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1. song I picked: Asaf Avidan & The Mojos - The Reckoning Song
2. item I used: the feather-pencil
3. questions I answered:

•Would you rather dye your hair pink or eat raw hamburger meat? Of what amount of meat are talking about? Because pink hair.. ugh!?
•Would you rather skip Christmas for a year, or skip your birthday for a year? Christmas.
•Would you rather kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab? Kiss a jellyfish, of course.
•Would you rather live in mansion or own a luxury yacht? Live in a mansion.
•Would you rather be invisible or be able to read minds? Um, tough one. Probably be invisible, because if I can't control the thoughts I can here, they will probably drive me mad.
•Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars? Well, what if money is my true love! No, but seriously, I think I'd choose true love.
•Would you rather be a singer or a model? A singer.
•Would you rather be famous or rich? Rich, definitely.

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• Find a model who has your hair style, and hair type: Well, more or less. 
• Find pictures of your favorite animals: I don't have a favourite animal, but wolves are cool and I didn't have lots of black white pictures with animals.
• Favorite Activities: Readingggg. Of course not my only one, but the only one with a good picture.
 • Something that is you: The text pretty much sums up one part of my life right now.
• Optional: Personality type, favorite books, favorite color, favorite thing, etc: The dress-cardigan combo is very likely to be found on me. :D

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1. Are you a morning grouch?: A little.
2. Which film makes you happy? The Proposal.
3. Which film makes you cry? Becomming Jane.
4. When was the last time you roared with laughter? Umm.. when I was with friends, probably. 
5. What was your worst hairstyle? Bangs, nearly covering my eyes.
6. A trait you got from your mother? Umm.. 
7. A trait you got from your father? Yeah.. idk.
8. Next to which celebrity would you like to sit during a long-distance flight? Ed Sheeran.
9. Where would you like to emigrate? Oh, I like it here, but If I had to.. mh, GB!
10. Sweating or freezing? Freezing.
11. You get the chance to take a glimpse of the future. Do you dare to look at it? I think so. But only a tiny one. ;D
12. How would you have named yourself? Manfred.
13. Do you think one can learn from mistakes one made? Yes.
14. Is your favourite piece of clothing the most expensive one you've got? Nope.
15. Utopia or realism? Both define my life.
16. What would you consider worse: being blind or being deaf? I really don't wanna think about that.
17. How many people you know from kindergarden are you still friends with? I only know one girl, but I wouldn't call it being friends.
18. Historical drama or science fiction? Rather historical drama.
19. Europe or America? Europe.
20. Poetry or prose? Depends.
21. Do you wish you were born in another time? Sometimes, yes.
22. If yes, which time? Like.. 18th century, maybe.
23. Is it fun to sometimes observe others? Yeah.
24. Why? Hiding in bushes is fun.
25. What do you think of this survey? Had better ones, had worse. :D

aaaaand tagged by @petit-lapin and I had to use items I daily use concerning make-up and beauty stuff. I don't eally use a lot: Very important is mascara. Then conceealer, sometimes powder. And I'm labello-addicted, sometimes I add a little red lipstick. Oh, an dove go fresh deo is one of my faves, smells so good (favourite perfume atm is Made for Women by Bruno Banani!)
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