Sterling Silver and Pewter Salt & Pepper Mill Sets
  • BergHOFF Salt Shaker and Pepper Mill Set
    Both a salt shaker and pepper mill come in this duo, adjustable to choose different coarseness on the pepper. Brushed stainless 18/10 with see through acrylic. Elegant and refined for any table setting. Measures 6.5". Features: Salt and pepper mill set. Both a salt shaker and pepper mill come in this duo, adjustable to choose different coarseness on the pepper. Brushed stainless 18/10 with see through acrylic. Specifications: Material: Stainless steel, acrylic, rubber. Cleaning and Care: Hand wash recommended. Dimensions: 6.5" x 2"
  • Georg Jensen Alfredo Salt & Pepper Mills
    Part of Alfredo Haberli’s collection for Georg Jensen, the Alfredo Salt & Pepper Set is distinguished by its streamlined silhouettes, modern materials and clean, understated aesthetic. Stainless steel. Spot clean. Imported. Each piece is 8"H; 3.25"D. Both mills feature high-quality, adjustable All-Grind ceramic technology.
  • Fletchers' Mill Tronco Peppermill
    The elegant Tronco mill is available in 10" pepper and salt mills.
  • Fletchers' Mill Federal Peppermill 8"
    Tradition at its best, the Federal mill is available in 8" pepper and salt mills.
  • Fletchers' Mill Federal Peppermill 6"
    A slightly smaller version of our traditional 8" Federal mill, the 6" Federal still maintains the classic mill look, and is available in pepper and salt mill varieties.
  • The weekend
    Styling idea
  • Moose and Squirrel Tall S+P Shaker Set
    Fine tableware with a dash of whimsical flavor! Inspired by the beloved Rocky and Bullwinkle shorts of the 1960's, this salt and pepper shaker set provides a lovely conversation piece for your table setting. Delight your dinner guests as you each take turns saying "Please pass the Moose and Squirrel " in your best Russian accents! The brilliantly detailed moose and squirrel are original sculpted designs, cast in durable pewter and given a coating of nickel silver for a lasting shine. The secure threaded toppers sit atop 5" glass bases and allow for easy refills. The shaker set includes a matching pewter holder to safely store and display the salt and pepper shakers when not in use. All pewter portions are designed and handcrafted in New Mexico. - What is pewter and is it safe to use with food? Pewter is a white metal alloy consisting of tin with small amounts of antimony and copper. Traditionally used for kitchenware and jewelry, pewter is completely lead-free and safe for use with all foods.
  • Nambe Salt & Pepper Hug Shakers 6"
    An ingenious creation by award-winning designer Karim Rashid, the two hourglass-shaped Hug shakers actually fit together in a sweet embrace. This allows you to carry the pair to the table as a single unit, and when someone says, "Please pass the salt and pepper," you can easily grasp the Nambe metal duo at its waist. Of course, the two pieces function singly, with a differing number of holes on top and black and white plastic plugs underneath for identification. Nambé Hug salt and pepper set; 6 inches high. Crafted of sand-cast metal alloy hand-polished to a bright gleam. Sleek hourglass-shaped shakers nestle together. Designed by Rashid Karim; USA-made; wash by hand; gift-boxed. Nambé pieces are found in MOMA and other museums worldwide. Weight: 2.29lb.
  • Match Pewter Convivio Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
    Even the best meal won't reach it's full potential without a sprinkle of salt, so having a set of these Match Pewter Salt and Pepper Shakers on hand at all times is essential. With a pewter base and a porcelain body, these sophisticated vessels look beautiful on your tabletop, and deliver just the right finishing touch. 2.4" Diameter x 3.5" high, each shaker.
  • Peugeot Bistro Salt & Pepper Set with Stand, Chocolate
    This pepper mill and salt shaker set is perfect for everyday use on your table. The pepper mill features Peugeot's masterfully engineered grinding mechanisms and you can easily adjust the grind from ultrafine to coarse by turning the knob atop each. Turn the knurled knob to adjust the grind from ultrafine to coarse. Pepper mill's case-hardened-steel mechanism cracks peppercorns before grinding for an even grind and rich aroma. 4" high. Made in France.
