So I got a haircut yesterday and when I get haircuts I pull a Yoona. What is a pulling a Yoona you ask? She goes drastic. She cuts off her long hair to her shoulders and etc. Yeah, I pull Yoonas with my hair. It was from a little farther than my chest (you know the female area) and I cut it to my shoulders. 

And now my hair looks like Tiffany's in the early days. LOLOLOL. I showed my friend from a different city the haircut and he was like, I love it! And then my other friend who I was webcamming with (also a guy), gave me a thumbs up. I wonder what other people will think about it. 

Ting will probably call me out and say something mean, but that's Ting for you. We're really mean verbally to each other. But we love each other. LOL. :) Should I show Polyvore my haircut? Hmmm. What do you think?
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