"It was always Stefan"
-Katherine Pierce

I don't remember exactly which episode the quote was from, but I remember that it was from the episode where Kat comes back and Damon goes to see her...and she tells him that she never loved him...season two I believe. The pics are from the "Memory Lane" episode though.

So gosh, I really CANNOT stand my sister. Whenever we get into an argument, she always "hits below the belt"...like she intentionally hurts me emotionally, and she REALLY knows how. She knows what hurts me the most emotionally, and she uses that. ANd my parents let her. Just because she's 3 years younger...they act like she's the most perfect thing ever. She laughs when she makes me cry, and when I told her that she hits below the belt, she mimicked me, and added all sorts of convultions to her words that I didn't do...and in a whiny voice said "below the belt!" and just....gosh, she kills me. I'm sitting here crying, and all they do is laugh. I didn't even get to finish this edit right because she wanted to use the computer. So sorry if this edit sucks, it wasn't how I pictured it at all, and I didn't get to work on it to my true potential. But still please tell me what you think.

Gosh, I just can't stand it here sometimes.

100% beachchickxoxo's! ~ PLEASE DON'T USE! thanks(:

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