Day: Saturday, 9/22

As soon as Wyatt is gone from my penthouse after the long hot night of utter carnal pleasures I get 2h of sleep and wake up early to have a cold shower and cup of Italian roast coffee. Look out of my living room window to the Cafe Flora is beautiful and I take a deep awaiting breat as I look at my diamond watch. Mr. Bourne should be here any minute. And with Matisse. I only get one chance to do this right. Sergei comes in dressed in a sharp navy suit. 

“Good morning, Miss Sidrova.” He nods. 

“Good morning, Sergei. Is he here?” I ask and in that moment Christian Bourne walks, smiling dazzlingly and taking me a bit off guard but I get it together in the next second when I stand up to shake his hand. 

He is in expensive, custom made gray suit with his hair perfectly in place. In one hand he’s holding a pretty big silver briefcase. I gasp quietly as I glance at it and he smiles sincerely, “Exciting, isn’t it?”

“Sergei, you may leave us.” I say, never taking my eyes off Christian as Sergei nods and obeys.

“Shall we start?” Christian asks. 

“Yes. We are going to my study. Follow me.” I say and proceed upstairs. 

“Raphael!” Christian gapes looking at my prized possession, hanging behind my Louis the XIV desk. 

“The Holy Family with the Lamb, one of my favorite pieces I own.” I smirk at him and his eyes narrow at me.

“I thought Ashmolean had it.”, he says finally. 

“They think they have it to.” I smile wickedly, “But they only have a really good forgery.”

Christian looks at me with something that looks like admiration, “You are bad Miss Sidorova.” He smirks, tilting his head.

“Matisse, now.” I say, not hiding my amusement over his infatuation over me. 

Christian nods and looks into my eyes as he lays the briefcase on the desk. 
He unlocks it and opens it and I can see it, it’s so perfect. I open my eyes admiring it. I carefully pull it out of the briefcase and lay it on the table. 

“That’s it! That’s what I was searching for!” I can’t help but show my excitement. 

“I have to admit” Christian says with his voice low, “It will be hard to part of it.”

“It won’t be so hard when you get your 15 million.” I smirk at him and he smirks back. 

“Maybe it won’t be /that/ bad.” 

“Ok.” I put the painting back in the briefcase, turning serious again, “I’ll transfer 5 million to your offshore account now and I’ll transfer another 10 when I auction the painting.”

“That’s what we agreed to do.” He says as I sit behind my computer and transfer the money. He looks at his phone screen, smiling vividly, “It’s here.” he confirms finally.

I stand up again and he gets close. Too close. He smells delicious. 

“You know good art Regina”, he says his voice low and husky, “aren’t you appealed to keep it in your private collection?” He asks, his grey eyes burning into mine, “You wouldn’t have to worry about the man we stole it from if you don’t go public with it.” He adds matter-of-factly. 

I lean in even closer, my face only inch from his, “I want to make a big recovery of a long lost artifact Mr. Bourne. Publicly.” 

“I get that. I also get the cockiness.” He arches his eyebrow as he smirks, referring to himself as well as me, “But you can lose your life over it, Regina. Be careful.”

I look down knowing that may be true. But I’m not backing out. 

“We could make killer partners, you and I.” Christian says touching my cheek sensibly. 

“I love working alone Mr. Bourne. When I need your assistance I ask, you know that.” I unwillingly look down at his lips, craving to kiss them. That same moment he leans in and kisses me and then pulls me in closer, deepening the kiss, his fingers move to my hair holding me in place but suddenly my phone rings putting a stop to this superb moment of mixing business and pleasure. I unwillingly let go of him and reach to get my phone of the desk.

“Sergei.” I pick up and Christian looks at me attentively as I talk.

“Miss Sidrova, someone got to one of our men from last night’s security, Pitters, they were looking for security tape of a Palais roof. Luckily Pitters got away without giving out any information but the man had a gun, Pitters is sure that he was a professional.” Sergei said and he sounded worried. 

“Ok. Pursue him, try to find out who he is and who’s he working for. We’ll have a briefing in 20 minutes in my office. Get all people on this.” I said coldly but the truth is I was worried too. They are too close and too soon. Somebody obviously linked Bourne with Matisse and me with Bourne. And I didn’t even go public with the painting.

“What happened?” Christian asked wide-eyed. 

“Someone’s asking about us. They got to one of my people but luckily they got out empty-handed.” I said, scratching my forehead, trying to think straight, 
“Listen, stay in Paris, lay low and contact me tonight.” I said looking straight into Bourne’s deep gray eyes. 

“Yes. I won’t contact you. I’ll come here. It’s better that way.” He says self-assured. 

“They can’t really get to me, you know.” I tilt my head, examining his face expression, “You stay close.”

He says and then pulls me in another deep passionate kiss and leaves me panting, “Goodbye Miss Sidrova.” He smirks before making his way out. 

Sergei got Pitters into my office. 

“He was around 185cm tall, Caucasian, fit, black short hair, he had eagle tattoo on his left arm and he was really good with the gun. He had a gun and also M4A1 carbine rifle.” Pitters says in serious tone. 

“It’s America military and special forces favorite, ma’am” Sergei says. 

“That doesn’t change anything Sergei, get all people on this, I want my personal security and security of my apartment especially high. And I also want you to send some people to discretely look after Christian Bourne.” I say and Sergei obediently nods and then they leave my office.

As they leave I pick up my phone and press 1 on the speed dial, “Dad, hi. I was wondering, when can you be in Paris?”
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