The story behind the set

Read the story behind the sets - I will add more old ones when I have time
  • I'm just a dreamer - I dream my life away. Oh yeah.
    "Illustrations are so amazing, it's somehow frustrating that I didn't make this as a templ. I guess some people would have like it to fill it with their own ideas...." — @mrsochrasy
  • Home is where your heart is
    "First I had the pictures of the model, then I thought about her job and how busy it is and maybe she asks herself sometimes: Where is home?" I like also the colour combi" — @mrsochrasy
  • Is this the end of lonely nights?
    "You should listen to the songs in this set, they are amazing! This is my first set with a cut-of-article in a triangle shape. After that I had the idea to use them as mountains" — @mrsochrasy
  • I was crying when I met you
    "1. Maybe the most beautiful set I've ever done and will do!!! I love it, I really love it. I was in such a bad mood that I wanted to cry the whole time like in the song by Aerosmith" — @mrsochrasy
  • Maybe, your'e gonna be the one that saves me
    "2. It consists every article I want to have. It combines music and words and it's like a story. For me it's a set with hope. Wonderwall is one of the best songs of the world" — @mrsochrasy
  • It was a date and nothing but a date
    "3. I love this set because the cardigan is so great. I want to have it. And I want to be the girl in the set." — @mrsochrasy
  • The moment I looked outside and it was fall
    "4. It really took me long to make this :D It's done with a lot of love for details :D" — @mrsochrasy
  • How can you say your life is empty
    "5. This set is also one of my favourites because I love the ombre dip die style of the top and the model, too. Everything is so sweet but serious. It is inspired by the O.C." — @mrsochrasy
  • Purple Pingu
    "6. I'm addicted to the kid show "Pingu". And guess what: My boyfriend had the idea to put the pingu behind the denim blouse. :D" — @mrsochrasy
  • You And Me
    "7. It's old but it's so unique. The whole set is a story. The girl on the left is in love with the right boy. They met in Paris. The boy looks like the singer of Kings of Leon :D" — @mrsochrasy
  • I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks
    "8. First I wanted to have only black and white pics, but I like the contrast to the red pics. I also love the bands on it and the song quotes :)" — @mrsochrasy
  • I wish I would be a skater girl
    "9. My boyfriend is a skater so I wish I could skate like him to impress him :D I wish I would be so skinny to wear this :D" — @mrsochrasy
  • Shorts are comfortable
    "10. It's sth really different. The words are spoken by a man, who can't believe that the woman is ready to leave him. Take a look in her bag ;) (it's fictional :D!!!)" — @mrsochrasy
  • If this is a rom-com, kill the director!
    "11. I never used colour blocks a lot. Till this set. I love the concept in it. I love peach colours. I would wear that." — @mrsochrasy
  • S-s-s-summertime Sadness
    "12. This is somehow magical and dreamy. It's soft but so dark. It's romantic but it shows pain." — @mrsochrasy
  • Do you want to go to the seaside?
    "13. First I had the idea with the colour blocks, then I wanted to capture it with more pics, related to water, in the end, the mood of it is so...sensual...and lonely." — @mrsochrasy
  • Surprise, surprise
    "14. I love this set because of its individual style. I never did sth. like that. It's so futurstic and somehow retro. I can't describe it. I love neon." — @mrsochrasy
    "15. This are some of the female muscians I hear a lot. They really are so great! They are an inspiration for me and my music work :)" — @mrsochrasy
  • Charming Avantgarde
    "16. This was really hard to do. I had the pic with the woman but I didn't know what to do with it. In the end it came up as a futuristic magical set." — @mrsochrasy

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Wrote two years ago
@sooni thank you so much <3 <3 <3

Wrote two years ago
lovely sets


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