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+Catherine Martin {Kaya Scoderlario}
Catherine Martin is sixteen, but turns seventeen in September and resides with her older sister Elizabeth and father Mr. John Martin. While her family is quite wealthy and both Catherine and her sister are considered accomplished, Catherine is slightly frowned upon due to her vivacious personality and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Both she and her sister are out in society, although her sister is to be married to James Danforth. Danforth often flirts with Catherine which she keeps a secret although is quite disturbed about it. Catherine currently has feelings for their housekeeper Nellie’s son Tom who is returning from school and work abroad in France {Catherine has looked up to Tom since she was little, although hasn’t seen him since she was seven} and although he returns the feelings, neither have acted upon it and don’t even know they have feelings for each other. Later on, Danforth makes a move on Catherine and it is used to get her away so Elizabeth can have all the attention. She sees and tells her father. Before Catherine leaves her and Tom act upon their feelings which is seen by Tom’s mother and her father finds out leaving him no other option to send her to another household to be a governess to keep her away from Tom and James. This proves to be a dilemma since she feels deserted by her father and is attracted to the home owner Mr. Rochester, but still believes she is in love with Tom. 

+John Martin {Colin Firth}
John Martin is the fifty-something father of two young daughters which he has had trouble raising alone since his wife died in childbirth {both her and the baby died}. He is a silent, yet strong man who very much loves his daughters; he just has trouble expressing it. Mr. Martin inherited all his money, but travels often to London leaving the housekeeper to keep an eye on the girls. Mr. Martin slightly arranged the marriage between James Danforth and Elizabeth due to Danforth being the son of his business partner. He has no idea that James flirts with Catherine or that he has a gambling and womanizing problem. Later on he is quite oblivious to Tom and Catherine till Elizabeth sees them and tells him. He sends Catherine away to be a governess at Edward Rochester’s home.

+Elizabeth Martin {Gemma Arterton}
Elizabeth Martin is Catherine’s twenty year old sister who has caught the eye of many men since she was fifteen. She is quite accomplished and graceful, but what she does not show to the public is her manipulative, greed driven ways. Elizabeth will do anything to get what she wants and it is not certain how she became this way, although it may have been her mother’s death. She is quite jealous of her younger sister. Elizabeth is engaged to James Danforth and when she sights him on her sister she tells her father right away knowing it will remove Catherine out of the picture so she can have all of Danforth’s attention, so she spins the story to make it sound like Catherine started it with James. Of course, her father promises this will never be spoken about and will send Catherine away.

+Caroline Woodhouse {Britt Robertson}
Caroline Woodhouse is an intelligent, quiet seventeen year old who may not be social, but her looks and societal standing attract many suitors. While she has been courted a few times, it has never resulted in a proposal. At a ball Caroline meets Harold Pemberton, a visiting man from London who proves to be quite captivating to her despite their large age difference. Of course, her grandmother attempts to have Pemberton court her older sister Jane. In fact, their grandmother has also set a match for Caroline, Fitzwilliam Knightly who she finds almost unbearable to be around. Jane has no interest which her grandmother doesn’t approve of, so Jane and Caroline come up with a plan to let Caroline see Harold. Later on, Knightly breaks courting with Woodhouse after he becomes engaged to James Danforth’s sister Lydia. Harold and Caroline begin courting Jane’s and the two fall in love dreaming to later come forward about their romance so they can marry. Eventually Caroline and Wickham unexpectedly elope resulting in a falling out of Caroline and Jane’s plan. Harold agrees to pretend to be upset and of course after there is no hope in getting Jane back, Caroline’s grandmother has Pemberton court Caroline. Will they marry or will her grandmother find out and they will end up apart?

+Jane Woodhouse {Rosamund Pike}
Jane Woodhouse is Caroline’s older sister at age twenty-three. Her grandmother fears she will die an old maid, but Jane enjoys her solitude. Although, Jane fancies a militia man Frederick Wickham she occasionally sees in town and at parties. The match is frowned upon by their difference in society, but when her grandmother believes she is going to see Harold Pemberton she is actually seeing Wickham while her sister is believed to be seeing her friend Catherine and is seeing Pemberton. She falls in love with Wickham and the two end up eloping together.

