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  • S.D.L Steampunk hat – alternative headwear – steam punk accessories UK
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    Get yourself noticed in this S.D.L Steampunk hat, its eccentric look will finish off any outfit perfectly so you get all eyes in your direction.
  • Head 'N' Home Astro Leather Top Hat (Black)
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    This topstitched topper has a simple slim profile and loads of hardware decorating either side. It has undeniable steampunk flavor.
  • Steampunk Mini Top Hat
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    Black felted top hat with ribbons & large filigree clock hands. Includes wide pleated black velvet ribbon, black lace & thin brown ribbon. Attaches with small metal alligator clips to clip into your hair where-ever you wish. Can also be made with elastic to go under your hair or chin if you would prefer. 16cm (6.5 Inch) end to end 13cm (5 inch) wide & 8cm (3 inch) tall.
  • Top Hat Black/Red Stripe Victorian Goth Vampire
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    This beautiful top hat is made from black burn-out velvet laid over a red foil fabric. The hat band and bow are crushed taffeta. In the front is a
  • Steampunk Mini Hats
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    Steampunk Mini Hats. All our Steampunk hats are made with real clock and watch parts making each hat a unique work of art. (each hat is hand made with real parts and will vary slightly from image shown). You will have a one-of-a-kind Steampunk Hat.
  • Tiny Top Hat - Steampunk - Mini Top Hat - Leather, Clock, Gears
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    Rich chocolate brown genuine leather base with handmade flowers. Brown and black feathers cascade off the side toward the back. Front includes a watch face, gears, and buttons. Excellent photo prop!! Measures 4.5" tall and 5.5" wide (not including the feathers) . This hat weighs in at 5.5 oz making it heavier than a typical Handmade by Bonnie hat. Keep that in mind when choosing your headband. Because of the weight, this hat makes a better photo prop than a wear around town hat. Just depends on what you are comfortable with. Attach this to a headband of your choice (not included) Size: adult All my hats are handmade by me. This is NOT a hat that was purchased from a factory that I decorated. It is a OOAK work of art. Hat is ready to ship once payment is received. See all my items for sale on etsy -
  • Brown-Vested Steampunk Top Hat
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    In Steampunk fashion, even the hats wear interesting clothes! Take this Brown-Vested Steampunk Top Hat: where else in the world would you find a hat wearing anything more than a simple band, much less a fully functional vest? No-where, that's where!
  • Adult Steampunk Costume
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    Steampunk is a combination of Victorian; the Wild Wild West Cowboys; Vintage World War II, American, German, French or British; Steam Engine Era Explorer, Adventurer or Safari; Swashbuckling Airship and Sea Ship Pirates and Gothic fashion. Sprinkle in a bi...
  • Womens Hat Steampunk Style Made in Velvet creationsbygail
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    Women's Victorian bucket hat in a steampunk style made in a burn out velvet fabric in a sunburst pattern of violet and purple The crown of the is gathered with
  • STEAMPUNK MONO GOGGLE - made of solid brass tan and dark brown leather gears decor Assault design no.5
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    PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CAN INSTALL LENSES OF DIFFERENT COLORS AS PER YOUR REQUEST (CLEAR, GREEN, ORANGE, GRAY, BLUE, RED, BROWN). ____________________________________________________________ Good day to you, Ladies and Gentlemen. Our shop – “Mann & Co” – proudly presents a pair of solid brass monogoggle. This item is 100% handcrafted – unlike most of the goggles/monogoggles that you see on Etsy, this isn’t made from spraypainted plastic welding\motorcycling\swimming goggles,brass plumbing parts, etc… All of our goggles are made from scratch. And when we say it – we mean it. Here is the list, that provides you with all the required information about this fine product and it's properties: Frame – made of solid brass. Outer diameter of the frames - 52mm, inner diameter 42mm. Lense – made of 3mm perspex. This type of perspex provides UV protection. Flexible strap holders – made of 2mm thick brass sheet. Plating on the frames - made of 0.4mm brass sheet Gears - authentic brass gears made of 0.6 mm brass. Ocular – made of 2mm veg-tanned leather, additionally tanned with prime neatsfoot oil, finished with "Super Shene" to achieve additional smoothness, stain protection and gloss. Padding rim - made of soft 1mm calfskin. The padding is handstitched to the oculars with waxed polyester thread. Strap – made of 2mm veg-tanned leather, finished with Feibing's "Atom Wax". The strap are 1.55 cm wide and long enough to fit even the largest head sizes and being worn over aviator caps or cylinder hats. Strap buckle and loop – classic "roll buckles" made of steel and anodized with brass. Very durable. Screws and nuts – solid brass. Threading is standard 1\8". All of our monogoggles, including this one, are made to fit a right eye. Please, let us know if you would like a monogoggle, that may fit a left eye, and we will make you a custom one. This monoggle is fully wearable and fits perfectly. ___________________________________________________________ WE SHIP WORLDWIDE We ship via Express Mail Service (EMS). Although being a bit expensive, it is relatively reliable, provides tracking information of the shipping progress. Shipping usually takes from 4 to 8 business days (very rarely more than 8 days). We ship in 1-3 days after recieving cleared payment (we usually ship on mondays and thursdays). If there is a need for an urgent shipping, please, do not hesitate to contact us. ____________________________________________________________ In addition to all this, we want to add some important notes. Practically, all our goggles are made of brass and leather (sometimes using mild steel, tin or copper rivets) – no "faux leather", no synthetics or plastic...The only un-authentic parts are perspex lenses and polyester threads – and this, is only for the reasons of safety and reliability – we do not want shards of broken glass getting into the eyes of our clients, nor we want ocular padding falling apart after two or three years of usage. That’s why, it is not glass lenses and cotton thread, but perspex and polyester. In this particular design the lenses can't be swapped - they are tightly secured in the frames. The frames are very solid, strong and a bit heavy. The lenses are rather thick, and if broken (that is extremely improbable), they doesn’t shatter like glass. The frames can withstand almost any blow, and, if not shot with a gun, put into a car crasher or thrown into a melting pot (highly unrecommended!!) will likely serve you for a lifetime. However, this monogoggle are a novelty item after all, so, we do not recommend using them while working with acids or other hazardous materials.
  • Steampunk Gothic flip up Sunglasses Hi Tek London Alexander
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    Vintage pair of Flip Up Sunglasses marked Hi Tek Junior. Hard to find. Condition: Unused, brand new with tags. Frame is made of plastic. Upper lenses are tinted poly carbon with UV400. Lenses underneath are clear. Measurments are: Across hinge to hinge: 5 3/8 inches. Bridge: 3.5/8 inches. Diameter of Lens: 1 6/8". Wings: 4 inches till curving point.

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