  • Alessi Michael Graves Salt Castor
    Design Michael Graves, 1988. Stainless steel w/ polyamide. Made in Italy by Alessi. The salt & pepper set references a small collection of objects that are a common addition to households around the world and generally enjoy a permanent place on the family table for daily meals. Enjoy the interpretation of these objects by Michael Graves for Alessi. Matching pepper grinder also offered. Michael Graves came to the limelight in the international architectural scene during the 1960's as part of the group known as the 'New York Five'. From the mid 1970's, having abandoned his interest in the origins of the Modern Movement, he started developing a highly personal eclecticism based on the ironic reinterpretation of the shapes of traditional architecture and on the emphatic use of colors, thus becoming one of the top exponents of the post modern movement. Salt castor: 2.5" dia. | 4.4" H.
  • Bodum - Twin Salt- and Peppermill - coloured
    Salt or pepper? Just use both! The Twin Salt- and Peppermill by Bodum is not only theoretical for milling of salt and pepper, but it also does it in praxis: Twin accommodates salt and pepper at once. Through that you can give your foot in the kitchen or on the dining table the special seasoning, without using two mills. It's not that Twin can only mill salt and pepper at the same time - A simple turning on the coloured silicone strap on the upper end switches between the two sheds. You can either mill salt or pepper. The silicone strap makes a strong and safe holding with Twin possible. Furthermore Bodum offers the mill in many different colours, so that the band also adds to the optic. The Twin Salt- and Peppermill comes with a powerful millwork made of ceramic, which makes the simple use of the mill possible. Through the transparent outside walls, you can also see when the inside of the mill comes to an end. The Twin was held ergonomic correctly by Bodum, so that it is as comfortable as it is possible to use the mill.
  • A di Alessi Lily Pond Sushi set
    "We are all familiar with "The Chin Family", the famous and successful series of small, familiar personages, in which each performs a household function. Egg-cup, pepper mill, magnets, bookmarker, caps...The fruitful cooperation between Alessi and the National Palace Museum in Taiwan continues under the direction of Stefano Giovannoni, once again highlighting the concept of combining aspects of Western culture and Chinese history. OrienTales is the latest episode in this demanding and stimulating cooperative project. Colours, bizarre but functional shapes, popular images. In this series of products, the "magic" of Giovannoni's design seems to evoke memories of 18th century ceramic trinkets, while it also invites a spontaneous and contemporary interpretation. Hand-decorated plastic and fine bone china are the materials used for salt and pepper sets, milk jugs and sugar bowls with engaging zoomorphic shapes. Little salt and pepper birds hang on the branches of a blossoming tree and create imaginative movements. A sea populated by lively finned fishes which likewise create a dynamic effect. Friendly monkeys race in narrow banana-shaped canoes. The new OrienTales products are like a fairy tale that is brought to life with new shades. The tribute to oriental tradition is completed by the "Lily Pond" sushi set consisting of melamine plates and chopsticks, a small plate for soy sauce and the useful chopsticks holder in ceramic. Products in the OrienTales family are sold in gift packaging." In detail: Type : Sushi set. Colour : Black - Green - Red. Material : Plate and chopsticks in mélamine - Small plate for soy sauce and chopsticks holder in fine bone china. Characteristics : Hand-decorated - Gift packaging.
  • kate spade new york Charlotte Street Salt & Pepper Set
    Give your table a touch of city chic in gleaming white porcelain with the Charlotte Street salt and pepper shaker set. Inspired by one of London's most celebrated historic districts, this pattern reflects a cosmopolitan sensibility in simple blue and white. From kate spade new york. White/Blue. Porcelain.
