@italianvintage here(: 
[[ this is quite easy to do & it takes like 3O minutes. it's just basically cleaning your makeup(: ]]

- step #O1. cleaning out the makeup holders. 

BAG ; empty all your makeup out on a desk, table, etc. & with a wet wipe for FABRIC, wipe it clean. then with a duster, simply swipe the sides & bottom. to finish it off - spray fabric softener along the outside.

DRAWERS ; take all of your makeup out & place them on a desk, table, etc. dust the insides with a feather duster. then clean out with a wet wipe & let it dry. place a bold, solid colored washcloth in there so if makeup lands on it, it'll blend in & it keeps your drawers clean. [[ *if you have multiple drawers, place labels on them ]] 

- step #O2. the brushes are next. you don't want to add any harmful chemicals onto the brushes, due to the fact they touch your skin. so you'll take about two tablespoons of lemon juice, a tablespoon of salt, and three tablespoons of warm water. mix it together and let it sit for five minutes, while it becomes paste like. when the time is up, grab an empty jar/cup or two and your brushes. dip each of the fluffy parts of your brush in the mixture, and put in the jar, the fluffy part w/ the paste facing up. wait another five minutes & rinse them off with medium water & lay them on a paper towel. 

- step #O3. foundation tops are next, and extremely simple. 

LIQUID ; with a moist paper towel, simply clean around the nose & clean the bottle up a little. 

POWDER ; if the powder is dotted all over the covering, just wipe a wet towel around it. to prevent it, over a garbage can, tap the bottom of the container to get the excess out. 

FOUNDATION SPONGES ; there's a high chance of getting mold in them if rinsed, so just buy the replacement packs 

- step #O4. Mascara & Eyeliner. 

MASCARA ; I once rinsed my brush in water & it was a HUGE mistake, because it later dried my mascara out. so just simply clean it off with a LYSOL WET WIPE - those are perfect for skin. i think they also have little drops for cleaning mascara, but i'm not sure.

LIQUID EYELINER ; [[ *repeat the mascara step ]]

PENCIL EYELINER ;the #1 thing you need to make sure is that your sharpener is C-L-E-A-N, k? so, pull a wet wipe over your index finger & stick it inside the little holes of the sharpener. also, empty it at least twice a week. then for the eyeliner its self, repeat the mascara & liquid eyeliner step c: 

PEN EYELINER ; i've never used this type, so i'm not sure. but i'm sure you can look it up or go to the makeup counter & ask (: 

- step #O5. bronzer & blush. 

[[ *follow the 'powder foundation' step. ]] 

- step #O6. eyeshadows. 

CONTAINER ; i think most of macs eyeshadows are container eyeshadows? at least, i think so. anyways, instead of keeping them in those "containers", but them in little ones that you use for your lunch (the ones that are small & plastic, that you can use for fruit or whatever) & then once your eyeshadow is used up, you can throw it out. so make sure you get the PLASTIC ones. 

COMPACTS ; just wipe around the ridges, & i know a person that once a week, she drops ONE EYEDROP in each color to keep bacteria out. i've never tried it, but apparently it works good. 

- step #O7. lipsticks & lipglosses.

LIPSTICKS ; this is pretty simple, all you have to do is use a wet wipe to clean around the parts where the lipstick smudged.

LIPGLOSS ; with a moist towel, clean the stick, the outside, everything. 

- step #O8. keeping organized. just do this at least twice a month & your makeup should keep clean. like i said - if you have many drawers label them. for your bag, i say get at least 2-3 for face, eyes, & lips. but that's your choice.

OH, by the way, if you were reading my 'screwed' story on wattpad, i posted another chapter last night. 
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