimulates appetite by 15%.

5.Buy tiny little clothes – the nicer, the better. Get that sexy cocktail dress or the expensive designer jeans you’ve wanted but buy them one or two sizes too small. You’ll be inspired to slim down so you can fit into them. Try them on regularly to monitor your progress. (: oohhh lala.

6.DIET SODA! It’s amazing – it’ll fill you up and after a while, it actually tastes better than regular. (: 

7.Eat on lighter colored plates whenever you can, you will eat more on a darker plate. 

8.When you’re exercising, listen to music or watch TV. It helps pass the time and you exercise more without realizing it.(; (When the Tyra Show starts, workk out that amazing body of yours.) (; 

9.Take a Niacin (Vitamin B3) supplement. If you don’t get enough through your diet everyday (15mg or so), a deficiency can decrease the efficiency of your metabolism (and immune system). It’s also good for keeping your skin and hair healthy; detoxing because it promotes more blood flow to your skin and organs; and promotes good cholesterol as well as nervous system. Though it will turn you red so take it before bed or buy the no flush kind. (Blush.Blush.Blush. Yay.) (:

10. Exercise every day, even if it’s only for 15 minutes. Take 5-10 minute chunks out of the day and do 100 crunches, or run in place, or take the dog for a walk. These shorts burts of exercise will help fuel your metabolism and burn calories. They’re easier to swallow than a longer exercise regime. (Don't forget the music, baby! )

11. Resist the temptation to take a nap after a large meal. If you stay awake a few hours longer and take a 20 minute walk, your body will use some of the extra calories for energy instead of storing them as fat. 

12.When eating out, order something small and inexpensive. Usually, inexpensive means less. If you order a salad, make sure you skip the dressing. 

13.Sit up straight. You’ll burn at least ten percent more calories sitting upright than reclining.

14.Eat slowly. Put your fork down between each bite. If you’re right-handed, try eating with your left, or vice-versa. You’ll eat a lot less this way. (:

15.Chew sugar-free gum. It curbs your appetite and keeps your mouth busy so you won’t want to put anything else in it. Gives you fresh breath too!

16.Eat to live, not live to eat. Food is about sustenance to feed your body, not a substance to heal your soul. If you feel that you eat not to fulfill a physical need, but an emotional one, try to look within yourself to figure it out. (Talkk it out.)

17.When you feel the urge to eat, start by drinking a cup or two of water or a zero-calorie drink. See how you feel after five minutes. If you are still hungry, grab a low calorie snack.

18.If you are going to eat dinner, have a snack 20 minutes before. The secret is to eat foods with “good fat” such as nuts or avocado slices. It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that you’re satisfied. 

19.Eating five walnuts or eight almonds (approximately 65 calories) stimulates production of cholecystokinin, a hormone that slows your stomach from emptying so you feel fuller much longer. ( I ♥ Almonds. )

20.If you’re feeling super starved, eat a handful of popcorn. Air-pop it and eat it slowly.
It'll fill you up quicker.♥(:

21.Try to only eat in one room in your house. The kitchen is usually the best place. Make sure you keep your bedroom strictly a food-free zone, this is your best sanctuary when times get hard.

22.Keep a food journal or diary. Writing down what you eat and the calories can really encourage you to eat less. Look at it often and frequently. You don’t realize how many calories you consume in a day until you are forced to look at it – it will make you sick. Also, you can add a calorie counter gadget to your homepage which is very handy!(:

23.Drink ice cold water. Your body has to burn calories to keep you body temperature up!

24.When you are hungry, boil or microwave water and put a chicken or beef broth cube in. They’re only 15-20 calories and the taste makes you feel like you ate. (Once again, DON'T over-due it and don't starve yourself.)

25.Drink water with the juice of one lemon before every meal. Citrus shrinks your stomach and is a natural appetite suppressant. And you get your Vitamin C which is a powerful detoxifier and helps strengthen your skin!! (Clean skin and slim body??? Yes please!)

26.Protein is super important because it helps to keep your muscles functioning properly and your heart is a big muscle that needs help when keeping super skinny. If you don’t want to eat a lot of it, get some canned tuna and eat that. Fish is naturally low calorie anyway but the taste of the tuna will make you want to eat less of it! :P

27.When eating at home, eat your meals on salad plates. This way you’re consuming less. No meal should EVER be more than 400-500 calories.

28.Brush your teeth frequently – at least 3-4 times a day. Not only will this give you a great smile and keep your breath fresh, but you’re much less likely to want a snack after brushing your teeth! Smile.(:

29.Eat sugar Free Jello!(: It's a great desert and only has 10 calories per serving!!! Yummy.

30.Drink some cider vinegar – it curbs your appetite, speeds up metabolism and detoxes your liver and basically flushes you out.

31.Put on dark-colored lipstick. If you do, you’re not going to eat much – maybe not at all, because you don’t want to get smudges over your lips and face or on your teeth. Apply more lipstick as the day goes on. (This works with lipgloss too!)

