Stop It

The Frights- Hard ticket

theres this beautiful man and he showed me the frights JKHDKSJFHSALHFSKDHF hes so geourgeous
When you walk without ease
On these streets where you were raised
I had a really bad dream
It lasted 20 years, 7 months, and 27 days
And I know that, I know that
I never had no one ever
Now I'm outside your house
I'm alone
And I'm outside your house
I hate to intrude
I know I'm alone
I'm alone, I'm alone, I'm alone
And I never, never had no one ever
I never had no one ever

two comments

Wrote one year ago

Ya never had no one ever
It's the song of my life haha

Wrote one year ago
Is t that the smiths?


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