the story of us.

an attempt to sort out my thoughts.
Ignore this, or don't. It really makes no difference to me, haha. I just need to clear my head.
**lol I named this before I even knew there was a song by taylor swift called this ..
May 1 , 2O11
May 12 , 2O11
June 2 , 2O11
June 13 , 2O11
Sept. 5 , 2O11
Nov. 19, 2O11
Feb. 11, 2012
Apr. 3, 2012
May 31, 2012
May 25, 2013
October 2013
December 20, 2013
  • quote
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    "i met you at acting camp last summer . summer '1O . it was a monday ." — @xoxotorii
  • Prince Charming!
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    "you were playing prince charming , which i still find ironic . it suited you so well ." — @xoxotorii
  • Welcome to Fairy Godmother Coaching
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    "i was the fairy godmother . i wore a lavender evening gown , and i loved it . during costume fittings , i heard you & kyle , and i saw you staring . it made me feel special ." — @xoxotorii
  • it tastes like death, but it looks like fun
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    "and then i knew i liked you . a lot . & we hadn't talked yet . just little smiles & sideways glances . it was a tuesday ." — @xoxotorii
  • Icon by Erin.
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    "i talked to you , finally . but by accident . i asked if our director said we could leave . i was shocked when i realized i asked YOU . you smiled , and said yes . i was stunned by how gorgeous you were up close . so i babbled . stupid , crazy me . i had to go & say i wanted to know because i needed to leave to go to my uncle's funeral . you said you were sorry , & i laughed & said it was fine , still amazed we were talking . you walked me off the stage , down the hall , & to the lobby where my mom was waiting with my change of clothes . i had a dress that i loved . i changed into it , & ran back out to see if i could find you . you didn't notice me . i was devastated . it was a wednesday ." — @xoxotorii
  • PMN Caecilia™ 45 Light Package -
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    "i couldn't wait to see you again . after three days , i was hooked . & the fairy tale i was acting in did not match my heart . i couldn't stand seeing someone else be your princess , if only for a minute ." — @xoxotorii
  • oscar wilde quote
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    "but then i saw you . and you called out my name . it was the first time . i could have died happy . but that day was the best . i wore my gown again , & felt beautiful . & that gave me confidence to do things i normally wouldn't have , say things i wouldn't have . but i did ." — @xoxotorii
  • cute couples.
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    "i think you felt it too , whatever "it" was . you stole my script , & i chased you around the stage like we were five again . you always held it just out of my reach . your smile kept me from being mad . a few times , you held the script juuust far enough so i had to lean over you , almost on you . so near you , it was strange ." — @xoxotorii
  • xo
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    "the little kids in the play (& some of the older ones , actually) starting singing the song . you know the one i mean . "tori & ______ , sittin' in a tree ! k-i-s-s-i-n-g !" i started to blush , but then i looked at you . you looked embarassed and happy at the same time . and thats when i wished & imagined for the first time , that we were together ." — @xoxotorii
  • Secret Service Typewriter -
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    "then they sang the part about the baby drinking alcohol . you looked at me , winked , & said "would YOU let our baby drink alcohol ? i don't think so !" and so i was happy ." — @xoxotorii
  • Use, Icons by Beckky.
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    "i was wearing my dress still , so i was beautiful , for a while . hey , i was a fairy godmother ! couldn't i at least make my own fairytale come true ? it was a thursday . tomorrow was friday , our play , & our last day together ." — @xoxotorii
  • Red Stage Curtain Photo Background Illustration
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    "the play came & went . you were the perfect prince charming , handsome & funny . you played your guitar , & i was astonished . i did good as well , & you told me so . i glowed ." — @xoxotorii
  • to infinity and beyond ∞
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    "i had told my best friends about you , obviously . so when the came to see my play , maddie , hope , and mckenzie said you were definately one of the hottest guys they'd ever seen . they talked to you , seeing if you were "nice enough" for me . you later said they were very giggly ." — @xoxotorii
  • Number 5
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    "we had spent five days together . two of them we had ignored each other . one , we had talked for five minutes . the last two , we spent every second possible together . now they were over . it was july ." — @xoxotorii
  • do frog princes wear crowns?
