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  • Darko Lace Dress
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    100% hand crochet cotton beach mini dress. The Darko Lace dress is constructed using enlarged crochet stitches developed from a vintage sample found in a vintage fair in L.A and features intricate web like crochet developed through stitch and scale manipulation in house. Our model Kajsa is 5’9” and wears a US size 4. To view our style recommendations and to shop the LookBook, click here 100% Cotton
  • elizabeth gilles
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    "Ghost of freeah Teconalli" — @gabygeorge
  • Glee, Modern Family stars lead TV faces on the SAG red carpet
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    "Sylvianna Noienne" — @gabygeorge
    Glee, Modern Family stars lead TV faces on the SAG red carpet in this HitFix gallery.
  • Pinterest / Resultados de pesquisa para alex pettyfer
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    "Ian Noienne nee flint" — @gabygeorge
  • Robert Downey Jr.
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    "Democratic King Trite, Peria's brother" — @gabygeorge
    Robert Downey Jr.
  • Gina Torres
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    "Charrandy Hoxyn" — @gabygeorge
    Picture: Gina Torres. Pic is #3 in a photo gallery for Gina Torres featuring 7 Gina Torres pictures.
  • Claire Danes Pictures: Up Close and Personal
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    "La'quarro Vraine" — @gabygeorge
  • Photos of Michael Shanks
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    "Suvituan Mylon Vraine, Charrandy's brother" — @gabygeorge
  • Redheads Christina Hendricks
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    "Peria rivertrite" — @gabygeorge
    Christina Hendricks
  • FuckYeah Sean Bean
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    "Jym Rivertrite nee Noienne" — @gabygeorge
    All Sean Bean all the time.
  • visage
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    "young elvryn river trite" — @gabygeorge
  • What is your NATURAL EYE COLOR?
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    "Teshannohnon Teconalli nee Toos" — @gabygeorge
    Most Common Eye Colors Brown The eye color that can be described as the most common amongst human beings is brown, with the exception of countries around the Baltic Sea. It is the result of the presence of large amounts of melanin (eumelanin) within the iris stroma. People who have very dark brown irises might give the appearance of having black eyes. Hazel Another common eye color is hazel. Hazel eyes are the result of a combination of a Rayleigh scattering and a modest amount of melanin in the front border layer of the iris. Hazel eye color has also been defined as the medium-color between light brown and dark green. Hazel is common amongst people in America and Europe, while rare in African, Middle Eastern and Asian people. Gray Gray eye color is considered to be a darker shade of blue (like blue-green). This eye color is related to low melanin in the iris and is related to scant pigmentation throughout the body (like pale skin, light hair, etc). Gray eyes have been found to reveal small amounts of yellow and brown color in the iris. European people, belonging to countries like Russia, Finland and the Baltic States, often have gray eyes, while those in Southeast Asia rarely have this eye color. Gray eyes might seem to change between the shades of blue, green and gray, mainly because of the lighting changes. Blue Blue eyes are quite common amongst people, especially those born in Germany, Netherlands, Iceland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Estonia. The reason behind this eye color is low amounts of melanin within the iris stroma. In Central Asia and Middle East, blue eyes are pretty rare. Since the production of melanin generally increases during the first few years of life, the blue eyes of some babies might darken as they get older. Rarest Eye Colors Amber Amber eyes can be defined as the ones having a strong yellowish/golden and russet/coppery tint. The reason behind amber eyes is the deposition of ‘lipochrome’, the yellow pigment, in the iris. It is a very rare eye color and also known as ‘wolf eyes’, since amber eye color is very common in wolves. Green Green eye color is amongst the rarest eye color, with only 1-2% of the world's population born with green eyes. The reason for green eye color is the production of moderate amounts of melanin. People born in Northern Europe and Nordic countries (like Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, and Netherlands) usually have green eyes. Violet Violet eyes are mainly seen in albinos. In effect, the eyes of some albinos appear to be violet because of the mixing of red and blue reflections. Violet eyes are either a form of blue eyes or a mutation. Red Red is probably the rarest eye color amongst the human population of the world. It is mainly seen in case of albinos and is the result of either large quantities of the ‘normally scarce’ red areas in the eyes or a small leakage of blood into the iris. Black Black is amongst the rarest eye colors in the world. Most of the people who appear to have black eyes have, infact, extremely dark brown eyes that seem to be black.
  • drew_roy-falling_skies-2.jpg (500×534)
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    "Ashent teconalli" — @gabygeorge
  • Colin Donnell pleads his case for ‘Team Tommy’ on ‘Arrow’ (VIDEO)
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    "Adult Ashent teconalli" — @gabygeorge
    Though so much of the draw of Arrow may be the Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) push-pull relationship, it wouldn’t be an intriguin
  • Episode 2 Of ‘Dragon Age Redemption’ Starring Felicia Day (VIDEO)
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    "Adult elvryn" — @gabygeorge
    Here’s an exciting new episode from Bioware’s web-series, ‘Dragon Age: Redemption.’  I’m impressed with the story, and the  production quality for such a small scale series.  What are your thoughts? -David Griffin (Follow @griffinde on Twitter) -Synopsis: Dragon Age: Redemption is a six-part web series set in the world of the EA/Bioware RPG Dragon Age. The series tells the story ...
  • Olivia Wilde fotka
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    "Ryah Tenioh" — @gabygeorge
  • Jeremy Irons
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    "Zastirair Tenioh" — @gabygeorge
  • Fair skin
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    "the apple picker" — @gabygeorge
    #redhead #red hair #fair skin #beauty #beautiful #hot #girl #woman #pretty #sexy

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