So yes, Final week finally over!! I wish I could tell you that I slept more than 10 hours this week, but alas, I can't.
Seriously though, I'll be asleep until Monday morning if anyone needs me. 
SO glad I have tomorrow off :) finally have a chance work on my book of poems and my history assignment for graduation. 
Can you tell that I want sleep? xD

But yes, I've been trying to ask around if anybody from NY can invite me to prom so I can go and hang out with everyone and dance, have fun, and just party all night after that. My friend Kaitlyn said she'd take me if no one asks her, but chances are, someone will ask her, so it's up to me to hunt down someone that would be okie to go with me. My #1 choice is my friend Teddy who visited me in Seattle before when he stayed with his family, we're pretty close and I'm sure he wouldn't mind, it's just that I'm not sure what group he's going to prom with; if it doesnt have my friends in it than sorry no can do!

To tell you the truth, I don't know when it would be better to visit NY. May 20ish so that I could party with Kait and see a selective amount of friends and have an awesome time, maybe even meet Dan. Or go June 20-23, see everyone and go to prom, and after-prom which is supposed to be absolutely cray, but maybe not be able to see Dan, and also not be able to spend quality time with some of my friends... I just don't knowww
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