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  • NOVICA Framed Spiritual Folk Art Painting
    Stylized lions guard a bodhi tree in this composition by Parinya Nanjai. One is Tukkar Tor with the body of a lion and the head of an elephant. The other is Kraisorn Puksa who has the body of a lion with the head and wings of a bird. Both live in the Himmaphan forest of Hindu myth. It is said that Buddha achieved enlightenment while meditating beneath a bodhi tree which then became known as the enlightened tree. Some of these trees in Thailand are said to derive from cuttings of the original bodhi and people use stakes to prop their branches. Nanjai names this work Kraisorn Puksa and Tukkar Tor frames the painting in rain tree wood.
  • NOVICA Thai Mixed Media Signed Golden Lotus Blossom Painting
    Radiant in the shadows lotus blossoms are Buddha's preferred offering. Noppadon Kamkong works in mixed media to depict three stately flowers. Applications of golden foil create a luminous effect as though the petals glow with their own light.
  • NOVICA Original Lord Buddha Oil on Canvas Painting from India
    This oil on canvas portrayal of Lord Buddha comes from Indian artist Sadhana. The golden allure reminds us of the golden charm of Buddha Purnima that falls on the night of the full moon in the month of Vaisakha which commemorates the birth of Lord Buddha. The day is marked with prayer meditation and processions. In the painting Lord Buddha sits peacefully with closed eyes and enlightens his devotees with his blessings. Brown orange gold yellow and green tones are prominent in the painting. The patchwork pattern in the background brings Lord Buddha's face to life.
  • NOVICA Golden Lotus Blossom Painting from Thailand
    Emerging from dappled darkness lotus flowers flourish. Buddha taught that all living creatures exist within the cycle of life - birth age death - but a wholesome existence guided by proper understanding contemplation and concentration releases one. Beautifully depicted by Noppadon Kamkong the lotus is Buddha's preferred offering.
  • NOVICA Spiritual Framed Painting
    Buddha smiles serenely his lovely features caressed by living lotus buds. They symbolize purity and the light of wisdom. To the right a red door is poised to open. In Thailand red is the color of triumph and the door opens onto good winning out over evil. Parinya Nanjai depicts exquisite symbols of his faith. Painted in acrylic on handmade saa (mulberry bark) paper the work is mounted on cotton and framed in teakwood. Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist nation filled with breathtaking ancient temples pagodas and other architectural wonders constructed to worship the Buddha. In Thailand images of the Buddha play an important role beyond mere decoration. They are traditionally placed within the home in special locations such as shrines or pedestals to help facilitate everyday religious worship.
  • NOVICA Wood relief panel
    Seated in a forest clearing Buddha meditates beneath rustling branches. In the background tall volcanoes look out to sea. Ketut Sandi carves a beautiful portrait of the master setting the scene on the island of Bali. Kepelan wood lends its lovely grain to the signed relief panel.
  • The Forest & Co Personalised Crochet Dream Catcher
    Crochet and feather Dream Catcher Personalised Crochet Dream Catcher
  • NOVICA Fine Art Painting of Buddha in Meditation
    A mystical aura of peace and tranquility reign in this majestic painting by Tanisha Bakshi of India. Gutama Buddha meditates deep in the forest as he prays for world peace. The artist chooses a radiant color palette of reds oranges and yellows for her original composition.
  • Giftaplant Plant And Flowers Scented Skimmia Plant
    A stunning scented plant gift to send someone special, creamy buds opening to exquisite white fragrant flowers in early spring. Simply beautiful! Plant And Flowers Scented Skimmia Plant
    • Women's Mint Green Tahiti Beach Cruiser |
    • let me be your wonderwall
    • Coca-Cola Straw Dispenser Glass
    • Rare Swedish Sterling Vermeil Wedding Crown
  • - Buddha Framed Poster
    Find Decorative Wall Art at! Buddha is a Lamina Framed Poster in a SOHO Thin moulding. An affordable solution to add polish to any print or poster, Lamina framing is a great solution for any home or office. Size: 26x38 Framed Poster. Gender: Unisex.