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    "that was july . i wanted to see you again , more than anything . & then , one day , i logged on facebook . YOU HAD INVITED ME TO YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY ! i couldn't believe it . i got permission from my mom . i would see you again in less than two weeks ." — @xoxotorii
  • Oh My Melody ♥
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    "mother nature was not on my side . the week of your party , i was miserable . cramps .... ugh . since your party was a SWIMMING party , my mom advised me not to go . i agreed . but i was crushed . i wouldn't see you again ." — @xoxotorii
  • Kate Spade Sentiment
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    "& then i was talking to a mutual friend , a guy who is like my brother . after knowing him for almost ten years , he might as well be . you go to his church . HIS birthday was coming up , & he invited me to a party at his house . then he started naming people who were going to be there . you were one of them . i couldn't believe it ." — @xoxotorii
  • icon by sara.
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    "i wanted to look beautiful . but that was going to be hard , knowing the kind of parties our friend has . they're usually .... active . so i would settle for cute . i wore shorts and borrowed an adorable shirt from my best friend ." — @xoxotorii
  • Wishes with a side of ignorance.
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    "we got to the party , & i got to the door . i walked inside , gave our friend a hug , & saw you . you . looked . hot . your blue/purple shirt had changed the color of your eyes , and your white hoodie brought out your tan . i was speechless . then you smiled , and everything at camp came rushing back ." — @xoxotorii
  • bonesnap
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    "we were kinda awkward around each other . & then , we weren't . it was amazing ." — @xoxotorii
  • Caecilia Complete Family Pack -
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    "we played monster tag after that , which was like hide & seek . a bunch of teenagers running around , like crazy . it was great . so we were constantly hiding together . at one point , you became the monster [it] . so i climbed a tree to hide , because you knew all my hiding places ." — @xoxotorii
  • Lost Lovers
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    "you came underneath my tree . i guess you had seen me , because you started talking to me . i burst out laughing , & you did too . just then , our friend's mom called us inside for hot dogs & stuff . but i was stuck . at the top . so you climbed up to guide me down . when i got to the bottom limb , you offered to catch me . but i just jumped ." — @xoxotorii
  • (1) couple | Tumblr
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    "we talked all night . & sat super close . i was the only girl , & the guys watched us , smirking . i was scared they knew . we talked about you playing guitar . you offered to teach me to play . i was so happy ." — @xoxotorii
  • Samsung Solstice | Samsung SGH-a887 - Cell Phones
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    "you stole my phone . i was scared you'd see the messages to Hope about you . so i basically tackled you and got it back . then just as the messages were finishing deleting , you stole it again . but when you gave it back , it was open to a new saved contact . it was you . YOU HAD PUT YOUR NUMBER IN MY PHONE ." — @xoxotorii
  • ℂαιтℓιи&&iρяaч{♥вιєвєя-ϐea∂ℓεs♥}!
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    "& then the night ended . too soon . you almost gave me a hug , but your sister walked in , so you didn't . it was august ." — @xoxotorii
  • Cool Kids Never Die.
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    "month and months passed . i didn't text you . i was scared . really irrationally scared . but i was still scared you would forget . i was in the middle of a play . i heard you were coming to see it . the first three nights of the shows passed . they went amazingly , but you weren't there ." — @xoxotorii
  • please don't make me cry.
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    "closing night . you were there . i could barely concentrate during my solo dance number . after the play , when we all went out to our families in the audience , you were right next to me . you looked happy & surprised . we kinda stared . you cleared your throat , & said you had to go . you started to hug me , but somehow it ends up in an awkward hand-holding thing . i could've died . & then you were gone . i've replayed that moment a lot ." — @xoxotorii
  • braided hair and torn up lies.
