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♔Saturday, February 4, 2012
Kristina and Ava are throwing a little get together, just a little cocktail party at Butter. It's a night filled with loud music and lots of socializing, and not to forget, boys, so make sure to put on your prettiest cocktail dresses, and your best boy toy on your arm, oh and don't forget those smiles on your face… although nobody knows if they'll make it through the night ;)
"Oh, look at this," I say, as I snap out the People magazine I have in my hands, the cover headline about some celebrity's recent divorce. 

"What is it, honey?" My mother asks, looking up from her iPad, where she's working on something. 

My dad, too, looks up. It's a habit of his by now, whenever I say something, now he surely pays attention. 

"It says right here that one in every three marriages end in divorce," I say slowly, drawing my black manicured finger under the sentence. "Due to the husband cheating," I say loudly, and slowly, then looking up to my dad and then smiling back at my mom. 

"Oh, well that's true dear, but what does that have to do with anything?" My mother asks this, staring at me blankly.

"Shouldn't you be getting to Ava's? Aren't you getting ready together?" My dad asks, ignoring her question as I stand up, nodding. 

"Yeah," I say, "I do," I grab my bag off the couch, carrying the dress bag I also have in my arms, "Ta ta!" I say, waving good bye as I exit my penthouse. 
I twirl around in my dress, smiling at myself in the full length mirror, "Relax, K," Ava says, coming out of the bathroom. "You know you look hot." She smiles at me as she sits on her bed, slipping on a gorgeous pair of pumps. 

I shrug, "I know," I say, as I look at myself in the mirror. I grab my bright pink Louboutins off the bed, slipping them on my feet and standing tall, admiring myself in the mirror. Better. Way better. This dress isn't really me, the colour, the full skirt, but the about of skin it shows is perfect. If I had choice, I'd wear one of my countless Herve Legers, but unfortunately, we've rented out Butter, and Herves are more for clubs and other occasions. And besides, the only attention from a guy I want is Josh's. 

I slip my iPhone into my Chanel clutch, which matches the dress, but is perfect. It's a vintage one, from my mother, and it's all beat up and worn out, the satin stretching and pulling, a few pearls fallen off, but it gives it that touch, that amount of edginess I need. 

"You look great," I beam a smile at Ava, as I look at her. She looks so put together, like a brunette, little Barbie. Not a hair out of place on her perfectly groomed locks. 

"Thanks," She says, as she walks over to her vanity. She pulls out her makeup, and begins to apply it, some Nars blush on her cheeks, some Lancome mascara on her already spiky and full eyelashes. 

I look at myself in the mirror, running a hand through my perfectly straightened locks. My eye makeup is smoky and grey, going against the innocent, yet devious looking dress, yet complimenting my glowing blue eyes perfectly. 

"We are going to rock this party," I say, continuing to look in the mirror before sitting down on her bed and pulling out my Chanel powder, dusting it over my face, then grabbing my favourite Dior lip gloss and coating my plump lips with it, pouting while doing so. "How do you think the newbies are going to be?" I ask her as I stick the wand back in the tube, settling it into my clutch.

Ava shrugs, rolling her eyes, "Obviously they're not going to be as fabulous as us," She says, puckering her lips and then settling her makeup down and pushing it back into the drawer. "They'll be a work in progress," She says, turning around and facing me. 

"Well, as long as they don't cross you," I chuckle slightly, standing up and leaning against her dresser. 

"You've got that right," She echoes. "Cross either one of us, they'll be dead," She smirks at me. "Ready to go?" She asks me, standing up and smoothing her dress. 

I nod, looking in the mirror and then smiling, "Born ready," I say as I link arms with her and we continue out of her apartment, down to the lobby and out to the cold air. 
 "What if someone sees us?" I ask as Josh showers my neck in kisses, his lips attaching onto my skin and making me beg for me. Just the feeling of his lips on me, it's enough to simply make me melt. 

"Nobody'll see us," He reassures me and I smile. "The only other person here is Ava, anyways,"
I'd told Josh to arrive early, before anyone else does, just so I could see him. Ava was busy running around, bossing the people around and correcting their oh-so obvious mistakes. Josh and I had snuck out to the private little deck, where we now were, standing, hands wrapped around each other, and kissing. 

I shrug, letting him kiss me, then pulling away and bringing him in for a kiss on the lips. His lips were soft and sweet, always tasting minty and enjoyable. It was always especially enjoyable to me, considering I'd kissed just about every guy in the school, and by far, Josh's lips tasted the best. 

