STEAMPUNK GOGGLES - Basic Black Gothic Cyber Rave 'Do It Yourself' Project Glasses
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  • STEAMPUNK GOGGLES - Chrome Look Cyber Rave - Goth - Punk - Futuristic
    The Steampunk chrome-look goggles come with interchangeable 50mm, anti-fog, shatterproof, UV-400 polycarbonate lenses and adjustable elastic straps. Lens colors are: blue, clear, green, orange, pink, purple, red, smoke or yellow lenses. We randomly select lens color if no color has been specified, or if color specified is not in stock. See my other listings for additional lenses. Perfect for fashion, clubbing, Burning Man, Playa, motorcycle riding, sporting wear, or just plain kickin it.
  • Speedo Futura Plus Goggles
    Constructed from durable materials, the Speedo Futura Plus Goggles offer high-quality flexibility and unmatched comfort for a superior swimming experience. Anti-fog; UV protective lenses. Wide vision. Comes with mesh goggle pouch for storage
  • Steam Punk goggles
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  • Lab assistant Steampunk goggles
    No doubt, these lab assistant Steampunk goggles look cool, and are functional as well, but something has caught me in a flummox. Agreed, that the intention is to protect the glasses of a visually challenged from crushing into the face, but it is hard.