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  • Posh Totty Designs Interiors 'Easter Eggling' Grow Your Own Plant Kit
    A Crack and Grow Plant in an eggshell 'Easter Eggling' Grow Your Own Plant Kit
    • Art Of Appreciation Gift Baskets Dressed To Impress Spa, Bath And Body Gift Box
    • L'Epi de Provence French Soap
    • ♥MartinaStella♥ Closet's Fillers -
    • Great-Sommelier's Premade Filler- makeup girly feminine pink teacup perfume bottles dressing table vanity decor
  • NOVICA India Hindu Painting of Vishnu's Incarnations
    Buddha with his tight curls wears a peacock feather to represent Krishna; Krishna is the eighth and Buddha the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu is the reassuring cosmic deity of preservation in India where he takes on a number of avatars. Sunil Jaiswal exalts the revered deities in this fascinating painting.
  • feltmeupdesigns Bright Easter Chick Hanging Decoration
    A bright little Easter Chick hanging decoration to bright a pop of colour to your Easter tree. Bright Easter Chick Hanging Decoration
  • NOVICA Balinese Laughing Buddha Sculpture
    Buddha throws back his head and laughs out loud in a graceful statuette. Sculpted of suar wood this portrait attests to Wayan Agus Satya Putra's talent. The laughing Buddha stands for prosperity happiness and longevity; Balinese people believe that rubbing his belly will bring good luck and fortune.
  • CB2 Clad Shelf With Gold Brackets
    Hang sesh. Glam gold rods get sculptural as support for minimally modern wood-clad shelf. Industrial luxe-looking ledge showcases photos, art and your favorite objects of interest. Also awesome grouped in the office for organization and extra storage. Details and Dimensions: Clad shelf with gold brackets. 32"Wx10.25"Dx10.75"H. Electroplated steel brackets with gold finish. Wood-clad MDF shelf in aluminum. Wall-mounting hardware included. Wipe with soft damp cloth. Made in India. Overall Dimensions: Width: 32" Depth: 10.25" Height: 10.75"
  • NOVICA Artisan Carved Buddha Mask
    With a broad smile a rotund Buddha laughs out loud. The Laughing Buddha head represents prosperity happiness and longevity. Balinese people also believe that rubbing his belly will bring good luck and prosperity. Wonderfully carved by hand this acacia wood mask is the work of Made Mulyani.
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    • Stoneware Tv Dinner Trays
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    • Jeff Davis Record Magnets - Set Of 6
  • Chapel Cards Heart Hanging Chalk Board
    This is a lovely hanging heart shaped chalk board. Heart Hanging Chalk Board
  • NOVICA Black and white photograph
    The centuries have taken their toll and the weather has done its worst yet nothing can touch the abiding peace and dignity exuding from this ancient and weathered face says Brendan O'Connell as he photographs the stone sculpture of Buddha. Shooting the photo in black and white O'Connell masterfully captures the passing of shadows over the tranquil face. The sculpture is one of many strewn throughout Wat Umong which was built in the late 14th century near Chiang Mai. The temple features an enigmatic collection of Buddha heads and other relics that people have found in abandoned temples or in local markets. Printed on Epsom semi gloss paper and framed in pinewood. Features a card paper passe-partout and protective glass pane.
  • Sassy Bloom As seen on TV Personalised Vintage Rose Clock
    A Beautiful Vintage Rose Clock making a lovely Gift which can be personalised and Gift wrapped at checkout Personalised Vintage Rose Clock
  • NOVICA Signed Original India Hindu Deity Painting
    His face serene against a background of brilliant red and blue Buddha is the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Sunil Jaiswal depicts the reassuring cosmic deity of preservation in India where Vishnu takes on a number of avatars. The work is compelling both for its colors and its extraordinary beauty.
  • CB2 Noir Small Black Snow Apple
    Fresh pick. Scaled to dark fairytale proportions, whimsical small snow apple sculpture ripens modern in matte black with stem. Go for an orchard with large noir snow apple. Details and Dimensions: Noir small black snow apple. 8.5" Dia. X 13.5"H. Polyresin/fiberglass. Painted matte black with brown stem. Wipe with dry cloth. Overall Dimensions: Height: 13.5" Diameter: 8.5"
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    • mark Good Riddance Hook Up Concealer
    • River City Clocks 60 Minute Wood Hourglass Timer with Cherry Finish…
    • Small Ring Agenda Cover
  • NOVICA Acrylic Buddha Painting
    Serenity radiates from a calm knowing face. Once a man who lived a good life and made merit became a deity in heaven after his death. He now watches over humans pointing them toward good deeds. Aeknarin Chuanglao brings an old Thai belief to life in this radiant painting.
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