32. There are some very simple things you can do to burn calories, for example, make the bed every morning. Clean your house, (:

33. Always check the food labels and calories on everything you eat! Many labels are confusing and tricky so it is important to understand what all the claims mean. Something that is labeled fat-free might contain zero grams of fat but can still be loaded with lots of sugars. These can be hidden calories that we might overlook when reading certain labels.

34.Eat what you crave OCCASIONALLY and eat it in MODERATION! Those two points are key here! For example, if you are craving chocolate cake don’t buy an entire chocolate cake – the temptation is way too significant and you’ll eat more than you should. Instead, buy a single serving piece and only eat half. Allow yourself to enjoy the things you love and crave. Deprivation leads to binging.(;

35.There are so many ways to burn off calories without really trying. Whenever possible, take the long route to your destination. If you have to deliver something, take two trips instead of one. This will force you to move longer, faster or both; thus burning more calories. !!♥(:

36.Lower the temperature in your house by 10 degrees to burn more calories, or take an icy cold shower. Just as with drinking ice water, it will cause your body to burn calories while warming you back up. 

37.If you want to binge – distract yourself! Try decorating or organizing something. When I pick a project to do, it distracts my mind for a while and keeps me from thinking about food. Plus after I’m finished, I feel a great sense of accomplishment for what I just did. Still want to binge? Drink three big glasses of water. Really chug ‘em and I guarantee you’ll feel too sick to even eat. Another idea – drink a couple of teaspoons of vinegar. It makes your stomach feel really weird and you won’t want to eat.

38.If you have problems with gaining weight in a particular area, a certain problem zone, such as the stomach, wear underclothes designed to disguise or help with that problem zone 24/7. Instead of taking off your Spanx after work or school, keep them on. When the body is trying to find a place to store any piece of fat, it will look to those places but will not be able to squeeze the food there. I have struggled with my problem area of my stomach for years – no matter how skinny I get (I am 5’5″ and 101 pounds), I always have a bit more weight then I would like in that area and can never seem to get the flat stomach I want especially when compared to my longer limbs, like so many other women. A couple months ago, I decided to experiment and wore a tight pair of new Spanx to sleep. To my delight, I woke up the next morning with a completely flat stomach. It seems that the food bypasses my stomach and moves it to other areas now, leading to a more proportionate body fat distribution and the silhouette I have always dreamed of. I bet it sounds crazy, but there are lots of women who use sweat bands or other such garments to burn fat, and corsets have been shown to actually change the bone structure of women over time, so this is no different. I hope this helps, because for many women, no matter how skinny you get, you can’t get rid of problem areas and this often leads to disappointment. It even can cause people to give up entirely on their quest to be skinny, once they feel that their ideal body is simply unachievable.

39.Exercise the first thing in the morning.

40. (To 39) * Fat-burning will definitely occur because you haven’t had breakfast.
 * It “wakes” you up, and you won’t feel lethargic for the rest of the day and end up reaching for food.
 * You feel more in control because you’ve done something that most other people have no will power to do – getting up earlier to exercise. This has ripple effects on your confidence for the rest of the day.
 * You wouldn’t want to “ruin” your exercise by overeating later. This is as opposed to exercising at night, when it simply feels like you’re “cancelling out” what you’ve eaten for the day.

41.If you don’t know how many calories are in something, don’t eat it! If you absolutely must eat something that you don’t know the caloric content of, always go with it being much more than what you think it is. It’s better to think you’ve eaten more than you have than to think that you’ve eaten less.

42.Food JUST SITS THERE. Whenever you feel like reaching for some food, take another look at it and you’ll come to realize that it just sits there. That cookie isn’t going to jump up at you and into your mouth. It is harmless. All you have to do is NOT reach for it and you’re safe. It’s not going to get at you if you leave it alone. Drink some water, and continue with your work

43.COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE! It is a well known appetite suppressant. I honestly never feel hungry with it. The caffeine keeps you from feeling slow and lethargic when your calories are low and it hypes up your metabolism. If you can’t drink it straight black, try it with non-fat milk and Splenda. Honestly, I find that delicious and its my biggest savior whenever I have a craving. Before I eat anything in the morning and at lunch time I have a cup and I eat 10 x less!!

44.Drinking not enough water can hamper your weight loss efforts. That’s because dehydration can slow your metabolism by 3 percent, or about 45 few calories burned a day, which in a year could mean weighing 5 pounds more. The key to water isn’t how much you drink, it’s how frequently you drink it. Small amount sipped often work better than 8 ounces gulped down at once.

45.Whenever you’re hungry snack on carrots or any other low-cal veggie. They fill you up so you don’t eat high-cal foods. (Be a rabbit! haha♥)

46.Chia seeds, yes like from a Chia pet. Chia seeds, when soaked in any liquid turn into Chia gel. This gel keeps you full for hours, plus Chia seeds are very good for you, they are high in fiber, protein, and lots of vitamins and minerals. Two teaspoons is 70 calories, so I measure out two teaspoons every morning and put some in everything I drink throughout the day, which keeps me full all day!! I put it in water, tea, coffee, any liquid works! Also, Chia seeds being high in fiber helps with weight loss too. I know it’s gross, but you need to remember, the longer food stays in your system the more calories you are absorbing from it. You should be going once for every time that you eat, if you aren’t then you need more fiber in your diet. 

