Part six of my homage to my favorite designer Stella McCartney.

Other than the fact that her designs are edgy, bold, new, eccentric, and chic, they are cruel-free. Stella does not take part in the senseless torture and murder of animals for fashion, cosmetics, or perfumes. She does not kill, slaughter, skin alive, test, or beat animals to sell her designs. She is green. She is kind. She has a heart. She uses her brain - which is what almost every designer out there should be doing.

Snakes. Snakes have water hoses shoved down their throats and turned on to the maximum so that they get bigger, making their skin stretch. After being beaten and slammed from one end of the wall to another, they are eventually skinned alive.
Chinchilla. Rabbits. Dogs. Foxes. Wherever that fur came from, the fur on your shoes and your coat, even your hat, came from those animals and more. Even bears go through this horrible and painful death. The animals are beaten in such cruel ways, they are kicked, they are sometimes even burned, then they are skinned alive.
Cows and cattle in general suffer in the same way. Crocs and alligators as well.
And for your beauty products, your perfumes, your body lotions, your makeup, a mouse or a rabbit have chemicals dipped into their eyes. A monkey is infected with a fatal disease, then drugged with the chemicals that are in the makeup that's on your face as you read this. Rats and hamsters, they go through this, too. 
It's not just fur, leather, and snakeskin. The quest for beauty has taken an ugly turn.

**Contrary to popular belief, animals are NOT already dead when they are skinned. Also contrary to popular belief, every single animal killed or tested on for fashion has a life span of over 20 years. So before you start your they-were-gonna-die-in-2-years-anyway argument, sit down and shut up. And one last thing, an animal that is ALWAYS used for fur products: dogs. Yep. Cute little dogs. Man's best friend. A friend that always proves loyal, never jealous, never treacherous, is beaten, kicked, and skinned alive for your pleasure. 

50 million animals are killed per year for the fashion industry. That's not right.
Animals were not put on this earth so that you can prance around in a fur coat and leather heels, no. Animals were not put on this earth for you or for me or for the next fashionista. They were put on this earth for their own reasons. 

I have decided to not wear or use clothing, perfumes, or beauty/care products that were made by inflicting pain on a living being. I don't support designers, brands, and retailers that have blood on their hands. I don't support them nor do I ever recommend them. I made that decision when I was fourteen.

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