  • kate spade new york Fairmount Park Dot/ Stripe Salt & Pepper Set
    In a city that is known for an abundance of lovely parks and squares, Philadelphia's verdant, sprawling Fairmount Park is in a class apart. MATERIAL: Porcelain. FEATURES: Salt and pepper shaker set. DETAILS: 3.5"H. Imported.
  • Nambe Kissing Salt and Pepper Shakers
    Comes with black stopper and white stopper to distinguish salt and pepper. Capacity: 1.5 oz. Dimensions: 5" H x 1.75" W.
  • Vagabond House Pewter Conch Shell Salt and Pepper Shaker
    Given a beautiful conch shell, the first thing most people world over will do is hold it to their ear to hear the song of the sea. Although we can't claim that will happen with Vagabond House's pure pewter Conch Shell Salt and Pepper Set, we can say that this set will bring some of that magic to your table when you serve with it. Intricately, realistically detailed, this hand finished set is a perfect gift for collectors and hosts. Dimensions: 2.5" L x 3.75" W x 2" H
  • Vagabond House Pewter Quail Salt and Pepper Shaker
    Small and cherished game birds, wild quail have become rare in Europe and are protected in the British Isles. Our designers have crafted our Quail Salt and Pepper Set with such realistic detail; you will soon feel protective of them as well. Quails are a symbol of group harmony and this pair is sure to become cherished symbols of harmonious meals and celebrations you share with your family and friends. The attention to delicate detail our designers' insist upon ensure that this pair will charm your guests. Finely crafted of cast, hand-finished pewter, our Pewter Salt and Pepper Sets make perfect gifts for nuptials, housewarming, collectors or just because. Dimensions: 3.5"T
  • Nambe Hug Silver Salt and Pepper Shakers
    A glimmering salt and pepper shaker set made from durable Nambe alloy metal. These hourglass shape accents are created to fit together in a charming "hug", allowing you to pass the shakers at the table as one unit. Black and white plastic plugs differentiate salt from pepper shaker. This romantic pair is a perfect gift for yourself or a wedding, shower or anniversary. Designed by Karim Rashid for Nambe. Set of 2. Nambe metal salt and pepper shakers. Two shakers fit together as one unit. 6" high.
  • Noritake® Colorvara Salt & Pepper Shaker Set in Blue
    An interesting textural effect dressed with fine speckles makes the Noritake® Colorvara dinnerware collection an artful choice. An essential no matter what the occasion, this salt and pepper set brings a colorful touch to the table. Bring a little more flavor to mealtime with this salt and pepper shaker set, featuring a shiny exterior glaze, from the Noritake® Colorvara collection. Shakers each measure 2.75" tall. Stoneware. Dishwasher safe. Imported.
  • BergHOFF Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
    Individual salt and pepper shaker on a stainless stand, use at bedside breakfast and for formal table settings alike, or wherever you want to spoil your guests or family with their individual sets. Made of 18/10 Stainless Steel with matt finish. Features: Shakers. 18/10 stainless steel with matt finish. 2" salt and pepper shakers on stainless steel stand. Great for picnics or formal dining. Specifications: Material: Stainless steel. Cleaning and Care: Hand wash recommended. Dimensions: 2" shakers, 3.5" stand.
  • Waterford Classic Lismore Round Salt & Pepper
    For over 60 years, Lismore has been one of the most recognizable patterns in the Waterford archive. In celebration of that heritage, the Classic Lismore collection features radiant glassware and giftware featuring the pattern's world famous diamond and wedge cuts. A radiant addition to any dining arrangement, this Lismore Round Salt & Pepper set accentuates the crisp whiteness of sea salt and the inky black of cracked black pepper.
