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Random title. Equally random set. I'm experimenting with new layout styles and I like this one. :)

Aarghhhh. I had this whole thing typed up, saved, and ready to go and Firefox froze on me. *throws computer out window* So I had to re-make the set. I think it turned out better though.

As if I wasn't mad enough already. The big Telluride music festival is this weekend out in Colorado. John Cowan and Sam Bush and Bela Fleck are all out there... and they played together during John's set today. They were webcasting the thing on a radio station... and I had no clue. I was at the barn. I missed the whole thing! We're talking about 3/4 of the New Grass Revival on the same stage, and I freakin' missed the whole thing. *dies* I should've googled to see if anyone was webcasting Telluride. But I didn't even think about it. Gahhhh, I'm so mad at myself. I've been waiting for the last... two and a half years? to hear John and Sam play together. That's why I'm determined to go to Merlefest next year. And I could've heard them today but I missed it. Aaahhhh.

But all hope is not lost... Sam's set is tomorrow night from 8 till 10 [ama, lemme know if you want the link so you can listen] and you can bet I won't be missing it. Maybe John and Bela will play with him again. *crosses fingers and hopes/prays*

Anyone wanna cheer me up? =P I do feel a little better now though. I should make sets to vent my emotions more often. But ya'll don't care about my random music ramblings... right?

Oh yeah... on the bright side. One of my mom's friends got the audio from the Sam Bush show I was at last week. He's going to mail it to me. Wooo.

If you read all this type 'BB loves NGR too much.' [:
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