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  • Stoic Butte Flannel Shirt
    Stoic Butte Flannel Shirt
    The Stoic Men's Butte Flannel is the shirt you'll reach for when you're relaxing back at camp after a day of riding slickrock, or when you need something comfy to wear when you're kicking in town at your favorite brewery.
  • Stoic Mountain 3L Jacket
    Stoic Mountain 3L Jacket
    Mountain 3L Jacket - Men's
  • Stoic Woodshop Flannel Shirt - Long-Sleeve
    Stoic Woodshop Flannel Shirt - Long-Sleeve
    Whether you're sanding a chair you just crafted, going for a short hike, or just clocking in at the office, the Stoic Men's Woodshop Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt will keep you comfy and stylish with its lightweight cotton fabric and classic plaid pattern.
  • Stoic Hillside Plaid Shirt - Long-Sleeve
    Stoic Hillside Plaid Shirt - Long-Sleeve
    The Stoic Men's Hillside Long-Sleeve Plaid Shirt sports a lightweight fabric and a timeless plaid pattern, so you can wear it straight from the office to the trail when you need to unwind with a hike after a stressful day.
  • Stoic Mallard Plaid Shirt - Long-Sleeve
    Stoic Mallard Plaid Shirt - Long-Sleeve
    When the days get short, keep yourself warm with good whiskey and the Stoic Men's Mallard Long-Sleeve Plaid Shirt. With a midweight cotton fabric, it keeps you warm on brisk days without making you overheat when you step inside.
  • Stoic Bombshell Insulated Jacket
    Stoic Bombshell Insulated Jacket
    To a skier, the word "Bombshell" generally conjures two distinct images: a Lange girl (early '70s, of course), or the thunderous echo of a howitzer pumping rounds into bowls of creamy powder. There's a newcomer to the the bombshell party, though, and it's threatening to relegate Lange girls and artillery to second-fiddle status: that's right, the Stoic Bombshell Men's Insulated Jacket is grabbing all the headlines and intruding on the old-fashioned dreams of ski models and avalanche control. It's not really a surprise, when you get down to it. Models might be able to keep you warm, but they can't compete with the Bombshell's synthetic Cirrus insulation, nor do they offer 3-layer, mechanical-stretch fabric that stands up to serious abuse without feeling as heavy as a suit of armor. Equally, while howitzers may give you a warm, fuzzy feeling, they don't have the 20K waterproof rating or fully-taped seams of the Bombshell, and, accordingly, will not keep you very dry, unless you hide underneath one all day, which will definitely interfere with your skiing. Unlike big guns and babes, the Bombshell also has essential features to make in-bounds powder stashes, sidecountry cliff hucks, and burly storms tremble in fear. The wrist gaiters and removable powder skirt seals out snow no matter how big your bombholes are, and mesh underarm vents work with the Bombshell's 15K breathability to keep circulation maxed out when you're seriously shredding or hiking to lines, so you're completely prepared to rip the bejeezus out of them when you get to the top. And, at the end of the day, all the ladies will be impressed, which is why you're up there in the first place, right?
  • Stoic Hooded Down Jacket
    Stoic Hooded Down Jacket
    Whether you're seeking a cozy jacket to layer underneath your ski shell or simply pining for a cozy, down-comforter inspired jacket to curb the cool weather, look no further than the Stoic Men's Hooded Down Jacket. This versatile jacket features a tough polyester exterior, while the down insulation provides furnace-like fervor in cool weather. Additionally, the fixed hood doubles your protection in the event that you need it, and the hem is fully adjustable for a personalized, secure fit. Not to mention, the generously-sized hand pockets keep necessities close at hand, so you never have to be without go-to items.
  • Stoic Stretch 1/4 Zip Fleece Pullover
    Stoic Stretch 1/4 Zip Fleece Pullover
    About as classic as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the Stoic Men's Stretch 1/4 Zip Fleece Pullover offers dependable warmth and steadfast style. The polyester-spandex blend offers cozy, furnace-like fervor, and the quarter-zip construction allows you to dump excess heat quickly. while the chest pocket enables you to keep necessities close at hand. Layer a hardshell over it come ski season, or simply wear it on its lonesome when you head out for a hike in the cool, autumn air.
  • Stoic 3L Ski Shell Jacket
    Stoic 3L Ski Shell Jacket
    While a hoodie might be more appropriate for spring-time slaying, there's a time and a place for everything, which is why the Stoic Men's 3L Ski Shell Jacket is bound to be come your best friend in winter's worst weather. Designed to endure Mother Nature's worst curve balls, this jacket boasts a tough hard shell fabric that's not only waterproof but also breathable, while the fully taped seams further safeguard your core warmth and baselayers. Additionally, the zippered underarm ventilation offers on-the-go temperature regulation should you need to dump excess heat, and the adjustable hood, hem, and cuffs provide a personalized fit. Not to mention, the zippered hand pockets keep necessities secure and easily accessible.