  • Vagabond House Pewter Acorn Salt and Pepper Shaker
    Crafted from richly detailed Vagabond House pewter, our Acorn Salt and Pepper Set is accurate in detail down to the veins on the oak leaves. Adding style and charm to flora and fauna themed tables any time of the year this set is perfect gift for collectors. Dimensions: 2" W x 2" T
  • Vagabond House Pewter Squirrel Salt and Pepper Shaker
    Our Snacking Squirrel Salt and Pepper Set is charming and a little comical. The amazing detail of this happily munching pair makes us crave a salty snack too. Adding style and charm to any occasion that calls for a touch of fun is what they do best. Finely crafted of cast, hand-finished pewter, our Whimsical Creatures Collection Pewter Salt and Pepper Sets make perfect gifts for nuptials, housewarming, collectors or just because. Dimensions: 6" L x 2" W x 4" T
  • Nambe Kissing Silver Salt and Pepper Shaker Set of 2
    Flat planes on the top and bottom of this silver metal salt and pepper shaker set fit together to create one seemingly melded-together single piece. Easily grab the two as one unit to pass at the table. Fill as desired as both shakers have a different number of holes. This classic salt and pepper shakers are designed by Kareem Rashid for Nambe, and appear in the permanent collection of the prestigious San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Perfect as wedding or anniversary gifts. Set of two Nambe silver metal salt and pepper shakers. Distinctive "kissing" design. 5" high. Designed by Kareem Rashid.
  • American Atelier Oliveto Salt and Pepper Shakers
    American Atelier Oliveto Salt and Pepper Shakers Enjoy this salt and pepper shaker set from American Atelier Oliveto Collection. It is made of earthenware with a pewter color metal stand. Care instructions: Hand wash with warm water and mild dish detergent. Dimensions: 6″ x 6″ x 3″.
  • Vagabond House Pewter Seahorse Salt and Pepper Shaker
    Vagabond House's richly detailed, pure pewter Seahorse Salt and Pepper Shakers add the natural beauty of these playful ocean dwellers to your home. Our designers have created this lovely set, with hand finished detail to serve the salt of the sea and pepper too.. Greek myth portrayed the noble seahorse as Poseidon?s Steed and artworks throughout the ages depict Hippocampus (mythological seahorses) pulling Poseidon?s chariot. Dimensions: 2" L x 2.5" W x 4.5" H
  • Malmaison Salt And Pepper On Tray
    One the Christofle's most historic patterns, Malmaison typifies the Empire style, with its frieze of delicate palm and lotus leaves. H. 1 1/2 '' (4 CM), L x w : 3 1/2 x 2 '' (9 x 5 CM) Sterling Silver - Crystal.
  • Vagabond House Antler Salt and Pepper
    Large enough for everyday use, unique enough to give as a gift, our Lodge Style Large Salt and Pepper Set is crafted from pure pewter and enrobed in naturally shed, hand-turned antler. A must have for any abode or event where natural accents are stars; these excellently crafted pieces will provide a lifetime of service. Dimensions: 4" T
  • Polish Pottery Ceramika Boleslawiec Salt & Pepper Milano Shaker Set, 4.75" x 2.25"
    Polish Pottery Ceramika Boleslawiec Salt & Pepper Milano Shaker Set, 4.75" by 2.25" This Unikat Signature Polish Pottery is a Limited production from a small factory near Boleslawiec, Poland. The Model 1313 Pattern 169 created using Boleslawiec white clay molded and painted by hand according to traditional methods with styles of design and color influenced by contemporary shapes and dyes. The beautiful Salt and Pepper Milano has a royal blue top accented by Greek key buds and wide green leaves. The floral arrangement includes large and small blue Daisies with orange centers; Orange Phlox; Forget-Me-Nots; Bluebells and wispy wide grass. The Salt and Pepper Set created with a unique original design and formation of the mold followed by drying, pre-baking at 1,562 degrees Fahrenheit then glazed, and fired at 2,282 degrees Fahrenheit and is scratch and chip resistant, lead free, oven; microwave; dishwasher and freezer safe without losing the beautiful colors and textures. The measurements are 4.75" by 2.25" by 2.25" wide; the capacity is 9 Tablespoons each. Weight: 0.4lb.