I pull out, looking into Josh's eyes and feeling my heart thud against my chest. "You look amazing tonight," I say, looking him up and down, his dark wash, designer brand jeans clinging to him in a not-too loose, not-too tight look. His white button down is perfect, partially unbuttoned, and his cute black, satiny blazer makes his buff chest stand out.

"Me? Amazing?" He lets out this cute, snort-like noise and I giggle, "Look at yourself!" He says, eyeing the length of my body. Josh ended up loving the dress, and he thought that the bright pink pumps made me stand out, and my legs look even longer. 

"You're adorable, you know that?" I ask him as I feel his hand on the small of my back. 

"How can I forget when you keep reminding me?" He says, leaning in for as kiss as I lean in too, but-

"Kristina?! Can you come here for a second! I need your help!" 
Ava's voice echoes out to the balcony, and I sigh, unentangling myself from Josh's grasp, "I'll be right back, okay?" I say to him and he nods, watching me as I go.

I walk back into Butter, where Ava is yelling at one of the employees. I sigh in my mind, God bless the poor staff here, but Ava is very precise, but she is right when she says the people that work here are idiots. 

"Yeah, Ava?" I ask her, and she looks to me, smiling, "Will you be a dear and go wait out by the entrance to greet the people?" She says, then turning back to the waitress, I suppose. "While I deal with these morons," She rolls her eyes. 

I nod, "Good look," I whisper to her as I pass by, heading towards the entrance of Butter, the main lobby. I tap my heel on the marble floor, waiting for the people. We'd invited everyone, well, everyone who was anyone. And of course, the newbies and whatever guys we wanted.

I roll my eyes, the cars on the street passing by more and more, before a cab comes to a halt and a gorgeous girl steps out. Her Asian eyes and sharp bone structure stand out to me immediately, and I know this girl. Her name is Nina. I've seen her around on the Upper East Side, a few times at Brearley, but I definitely know I do not like this girl. At all. 

Sure, she may be gorgeous, but if she thinks she can really lead Brearley as well as Ava and I do, she's out of her mind because frankly, she's just not queen bee material, and Ava and I have made that very clear to her. But this girl just doesn't give up, now does she?

I fake a smile at her immediately, it spreading across my lips easily. I'm so used to this, the fake smiles, I mean. Growing up in my family, I was practically raised for this. "Hello," She says cooly, looking me up and down. 

I strike a bit of a pose, standing confidently and tall and not even daring to eye her back. Instead I stare straight in her eyes, keeping my gaze focused there. "Hello there," I say, "You can go ahead on in, nobody's really arrived, but, Ava's up there if you'd like to greet her," I say to her, calmly. 

She nods at me, "Sure," She says, walking past me and bumping my shoulder on the way. It takes me everything I have not to turn back and start pulling hair out of the b*tch's head. 

I take in a deep breathe, reaching into my clutch and pulling out my packet of cigarettes. I slip one in between my fingers lighting it with my lighter and watching the smoke rise. I take in a deep breath, inhaling as I stick it in my mouth before letting out a puff of smoke. 

I could feel my iPhone buzz and I look at the text 'You can come back up, screw greeting people, :)' from Kristina of course. I settle the phone back in it's position and turn away from the entrance, heading back towards the main setting of Butter. 

It's gorgeous in here, and with Ava's decorations and very little help from the staff, it looks even more amazing. The candle light on the very long table flickers, brightening up the entire room and making it smell like vanilla and jasmine. The curtains are dark, and the New York City skyline is vibrant, the city that never sleeps is surely awake at this hour. The next room over has been cleared of tables, and instead the marble floor has been polished and glossed, set up as a mini dance floor. The bar has been stocked to the top, the fake IDs slipped, so there's an endless flow of alcohol for all of us. 
It's nothing less than perfection, of course, I mean, a Kristina and Ava party is always amazing. 

I look around, then seeing Ava, martini glass in hand as she smiles (fake) at Nina, chatting her up.

I turn away from them, towards the bar, "Can I have a glass of champagne?" I ask kindly, the bartender looking at me and I smile, batting my eyelashes. He nods, popping open the golden, bubbly liquor and pouring it into a fine, glass flute. He hands me it and I take it by the stem, sipping it slowly, and enjoying the feeling of the alcohol going down my throat. 