  • Stoic Down Jacket
    Stoic Down Jacket
    The Stoic Men's Down Jacket provides sleek style and toasty warmth that you can take from New York City to Boulder. Crafted with a buttery soft nylon shell, this full-zip jacket forgoes the stuffed-turkey look in favor of low-profile, lightweight down insulation and a streamlined design. Two zippered hand pockets keep necessities close by and the elastic cuff and hem keep the cold from sneaking its way through. Plus, it includes a stuff sack for compact storage when hiking, camping, or traveling.
  • Stoic Sweater Fleece Jacket
    Stoic Sweater Fleece Jacket
    The leaves are falling and there's a chill in the air, which can only mean one thing--no, not pumpkin spice lattes, we're talking about the Stoic Men's Sweater Fleece Jacket. This classic fleece delivers soft, cozy comfort and a timeless look.
  • Stoic Packable Insulated Hooded Jacket
    Stoic Packable Insulated Hooded Jacket
    When you need a jacket that's not only travel friendly, but versatile enough to handle urban and trail-side adventures alike, look no further than the Stoic Men's Packable Insulated Hooded Jacket. At a price that won't break your piggy bank, this lightweight jacket features a tough polyester exterior that's wind and water resistant, while the synthetic insulation offers low-profile warmth. Additionally, the elastic bound cuffs and hood, as well as the adjustable hem, seal out pesky drafts and precipitation--so you don't arrive at the car or remote office looking like a wet rat. Not to mention, the interior pocket doubles as a stuff sack, so when you're not wearing the jacket, you can easily pack it down into its own pocket for storage and then toss it into your bag for safe keeping.
  • Stoic Breathe 90 Boxer
    Stoic Breathe 90 Boxer
    But everyone really really really hopes you do. For discerning men who abhor being fenced in, the Stoic Men's Breathe 90 Boxer has the soft, breathable fabric so your boys stay cool, comfortable, and cheery on even the muggiest summer days, and a loose cut to keep your rhythm section in a groove all day long.
  • Stoic Softshell Jacket
    Stoic Softshell Jacket
    There's no need to suit for a first ascent when you're just going out for drinks and dinner--leave that aspect of your life to the Stoic Men's Softshell Jacket. Great for cool evenings in town and brisk fall days on the trail, this casually-styled softshell bucks wind and delivers light insulation thanks to a fleece grid lining. Dual hand and a secure chest pocket secure small essentials, and cold hands, while the regular fit has a classic look and feel ideal for everyday life.
  • Stoic Full-Zip Fleece Jacket
    Stoic Full-Zip Fleece Jacket
    Need a new go-to fleece for the cooler months? Look no further than the Stoic Men's Full-Zip Fleece Jacket for lightweight warmth and versatility. It's built with a stretchy fleece for mobility on the trail, and a grid fleece backing holds in more heat without adding weight or bulk. Elastic-bound cuffs and hem seal out cold air and won't inhibit movement.
  • Stoic Forrest Flannel Shirt
    Stoic Forrest Flannel Shirt
    Walks through the woods are always better with the cozy comfort of the Stoic Men's Forrest Flannel Shirt on your back.
  • Stoic The Territory Flannel Shirt
    Stoic The Territory Flannel Shirt
    When you're a ski bum, wearing plaid just kinda comes with the territory, so make sure you have the proper attire with the Stoic Men's The Territory Flannel Shirt.
  • Stoic Radical Flannel Shirt
    Stoic Radical Flannel Shirt
    Whether you're mountain biking gnarly downhill trails or seeing how many extra-hot wings you can eat, you're always pushing yourself to the extreme. Go with the Stoic Men's Radical Flannel Shirt for a classic look that suits your lifestyle.
  • Stoic Beaver Solid Flannel Shirt
    Stoic Beaver Solid Flannel Shirt
    By mountain town standards, the Stoic Men's Beaver Solid Flannel Shirt is practically on par with a tuxedo, so wear it the next time you have a hot date at the main lodge bar.
  • Stoic Iceland Qulited Button Down Shirt
    Stoic Iceland Qulited Button Down Shirt
    From post bike ride burritos in Breckendridge to apres-ski shots in Squaw, the Stoic Men's Iceland Quilted Button Down Shirt gives you the look and comfort you need after another solid day on the mountain. Its quilted construction gives its tried-and-true cotton, polyester material an extra dose of comfort for those cool fall days and chilly winter evenings, while the shirt's classic button-down design allows it to be worn over a favorite tee as a light jacket or on its own when the temperatures are up.