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    "& i had looked hideous . i know it was my coustume ... but still . nerd glasses , baseball cap , vest & sweatpants ... i was embarassed that you had seen me like that . but you're an actor like i'm an actress , so you probably understood . it was november ." — @xoxotorii
  • they built it up just to burn it back down.
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    "meanwhile , i was missing you . my friends weeere probably tired of hearing me analyze our brief time together over & over . especially since you don't go to my school . i worried you had found another girl . at the same time , i didn't expect you to like me , or even think about me ." — @xoxotorii
  • Bella Geste Little Classics Oh My
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    "our mutual friend invited me & my mom & my dad to a dinner show at his church . but my dad couldn't go , so mom let my invite a friend . i invited Maddie . & then i realized you'd be there . my heart dropped , and then flew . i couldn't wait now . i raided Maddie's closet , & wore her clothes . i'm not sure why . i had on my favorite necklace . & then we left ." — @xoxotorii
  • Make Friends,
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    "the dinner was amazing . well , the food may not have been , i don't really remember . you were there , & a part of the show . you joked with Maddie & me , about me dumping sweet tea on your head if you had been our waiter . that's why this picture reminds me of it , i guess because of the blonde & the brunette , & the drink ." — @xoxotorii
  • ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing
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    "that describes the night . after the show was over , we kinda stood there . awkwardly . then we talked & laughed , and Maddie smirked and talked to our mutual friend . when we were about to leave , i couldn't find you . so i walked in another room , just in case . & then i heard you ask Maddie where i was , & she said she didn't know . you said "oh , well , i was gonna give her a hug ! tell her bye for me !" and walked away . i ran out as fast as i could , but you were gone . but it was still perfect . it was february ." — @xoxotorii
  • I loved you forever
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    "i still hadn't texted you . ever . so one night Maddie & Hope bullied me into it . you seemed annoyed . it crushed me ." — @xoxotorii
  • yeayhh
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    "our mutual friend invited me to a concert your youth group was going to . he had invited one of my best girl friends too . i was really happy she was going ." — @xoxotorii
  • credit or be flagged♥
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    "summary of the good parts of the night: you came over and sat by me when we were eating . the whole time . you teased me on the bus on the way to the concert . & you came up behind me & scared me , when me & my friend were lost & couldn't find our seats . then you helped us find them ." — @xoxotorii
  • run and tell all of the angels
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    "the concert was amazing , & my friend & i had a pretty rockin' time . we danced and sang our lungs out ." — @xoxotorii
  • FFFFOUND! | HannahConnolly
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    "disaster . i looked up , & you were holding hands with some girl . but you were standing on a seat , & she was on the level above you . i told myself she was helping you up . but who was she ? if it wouldn't have been for my friend , i would have cried right there . but she told me it was okay . and then you left without saying goodbye . it was march ." — @xoxotorii
  • quotes by sammy use(:
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    "i got bullied into texting you again . it was the second time in eight months . i'm a chicken , i know . & then our mutual friend invited me to go to a restaurant with your youth group . you would be there ." — @xoxotorii
  • left my name with the border guards.
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    "you didn't ride with me & our friend on the loong bus ride . you rode on the one with all of the girls ." — @xoxotorii
  • they built it up just to burn it back down.
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    "you came down to my end after we were done eating . you talked to me for a long time . and stole my phone , again . that was becoming a habit of yours . anyway , you saw a message from this guy that said "hey beautiful" . i couldn't believe it , & you looked ... jealous ? you asked who he was , & i said just a friend ." — @xoxotorii
  • quotes by mary grace((:
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    "we kept talking . i told you i was mad at you . you asked why , & i told you it was because the last two times i've seen you , you hadn't said goodbye . you started protesting . i tried not to laugh . but you promised to say goodbye that night ." — @xoxotorii
  • quote by sammy useee. (:
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    "you rode on the bus with all the girls again . but you talked to me at the rest stop . it gave me hope again . i later learned you just sat in the back of the bus & didn't talk . it made me happy , as twisted as it is ." — @xoxotorii
  • chpsauce
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    "that night , you did say goodbye . it was still march ." — @xoxotorii
  • that's a nice quote.
