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loving you tonight // andrew allen


omg, @urban-barbie, remember this song? i was just trolling your blog, and came upon this song again. fell in love all over again. can i marry andrew allen, and just have him sing to me all day, every day? seriously. his voice = melting into a puddle of tears on how beautiful it is. 


this is a story i'm starting based on a lovely girl named violet alexander. i know i wrote a story for her before, but i posted like 3 sets and lost all inspiration. now, i'm definitively motivated to write for this character... i love her so much already! she's a bit like the old violet, but different in some way. ish. i just don't want to write for the fashion industry-striving girl, it's too hard for some reason.

i would have posted this to mtw, but this is just for me. reading this = i love you.

to read the story of the old violet, click this: THIS IS ALSO MY FAVORITE STORY I HAVE EVER WRITTEN. i swear to god. i love it so much, which is probably why i'm reviving violet from my character grave.

residing next to her is belle cliona, whom will also be revived very soon! don't tryout for any roleplays, resist girls. sdf is coming soon, verrry soon.

here's my bio.


Violet Alexander, 24.
Currently Living: Brooklyn, New York City.
Style: Very classic, basic pieces in lovely ways.
Bio: Thrived in a pretty doll-like house, Violet grew up among her two painter parents who taught her that she should eternally express her true self. So she was enrolled in every class possible, from acting, to singing, to sewing, Violet did it all. Turns out though, she found no interest in any of those things, but was captivated by poetry from the start, reading large books with adults, sipping coffee, and scribbling down words on the palm of her hand. This obsession with books and words led her to realizing that she must write for a living. Violet often quotes books, her charming laughter heard from afar, and her twinkling smile lighting up the dimming sky, she's someone that seems to possess all the beauty in the world, yet it never once grazes her mind. In fact, she doesn't even realize she's beautiful, as she's never had a boyfriend. Violet seems to love the little things in life, along with fashion and her stack of novels, but with her materialistic things, she's a bit lonely. Awkward, yet beautiful, she's one to be reckoned with. With her dreams falling on top of eachother, she's finally taking control of her life by the reins, striving for a better future. Though Violet seems individual and almost different, she believes she's so... plain. Almost bland, blending in with the rest of the faceless bodies that inhabit the Earth. And Violet wants to stand out more than anything, she wants to be someone.
Model: Darla Baker


“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." I scribbled in inky black on the inner part of my wrist, reciting those beautiful words like prayers. That quote, by Dr.Seuss (who knew he could be so accurate about love?) is probably one of the most beautiful thing's I've ever read. Do you know why? Because it's so true. And the thing is, I fall asleep at night just fine. I don't dwell in bed, dreaming up endless scenarios with the one I crave. Never have I ever. I don't understand how people can meet on the street, or at the park, or the movies, and just start talking, maybe even leading to the exchange of love. I would never, ever do that. Most of the time if I'm ever at those locations, my nose is stuffed into the center of a novel, and no one (in my mind) is around me by fictional characters and words. If someone ever did approach me though, I'd probably gather my stuff hastily, and sprint from the location, assuming he's a creep. 

Maybe there's something wrong with me. I'm 24 for God's sake, yet I've never had a boyfriend. Not even a first kiss. (Unless you count that time when I was 7, with Burney Breckler in the playground, under the monkey bars) But wait, is that sad? Oh God, why I am sharing this information!? I'm not a loser I swear... or maybe I am but I'm too much of a loser it's hard to admit it. I mean, I guess it's the biggest losers who believe they're perfectly normal. I probably just say that I'm normal because it's too hard to admit that I write on myself, live in a cramped apartment with a smelly neighbor, and hardly have a job. (That is if you count writing for the local -free- newspaper a job).

I carefully got off my messy bed, making sure not to mess up the writing on my wrist by blowing on it continuously. After I poked my wrist a few times to make sure it was dry, I threw on an old coat, and a pair of oxfords, locking up my door and pressing the cold elevator button. I waited, waited, tapped my feet a few times. 

"Is this elevator always slow?" A voice said behind me. I felt my skeleton jump out of my skin for a second, and my heart scattered like a bunch of surprised pigeons. Someones talking to me.... I finally registered, turning around slowly, clutching my keys in my jacket. 

I felt my jaw bang to the floor, and I parted my lips to speak. There are 26 letters in the alphabet, aprox. 26 thousand words in the English language, and hundreds of thousands of ways to say 'perfect', yet I could never begin to explain how beautiful this creature is. From his scuffed sneakers to his brown locks, everything was jus-

I can't breathe.

I took a long breath, and smiled awkwardly. "Yea- yeah, the elevator is so old." I stuttered, wanting to slam my face into a hard surface for taking so long to answer.

"Oh, good to know. I'm new here by the way." He beamed, sticking out his hand. I finally registered I had to take his hand, and did so, feeling like the forth of July was taking place in my stomach. The hair on my arms danced, and my heart was throwing itself against my bone cage.

I felt everything, but he never flinched, as he let go of my hand, like he didn't feel what I did. 

I never curse, but are you fucking serious?

Everything was perfect between us. I only met him about a minute ago, but I already felt in love.

"That's nice, I'm glad there's finally a new neighbor!" I grinned, pushing back my hair.

"Well two. My girlfriend and I live right there in 4C." He said, pointing back at his door. Suddenly, the entire world crashed down in .4 seconds. He had a girlfriend!? Well, of course he did. He was perfect, some other lucky girl must of snatched him up first. She was probably a model or something, I could never compete.

"Wait, what's that on your arm? Not to be intruding or anything" He said, pointing to my wrist. I didn't realize my jacket cuff was pushed up, flashing him my love quote which now seemed utterly idiotic.

"Oh it's nothing. Just inspiration." I managed a weak smile. "You know, I'm just going to the take the stairs, but I'll see you around." I waved (with my other arm of course), and walked away, as he said bye to my back.

Well that just plain sucked.

`Violet Alexander.
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