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  • Tammy Di Calafiori
  • Walkie Talkie
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  • How Game Boy Advance Works
    The Game Boy Advance is one of Nintendo’s handheld gaming systems that have dominated the market. Find out what made the Game Boy Advance such a major success.
  • areaware - Alarm Dock iPhone 4 / 4S
    Alarm Dock by areaware is a new interpretation of the classic alarm clock that was placed on uncountable night tables decades before. The difference: Alarm Dock consists completely of wood and becomes alive with an iPhone or iPod Touch. With the help of a special App, the iPhone can simulate different fonts, backgrounds etc. having the retro charm of a classic alarm clock. Simply install the App and lie down your iPhone on the according place on the front of Alarm Dock. The iPhone will become your night table clock and also your alarm. Through an opening in Alarm Dock, a charging cable can be connected to the iPhone and the device will be charged at the same time, during it serves as alarm clock. The American manufacturer areaware produces Alarm Dock after a design by Jonas Damon out of beech wood. Find more information about the Alarm Dock App on the areaware homepage. Download the App directly on itunes.