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    "i texted you a couple times . you still haven't saved my number . it made me sad . one time , i was with Hope, & i texted you . this was the most recent time , the last time . you asked who it was . i said tori , and you said tori who . my heart broke . Hope said you were kidding . no you weren't . you don't remember . & you actually have finally forgotten ." — @xoxotorii
  • this is the story with the fantastic lies
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    "^^ this is where i am now .
    -May 1, 2O11" — @xoxotorii
  • sitemodel | Tumblr
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    "i went to see a play at your school with my best friend last night . you were apparently the assistant director . claire & i talked , since we hadn't seen each other in forever . you didn't notice me at first ." — @xoxotorii
  • Simply Kristen :)
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    "then you did . you put your hand on the back of my chair . you were so close to my face , i almost leaned back . but then : "why are you here ?" almost no emotion . it broke my heart . i said to see the play . "no, WHY are you here ?" i breathed in , calming my heart . i joked that i had stalked you , found out you were going to be there , & that's why i came . i think you believed me ." — @xoxotorii
  • "We the Dreamers" Kate Voegele lyrics by scarscar93
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    "then you smiled . i couldn't believe it . you said they were selling sweet tea , but not to pour it on you . i was incredibly happy you had remembered . i later bought some of it , just to see what you'd say . you didn't notice ." — @xoxotorii
  • Original image - ~Magical Day~ - Picture For Me
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    "after the play , we kind of talked . you were pretty rude . & for the third time , you didn't stay goodbye . three strikes & you're out , except i'm not that strong . once upon a time ? our whole story started off as a fairy tale , literally . & now it would take a fairytale-miracle for it to end happily ever after . -May 12, 2O11" — @xoxotorii
  • Tumblr
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    "i logged on facebook at maddie's house . we were laughing around , and i creeped on your page . i was just about to get off when maddie grabbed my hand . "look at his relationship status." i was scared to . because i knew what it would be ." — @xoxotorii
  • fashion / sitemodel icon by Haley
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    "i think i had known what it would be for a while . you had frozen me out ." — @xoxotorii
  • loves quote <3 you belong with me
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    ""it's complicated" . ouch . at least it wasn't the dreaded in a relationship . i knew that no matter what your "complicated" was , not only was it not as complicated as my "complicated", but that it also didn't involve me ." — @xoxotorii
  • The Princess Blog
    More info
    "from the first day i say you in your prince costume , i dreamed of being your princess . i still could be , you know ." — @xoxotorii
  • Tumblr
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    "i happened to see this picture . it gave me a heart attack , it looks so much like you . well , until i look closer , then i can tell . when maddie and i were in disney world this past week , we counted hot guys . i didn't think about you even once until maddie said "look , that guy looks like [you] !" and then i didn't think about you again , except when i thought about that i HADN'T thought about you . am i over you ?" — @xoxotorii
  • im the side effect
    More info
    "that one sentence , right up there , is perfect . i WILL walk away , & i WILL move on . but you won't be following . - June 2 , 2O11" — @xoxotorii
  • P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way , Sydney
    More info
    "i might see you again soon . i can't believe it . the butterflies are back , stronger than before . i wonder if i should hire an exterminator ." — @xoxotorii
  • tori's (: use!
