Asian Monthly Challenge:

★February Challenge: 
10. Zinger (Secret)

Zinger why are you so pretty?! 
I'm so glad she is doing better ^_^ I hope she had enough rest. 


I'm in full panic mode right now.

I mean it's my fault since I spent the whole weekend /just/ watching Korean dramas. But now I'm so screwed for tomorrow :/ 

I was thinking I'd do all the homework today, but I totally forgot about the tests I have tomorrow! Yes tests as in plural...more than one! 

*runs around like a chicken who head got cut off*

I think after today I'd have learned my MULTIPLE drama marathons over the weekend. 

I was making this set while I ate my breakfast...yeah, to top it off I woke up at 1 in the afternoon because I was up late trying to get my drama review published but it wouldn't pay attention to me >.<

And now I /think/ it's published...but I don't know where it is 0.o 

Aish *rubs temples* stress....

Where is my Sungminie with my massage?!
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