Oh to reap the benefits from my evil deeds. I took my share with a smile. New shoes. Food. I honestly loved my life that moment. I felt like throwing a stack of money in the bed and writhing around in it. 


I'd probably get papercuts. How do rappers' girlfriends do it? Ah well.. Gemma was handing me a glass to pour a well-deserved and rather large serving of wine into. When I was done I passed it to Isabelle who was to my right. She was lilly-livered so she poured a lady-like serving. 

One day she'll drink like me I'm sure. Maybe. 

So I turned to her. "Isabelle. How did you come across thievery as a way of life for yourself." 

"I guess I'd rather think of it as.. borrowing," she smiled.

"Haha!" I laughed. She was more interesting than I originally figured. "Toast to that." 

The whole group of us clinked our glasses together.

"Anyways," she continued. "I was taking a break from school.. traveling, you know. And I just.. stumbled upon this. I guess I'm just seeing how everything all works out." 

I smiled. I decided I like this little newbie. 

And so the party raged on. It was late and I was trying to find my coat when a little someone sidled up next to me. Caleb McClain. 

"Oh, hello there," I said, barely glancing up but immediately taking every bit of him in. He was drunker than a perfect man like him is supposed to be. Shirt half-untucked. Tsk. Mama would not be proud.

"Liv.. lovely Liv. You always were the one that got away." 

Oh gosh. Not this again. 

"Well, one.." I began. "Not a fish." I pointed to myself. I wasn't exactly the most sober. But I was well enough to sarcastically defend myself again man-sluttysluts. "Two... I prefer blondes, I think." 

That was a joke. Blonde men are always pretentious. Ahem, Dax. 

"Whaddaya say?" he grinned. 

I located my coat finally. "I say.. you're losing your touch, sweetheart."

I left him in my dust. But I was wondering when I arrived home drunk as a skunk.. Caleb McClain. Was he worth the time?

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