    More info
    "there's another thing at you & our mutual friend's church . a swim thing . good grief . our friend said he would invite me when one came up . i don't know if i'm excited , or dreading it . -June 13 , 2O11" — @xoxotorii
  • cute love icon made by ♥»ℓove..υ..JB«♥
    More info
    "i've joined the choir at our friend's church . i told myself that little voice in my head wasn't telling me to join because you were in it . but i think it was ." — @xoxotorii
  • hipster | Tumblr
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    "that was two weeks ago . i'll see you in one more . and i don't know what to do . i could have sworn i was over you . i even like someone else now . but am i over you ? - sept. 5 2O11" — @xoxotorii
  • Image of rare couple - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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    "I have a boyfriend now. He makes me so happy, I can't believe it's real sometimes." — @xoxotorii
  • I'm not yours and you're not mine;
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    "So now I wonder what it would be like if I had never met you, if I had never been hurt. Would I be with my boyfriend now? Would I be closer to him?" — @xoxotorii
    we3sh: “ or exist ”
  • I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me.
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    "And I can't help wondering what it would be like if you were my boyfriend instead of him." — @xoxotorii
  • imgfave - amazing and inspiring images
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    "So I'm finally done. After all this time, done. And I can't think of anything I'd want more.
    - Nov. 19, 2O11" — @xoxotorii
  • A Cinderella Story Quote
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    "I saw you tonight. At the same dinner show, just a year later. You were performing this time, walking around with your guitar. I thought I had convinced myself I was over you, that my boyfriend was my everything. But no. No chance." — @xoxotorii
  • Tumblr
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    "And then, you came to my table. You started serenaading me, and everyone turned around to watch. I was blushing beyond belief, but I was incredibly happy." — @xoxotorii
  • imgfave - amazing and inspiring images
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    "After you finished, you asked if your performance was good enough to avoid sweet tea poured on you. I just smiled, and you walked away before I could think of anything to say." — @xoxotorii
  • i can read
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    "When it was time for me to leave, I heard you call my name. I turned around, and you said bye. I couldn't respond. I was just frozen. So I just said see you around, like there's any chance of me seeing you again. Will I ever quit messing things up?
    - Feb. 11, 2012" — @xoxotorii
    images with words
  • FFFFOUND! | 2 1/2-Months-To-New-Year's-Resolutions Resolutions
    More info
    "My boyfriend and I broke up. It was for the better. He was abusive, in multiple ways, and it ended with him threatening to kill me. Everyone said this would happen. He was just holding me back. You were the first person I thought of.
    - Apr. 3, 2012" — @xoxotorii
  • elisabeth harnois and jesse mccartney
    More info
    "I saw you two weeks ago, at a party. I stopped dead when I saw you. But you smiled, and we talked, and joked about sweet tea. Then you mentioned you had met my boyfriend, now my ex. I froze. The two of you crossing paths? You so bright, him so dark?" — @xoxotorii
  • broseph.
    More info
    "So you told me how you ran into him in the mall, literally. You stopped to talk, and your conversation turned to girls. You asked him if he had a girlfriend, and when he said yes, you asked where she went to school. When he told you, you asked the name, since you know people at my school." — @xoxotorii
  • Emilie Nereng | 'Voe' or 'Vee'
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    "When he told you, you said, "oh, I know her! Yeah, she's great". Great is my new favorite adjective. But you told me that even before you knew what he did to me, you had thought he was a dick, from that one meeting. I stll can't believe you met." — @xoxotorii
  • PMN Caecilia® 45 Light -
    More info
    "And that was it. We went with our different friends. I can't believe it's possible to hang onto someone like I am to you. But I'll be seeing you this summer, through things at your church. I just hope I'm ready.
    - May 31, 2012" — @xoxotorii
    More info
    "I went to another one of our same friend's parties. I would never have guessed you'd be there." — @xoxotorii
    19 / fine arts slave / i like indie bands and i was born in the wrong country
  • Cause this is more than just a dance hall drug.