I go over to the deck, the balcony illuminating with some strung lights, looking gorgeous and matching the city lights that were visibly all around us. I see Josh, leaning over the railing and I smile, taking my place next to him, the somewhat chilly air hitting me. 

"Sorry about that," I say, sipping the champagne and looking at him. "Ava wanted me to greet people," I explain. 

He nods, throwing an arm around me, "Anyone good show up?" He asks me. 

I shake my head, scoffing, "Ugh, just that b*tch, Nina," I roll my eyes, taking in some more champagne. 

He chuckles, "Are you that threatened by her?" He asks me, gently stroking my silky hair that falls down my back. 

I shake my head, "Please," I roll my eyes at him, smiling, "I'm not threatened," I say simply. "I'm hotter, I'm more popular, and I rule Brearley," I say. "I just hate the fact that she thinks she is actually going to run Brearley and take our spots." 

"She's sadly mistaken," He says with a light laugh as he looks at me. "Where were we before?" He asks me, tilting his head slightly and moving closer to me. 

"I think I remember," I say, as I lean in also, pressing my lips to his softly. 

He kisses me back without hesitation, his lips connecting to mine easily. 

Finally, I hear some chatter from the next room, some music playing gently, and I figure the party's getting started. I pull out from the kiss, then I finish off the rest of my champagne. I look at Josh, "I should get in there," I say. 

He nods, "Go, have fun," He gives me a last second kiss, and I smile at him as I walk back into the main room. My seat is still empty, reserved specifically for me. It's right next to Ava's at the head of the table of course. 

I take my seat, smoothing the skirt of my dress and crossing my legs. "Where were you?" Ava asks me quietly and I shrug, "Admiring the view of the city and polishing off some champagne," I shrug as the waiter comes by, refilling my glass. 

"Hm," She giggles," Why do I somehow feel that in your language, that translates to 'I was with some boy'?" She asks me jokingly. 

I laugh, "Haha, nah," I say to her, grabbing my champagne flute and taking another sip. 

"Kristina, I absolutely love your dress," Nina says to me and I notice that she's sitting right next to me. Ugh, just great. Who the f*ck arranged this seating arrangement? 
"But are you aware that those pink shoes just don't match with that?" She asks me, sipping her martini. 

For a second, I'm ready to throw my drink in her face, but I do admire her wit. And it's kinda cute how she actually thinks I'm going to give a sh*t on her opinion.

"Why thank you Nina, but aren't you aware I don't give a f*ck about what you think?" I raise an eyebrow, looking right at her. She doesn't say anything, clearly this has shut her up. Good. How dare she actually try to make a mockery of me and my fashion sense- which is phenomenal by the way. 

I go over to the bar, "Can I have a gin and tonic?" I ask and he goes to making it. 

"You look so gorgeous," I look to see that Mischa is talking to me. She seems sweet, I think to myself. 

I smile slightly, the bartender slides the glass to me and I cup my hands around it, "Thanks," I say to her. "You too," I say as I look her up and down. 

"Welcome," She says to me, as I head back to the table, sitting down.

I see Josh emerge from the balcony, and I smile, perfect timing, Josh, I think to myself. I look at Ava, who's' looking at me, "Good job," She mouthes to me and I wink, "Thanks," I mouth back.

I look at Ava, "Now?" I ask her. 

She nods, "Now," She says back. 

We both grab our champagne flutes, clinking them with our silver little spoons. 
The eyes turn to us and I smile, loving the immediate attention, how everyone completely stops and stares as we stand and make our announcement. 

"Thank you all for being here tonight," Ava begins. 

We've rehearsed this over and over, we have this down to a t, we have this in the bag. 

"Ava and I look forward to meeting and getting to know every single on of you," I say. 

Josh flashes me a smile as Ava says her next line, "You all seem absolutely lovely, and this school year will truly be the best one yet," 

"So," I say, raising my glass, watching as they copy my motion. "Here's to you, here's to an amazing school year!" I say. 

"Cheers!" Ava and I say in unison, while the girls and boys echo it, clinking their glasses together as I clink mine with Ava's. 

I smile at her, as she look as me, and I look back at her, a smirk on my lips and a gleam in my eye. 
Truly, this will be the best school year ever. As long as I have anything to do with it anyways.
Please comment! OH! And the girls /can/ know about Josh, but they just don't know that they're in a relationship! Kristina is going to announce is verry soon :) So don't mention it!
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