Name: Daisy Marie Hamilton
Age: 19
Occupation/Major: Journalism major
Bio: Daisy was born with an addiction. However poetic or hypothetical that may sound, it is quite literal. Her mother, Carrie Hamilton, married for money and ended up substituting drugs for love. It was her way to feel something instead of just being a bored housewife all day. Daisy's father, Mark Hamilton, is a successful corporate manager working in none other than the Big Apple. He was never home and Carrie hated that; the only thing she liked about him was his money. However, about a half a year past by after her addictions had started, she got pregnant. Daisy was a "crack-baby". And living in this high society life, there was no way to hide it.
Growing up Daisy was ostracized by the other children. They heard their parents gossip about the Hamilton's. Everyone was told to stay far away from her. That she was dangerous. That she was no good. Or that she was only going to cause trouble. 
Her home life wasn't much better. Her mother was now addicted to alcohol in addition to the drugs and had no idea how to raise her daughter. She didn't even want to raise her. She would leave Daisy alone in her room and never check on her. From when she was born to this day, Carrie does not care at all for her at all. Her father wasn't much help either. She'd be lucky to see him twice a week. Daisy had been exposed to things at such a young age, that no kid should have to worry about. Though it was terrifying, it made her stronger. It made her fearless. But of course, she was very broken.
Daisy dealt her whole life not feeling loved. Her parents obviously did not love her, the students at her school looked at her as though she was the scum of the earth. She was never really close to anyone. She was lonely. She was longing for a friend. When she started college, a boy who was from Washington went to their school. His name was Coleman Parks. He didn't know the story of Daisy's past and they became friends very quickly. Because really, she wasn't a bad person, she just had a rough upbringing. If someone would let her in, she would be the most loyal and generous friend they have ever had, but no one ever let her in. Until Coleman. He is her best friend. And one of her only friends.
Tragedy struck earlier this year when Carrie overdosed and passed away. As much as Daisy wanted to feel bad, she couldn't. Carrie was never there for her. She never treated Daisy with any of the qualities that mothers should treat their daughters with. Plus, Daisy had been expecting for this to happen for years. The thing that Daisy hated was all the gossip the spread around it. There even started to be rumors that she was addicted. Which were false. Daisy is not an idiot.
All she really wants is to move away from this dreaded place and start a new life. A life where no one knows her past, or cares. A life where she could be herself and people would like her. A life where the biggest problem would be forgetting to clean up after the dog. This life seemed highly unlikely, but she could dream. 
Likes: Writing, wearing her hair curly, reading, chocolate, day dreaming, California, people who are accepting, skirts and tights, singing in the shower, snow, spending time with others (when it happens), getting good grades.
Dislikes: Her parents, gossip, rumors, "high-society" life, parties, drugs and alcohol, judgmental people, feeling alone, anxiety, not having anyone to talk to, being afraid, having a broken life/family. 
Model: Freya Mavor
Taken by: @katylinfeelsunpretty
♔ Soundtrack of your character:
1901 - Birdy
Carmen - Lana Del Rey
Hear Me - Imagine Dragons
Burn It Down - Whitney Duncan
Born to Die - Lana Del Rey
Die Alone - Ingrid Michaelson
People Help the People - Birdy
Caroline - Seventh Day Slumber
No Light, No Light - Florence + the Machine

♔ "closet" things she'd wear:

♔ short story:
Daisy tossed her blonde hair away from her face as she rapidly hit the key board. She was working on an article for her journalism class. Daisy's passion for writing started when she was really young. She didn't ever have anyone to talk to, so she would write in a journal. Her article was supposed to be about some hard hitting story that nearly everyone had an opinion on. However, as Daisy continued to write, she realized she wasn't writing about that topic at all.

Somehow, her essay had transformed into a fictional story and she was picturing herself in it. She shook her head and started to read what she had wrote. Her article had turned into her daydream on paper. She quickly cut and paste her daydream into a different document. She didn't want that to be published.

The fictional story went something like this: 
'Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge as wind swept through my hair. It was like a dream, but even better. I knew no one, and that was the point. I would meet new people. People who would like me for me. I was wearing my favorite green skirt and cream cardigan. Something that people would have laughed at back home. But here, other girls walked by and smiled at me as if they wanted to wear what I had been wearing. I could get used to this place. People who haven't been to San Francisco or New York might think they are the same. But trust me, New York...well the upper east side at least, is nothing like San Francisco. In California everyone was so happy and accepting. I had only been once before, and swore I would make it back.'

Daisy laughed silently at herself as she read what she had wrote down. She needed to finish college so she could move away and never have to worry about the high class life of New York ever again.

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