    More info
    "Then someone came running up to me. It was you. I couldn't tell if I was glad to see you again, or mad that all the feelings were coming back." — @xoxotorii
  • happiness | Tumblr
    More info
    "We started talking. You brought up the sweet tea joke again. So that means you want to have a conversation with me, right?" — @xoxotorii
  • i kissed a girl and i loved it
    More info
    "I danced with one of my friends, and I saw you watching. I would have rather danced with you." — @xoxotorii
  • photo
    More info
    "You came over to me and told me a riddle, or a joke, whatever it was. I didn't know the answer, and you wouldn't tell me. I chased you around trying to get you to, and it was like we were onstage again, acting like five year olds." — @xoxotorii
  • We can walk together and hold hands ♥
    More info
    "Then it was time for you to leave again. This always happens to us. We talk, we flirt, we get close..and then you leave." — @xoxotorii
  • We are motionless.
    More info
    "But this time, you gave me a huge hug before you went. It should have made me happy. I mean, this was the first time we'd hugged. But it just made goodbye feel more permanent." — @xoxotorii
  • We Are Destruction At Its Finest
    More info
    "I wanted more than that hug. The party lost meaning after you left. So I left too, soon after." — @xoxotorii
  • love never wanted me, but i took it anyway
    More info
    "We're just never going to work, are we?
    -May 25, 2013" — @xoxotorii
  • Sad alone girl cute in room hurts brunette
    More info
    "Our mutual friend was going to have another party, and you were invited. I got excited, and hated myself for it, but what else is new? It turned out you couldn't make it anyway." — @xoxotorii
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  • Dirty Pretty Things
    More info
    "I went to the store the night of the party to get some food. Someone called my name. It was you. We made small talk and I asked about the party one more time just in case. You said no. We said goodbye. I left.
    - October, 2013" — @xoxotorii
  • here's a toast to the end.
    More info
    "Every year after exams I go to eat with our mutual friends and a few more people. This year, they said you'd be stopping by for a little while." — @xoxotorii
  • please stay forever with me
    More info
    "My heart skipped a beat. I hadn't seen you in months. Why was I still feeling this way? I thought about you often, but not like I used to. Either way, it didn't change the fact you never thought of me." — @xoxotorii
    chloe | 16 | new york | niall horan is my spirit animal
  • It's not that way in her mind
    More info
    "You came in with one of your other friends. After barely saying hi to you, I talked to him to keep myself from talking to you. I could see you looking at me out of the corner of my eye, but I was too nervous to start a conversation." — @xoxotorii
  • sweetheart is bleeding in the snowcone.
    More info
    "We all sat there talking and laughing. I was almost convinced I could just be friends with you. Our mutual friend asked you, "hey, how's your girlfriend?"" — @xoxotorii
  • prettygirls//
    More info
    "I felt so dumb. I had told myself over and over you didn't care about me. So why did it still hurt so badly? I walked out of the restaurant, but when I came back in, you smiled and starting talking to me." — @xoxotorii
  • red wine and ambien, you're talking shit again.
    More info
    "And I could feel myself being reeled right back in. Why am I so stupid when it comes to you? How can I go months without talking to you but still feel the same as if I saw you yesterday?" — @xoxotorii
  • i'm just your typical prototype
    More info
    "You started talking about how blue my eyes were, and all I could think about was if that's the color of your girlfriend's eyes too." — @xoxotorii
  • little brown bambi
    More info
    "You left not long after. I'm still the same girl I was four years ago when it comes to you. But you change like it's nothing. Like I'm nothing.
    - December 20, 2013" — @xoxotorii
  • Fashion
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    "I was leaving Taco Bell with a friend when I saw you in the drive thru. I yelled your name, and when you saw me, you grinned and waved. We tried to carry on a conversation, but you had to keep driving. I would have given anything to keep talking." — @xoxotorii
  • The Wasted Youth (credit to photographer)
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    "My friend commented on how hot you were, and asked how I knew you. "Just someone I've had a crush on for a really long time." For a minute, I let myself imagine being able to say you were my boyfriend." — @xoxotorii
  • fuck yeah, text.
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    "That's something that'll never happen, though. I think of you, you don't think of me. I want you, you don't want me. I don't know how to change that, but it's starting to be okay.
    - May 27, 2014" — @xoxotorii
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