I don't care how you put it "Stop the Hate" "Stop the h8" whatever!! People these days are getting WAY too cruel. I mean seriously guys!! There is absolutely NO reason to be like this! You shouldn't treat people this way if you don't have to! I know sometimes you just can't help but not like someone, but you DO NOT have to hurt them! Just ignore them! I get stress ALL the time and "If stress burned calories, I'd probably be a super model" I mean we all have stress you know, but please don't interrupt other people's life just to relieve your stress. Please! It's unnecessary! You know what about 79.6% of bullies don't know they are actually bullying. Just giving someone an insult is considered bullying. And people let it happen all the time! Why do you think Amanda Todd committed suicide?? Please just stop... Leave a comment saying how you have been bullied and how you felt about it. :) Stop the Hate!
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