battle of the cities round three - let's go to the movies.
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challenge - make a set based off a movie either filmed in or set in Barcelona
movie: perfume - the story of a murderer 
explained: so I’ve never seen this movie but I googled, and thought a lot about all the photos in my set and how they relate to the movie. If you’ve seen the movie can you tell me what you think?

@katieisprettyinpink – when I picked this movie I didn’t realise it was a thriller lol. But it actually sounds kind of cool, in a totally creepy “I’m going to murder you and steal your scent” kind of way. But I love how my set turned out, I think it actually represents the movie. I coud fully explain how all the photos relate if I really had too. :)

Extra credit:
- something that relates to the movie but not a picture from the movie - 5 pts. perfume bottles
- keeping your set one specific color - 3 pts. red
- tagging your team - 2 pts. see below
total extra credit: 10 pts

The Barcelona Babes 
- Lilly @lillyisabanana 
- Nicci @nicciclark-suupernerd 
- Chaz @jiigglypuff
- Piret @midnight-hurricane
- Nic @thisisme2012 (me)
- Caitlin @caitlinvanderlip 
- Cat @neoncupcakexoxo 
- Maddy @nevertoldalie
- Bailey @baidizzle-is-mad-as-a-hatter 
- Marta @itneverends96
- Jackie @wonderland825
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