  • Stoic Solid Herringbone Flannel Shirt
    Stoic Solid Herringbone Flannel Shirt
    Folks have come to expect the regular red-and-black flannel from you; but if you're being completely honest, it gets a little tiring trying to explain to people that you're less of a lumberjack and more of a desk jockey. So to avoid any confusion among local patrons when you swing into Revelstoke for a post-ski pint, you might want to consider wearing the Stoic Men's Solid Herringbone Flannel Shirt instead of your go-to flannel. Its solid coloring works well in any establishment, and its substantial cotton, polyester construction allows it to be worn either on its own or layered under a puffy. Throw your stuffed-full wallet in one of the buttoned chest pockets to level your cheeks when you're posted up at the bar and roll the sleeves up or down thanks to the buttoned cuffs.
  • Stoic Boxer Briefs - 2-Pack
    Stoic Boxer Briefs - 2-Pack
    Take preventative measures against incessant chafing and intolerable zipper rub with the Stoic Men's Boxer Briefs 2-Pack. Made with a stretchy cotton blend, these boxer briefs are your front-line defense against abrasive jeans and itchy khakis thanks to their soft and breathable fabric.
  • Stoic Merino Boxer Brief
    Stoic Merino Boxer Brief
    It's here guys, a boxer brief designed for the active lifestyle--the Stoic Men's Merino Boxer Brief. Made primarily of merino wool, this natural fiber delivers moisture and odor-management and is exceptionally soft against the skin. Stoic's Y-elastic stitch technique makes a smooth, extremely comfortable seam at the waist and flat-stitch seams reduce rubbing. The addition of spandex adds the stretch you need to be comfortable whether you're on a skin track or bombing singletrack.
  • Stoic Flat Front Washed Twill Short
    Stoic Flat Front Washed Twill Short
    After exploring sea caves and coral reefs off the coast of Caye Caulker, slip into the Stoic Men's Flat Front Washed Twill Shorts when you venture out to explore the Oceanside restaurants and beach-side bars that wrap around the island. These shorts' casual coastal style, soft cotton fabric, and easy-wearing fit make them perfect for beach vacations and island visits.
  • Stoic Four Corners Chambray Shirt - Short-Sleeve
    Stoic Four Corners Chambray Shirt - Short-Sleeve
    When you've travelled around the four corners of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona in less than a week's time, coming home to your own bathroom, a fridge stocked full of frosty beverages, clean pants, and the Stoic Men's Four Corners Chambray Shirt is a breath of fresh air. Fashioned with a traditional button-down design, this versatile chambray short-sleeve shirt offers cottony comfort and a laid-back style that's built for barbecues, work parties, or the apres-mountain biking porch beer.
  • Stoic 5 Pocket Denim Pant
    Stoic 5 Pocket Denim Pant
    This week on "You're Too Old For This BS" with Your Mother: Ma's been having a Grade A heart attack over the state of your denim collection--or lack thereof as she's noted; so give yourself and your Ma the gift of caring (just a little bit) with the Stoic Men's 5 Pocket Denim Pants. Designed with your favorite 5 pocket design, these jeans feature a sturdy cotton construction and versatile wash that's bound to get your mother off your case and maybe even a handful of dates.
  • Stoic Breathe 90 T-Shirt
    Stoic Breathe 90 T-Shirt
    Whether you're slogging up a skin track or hauling a heavy pack beneath an autumn canopy, the long-sleeve Stoic Breathe 90 T-Shirt wicks away moisture and dries quickly to ensure you stay comfortable as you move. It resists odor, too, so the squirrels don't have to cover their noses when they sniff you coming up the trail.
  • Stoic Deep Woods Flannel Shirt - Long-Sleeve
    Stoic Deep Woods Flannel Shirt - Long-Sleeve
    Whether you're wandering in the forest or grabbing a bite in town, sport a classic look with the Stoic Men's Deep Woods Long-Sleeve Flannel Shirt.
  • Stoic Quick Dry 1/4-Zip Shirt - Long-Sleeve
    Stoic Quick Dry 1/4-Zip Shirt - Long-Sleeve
    The Stoic Men's Quick Dry 1/4-Zip Shirt has your back even if you work up a sweat just looking at your running shoes. Its superlight fabric pulls moisture from your skin and disperses it quickly. This long-sleeve is a versatile choice as a baselayer for skiing, or a standalone for shoulder season workouts; basically anywhere that includes a heap load of sweat.
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