47.If you are having trouble losing those extra 5 pounds, try being a vegetarian or vegan. Think of all the poor little animals! Also, cutting out all of that fried, fattening meat will really help you with cutting out the calories.

48.Losing weight isn’t a difficult process and EVERY single person can be skinny. Not just slim but skinny. Once you start eating only low-calorie foods, you’ll look around you and realize why the people around you can’t lose that extra weight when it’s actually so simple – change up your high-calorie foods.
Similarly if you really can’t bring yourself to exercise and sweat it out, simply offer to do simple chores, tidy up your room and so on. It’s better than nothing. You could walk instead of run, or get yourself to the swimming pool for some leisurely laps rather than vigorous swimming. Just anything to get yourself moving. Always walk briskly (makes life more efficient, anyway), sing and dance in the shower till it becomes a habit, and take the stairs for great legs!!

49.I know many people crave to eat something right after their meal, here’s a great tip for them: While you’re making yourself a meal, (washing your salad, steaming your broccoli or whatever), always make a big cup of green tea as well. That way it is good and not too hot when you finished eating. When you drink it right after the meal you completely avoid all the cravings of eating more or having dessert! Don’t wait with making the tea till you finished eating, because if you do, you will have to wait until it’s good and that’s when the cravings come and you’ll have to control yourself.

50.Take every chance you can to exercise and burn calories. Fidget whenever your are sitting down, wiggle your foot, tap / clap your hands, play with your pen. Clench your butt muscles, or go up and down on your toes while waiting to cross the roads etc. Stand up whenever you can. Pace up and down while you wait for the bus/ train. Take stairs not the elevator and go up them two at a time. If you walk to work/ school/ the bus stop etc leave later than you need to so you’ll have to rush (which makes your heart beat faster and burns cals). Try to do a walk that takes 20 mins in 10 etc.

51.Eat about 2 sheets of Sushi Seaweed. Each sheet has only about 10 calories, and recent studies have found that a fibrous material in it, alginate, can reduce the body’s fat retention by 75%. 

52.Jelly Beans! They’re 4 calories a bean and have zero fat! They are a great pick me up with restricting because they give you a zap of energy. Jelly Beans! They’re 4 calories a bean and have zero fat! They are a great pick me up with restricting because they give you a zap of energy. 

53.Drink a cup of warm vegetable broth about 10 minute before eating dinner. Doing this will give your brain enough time to signal to your body that you’ve consumed something, so you in turn eat less during that meal. Also, this helps cut the cravings and thus stop you from potentially binging. Here’s another tip too, instead of having an iced coffee during the day, prepare several cups of green tea, pour into ice trays and freeze for an hour. When the liquid starts to freeze, add popsicle sticks. These are great as a snack. I hear frozen grapes are also a great low calorie snack.

54.t’s always important to maintain a cheerful outlook, but it’s ESPECIALLY important if you’re trying to lose weight; depression and boredom lead to binging. Make sure to cultivate hobbies that genuinely interest you – the more active, the better.

55.# Drinking ice cold water makes your body burn more calories, because your body has to work harder to raise the temperature of the ice cold water to your body temperature (which is around 98 degrees)
# Drinking an 8-ounce cup of ice-cold water burns approx. 8 calories depending on your BMI
# Drinking 8 glasses of iced water a day and burning about 8 calories for each glass = 64 calories burned per day
# Over a year you can imagine the calorie loss…. 64 calories burned per day equals almost 6 pounds of fat lost!
# And remember, the more you drink the more you lose, Christina Ricci once said that she drinks 4 liters of water a day!! (please don’t go over 4 though, it can be dangerous as much more than that will dilute the sodium content in your blood and can lead to a stroke - try 4 liters, you’ll have GLORIOUS skin) (:

56.Salsa! It has approx. 10 calories in a serving, and it’s delicious. I eat it with a teaspoon. And the chili in it will speed up your metabolism too! ♥(;

57.Celery! It actually requires more calories to digest than it contains. So it is virtually impossible to gain weight eating it. Whenever you fell like eating, grab a couple of celery sticks and it will fill you up and make you (a little bit) skinnier!!

58.Before eating your meals, eat a raw whole fruit and/or drink 250ml of water. Intake of water speeds up your metabolism, also RAW fruits are harder to digest than cooked vegetables/fruits thus your body will break down a lot more sugar storage in your body to digest these.♥

**These are not my tips, they are from skinnygossip/and other people. I hope these help.(:**

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Diet soda and gatorade actually have extra sodium in them, so don't drink that stuff all the time; it's bad for you. try one soda or 1 gatorade per week, or even try to cut them out if possible. If you drink them before working out, it just makes you tired and unable to burn calories. This advice is for working out for a healthy amount of time, not for extremes. :/

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@swishy I have mixed feelings about mfp. Everybody on their was so triggering. They claimed that they weren't pro-ana/mia/ed but they sure acted like it...



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