+Anne Woodhouse {Judi Dench}
Anne Woodhouse is Caroline and Jane’s grandmother who took them in to her elaborate home after their parents passed from pneumonia. It was a miracle the girls did not catch it, but when her father was first diagnosed they were sent away immediately which was the last time they both saw their parents. Anne raised the girls with the help of a governess and the two granddaughters came out to be quite accomplished and sought after. Anne Woodhouse constantly mingles in the love lives of Caroline and Jane, both whom she pairs with Fitzwilliam Knightly and Harold Pemberton respectively. Both girls do not fancy their matches, so they secretly rebel and devise a plan against their grandmother’s wishes. Anne Woodhouse never knows of the two girls’ plan due to Jane running away with Wickham leading her to pair Harold with Caroline, which makes everyone happy. 

+James Danforth {Ben Wishaw} 
James Danforth is Elizabeth Martin’s sketchy fiancé who will inherit a large fortune, but has a gambling problem no one knows of. Danforth also has a womanizing problem, so obviously he tries to make moves on Elizabeth’s sister Catherine. He is selfish and full of pride, but it is almost charming in a way. Once spotted trying things on Catherine, Elizabeth tells her father. Catherine is sent away and James is forced to continue his arrangement with Elizabeth. The both end up in an unhappy marriage carefully watched by Mr. Martin and Danforth’s own parents. 

+Lydia Danforth {Emily Blunt}
Lydia Danforth is a woman in her late twenties from the high society Danforth family. She is quite haughty and clearly sees herself superior, although she is quite accomplished and friendly towards her society level. She is also a hunter of men and has courted plenty to find the one that will provide her the best fortune, which she finds in Fitzwilliam Knightly. The two find each other a perfect match for all the reasons except love and so Knightly breaks his ties with Caroline to marry Lydia.

+Fitzwilliam Knightly {Matthew MacFayden}
Fitzwilliam Knightly is a man in his early thirties who is quite full of pride and loathing of all those in lower class. He is matched with Caroline Woodhouse and both are unhappy but don’t voice it, in fact Knightly acted as the perfect gentleman until he ends ties with Caroline through her grandmother to marry Lydia Danforth.

+Thomas “Tom” Willoughby {James McAvoy}
Tom Willoughby is the twenty-six year old son of the Martin’s housekeeper Nellie Willoughby and has lived in the Martin household his whole life with his mother. He grew up alongside Elizabeth and Catherine and proved to be a sort of idol to Catherine despite their ten year age difference. Elizabeth despised him since he was a son of a housekeeper, but Catherine and he were completely friends. He left when she was six and has now returned. At first, Tom was in disbelief that Catherine was truly, well, Catherine and soon realized he found her attractive and charming and anything but the six year old he left in England. The two become friendly again and a tension grows. When Elizabeth’s fiancé James Danforth makea a move on Catherine, Elizabeth sees and tells her father. Her goal is to get Catherine away and it works. Catherine will be sent away, so Tom and her act on their feelings which is seen by Tom’s mother. This is the last straw and Mr. Martin sends her away the very next day believing she is a “silly, man-hungry child.” Tom blames himself and secretly writes to Catherine unknowing of her growing attraction for Rochester. 

+Edward Rochester {Michael Fassbender} 
Edward Rochester is a man in his thirties who has grown bitter over the death of most of his family members which left him with the care of his sister’s daughter Harriet. Rochester is a bit rough around the edges, but Catherine brings him to more easy going behavior which helps him learn to love life again. He softens and begins to enjoy parties and household things with Catherine and Harriet soon to find a desire not only for a family, but for Catherine.

+Harold Pemberton {Jude Law}
Harold Pemberton is a charming, wealthy man in his late thirties who has never been married. Unlike many, he believes that love should be the foundation of a relationship and not class level. After meeting Caroline he finds her refreshing and soon finds himself falling for her and secretly seeing her since he is arranged with her sister Jane. He secretly courts Caroline with passion, but stays a gentleman. It isn’t until later Pemberton expresses his feelings through a kiss. After Jane leaves, the two are allowed to court according to Caroline’s grandmother leaving him a desperate desire to marry and have a family with Caroline.

+Frederick Wickham {Rupert Everett}
Frederick Wickham is the militia man in his late twenties Jane Woodhouse runs off with. He secretly sees her until they decide to elope never to return again. In letters to Catherine, Jane reveals her and Frederick marry and live in the countryside of France with his cousins. The two share a real love despite his small fortune and only living arrangement to be in a decent sized estate with his distant family in France who don’t know they eloped. Jane discovers she is pregnant later in the story leading Caroline to go to France for a short time to see her nephew or niece born.
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