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Story Writers

Do you like to write fictional stories? Have you made sets out of them? Then this is the group for you! If you write a fictional story, and make it a set, submit it here! Founder: lucid chocolate Prompts: http://www.polyvore.com/writing_prompts/collection?id=1559208 OUR STORY: http://www.polyvore.com/our_story/collection?id=314073 Here's some FAQ: (Thanks pirate-vampire!! [: ) Q: do you still have chapters lefT? A: We've got infinite chapters, so of course! Could you please comment on the set though, it's easier for me, thank you :) Q: do you know what the theme of the story is? A:Yes, but you can change the theme when you write your chapter. Say the person before you writes about a girl watching birds fly by. You can write your chapter from other things the birds fly by, changing the genre, or you can continue the girl's story. This is just an example, but that's basically the idea. Q:but do you know what the "main" plot is? or is it just a bunch of random chapters put together? A: kinda, random chapters, but they all have to connect in some way. It's not a completely cohesive story, but we all get to write something together, and this makes it interesting. Q: cool. so, do we get updates? when do we start this? A: Today or tomorrow, and updates will be in announcements.
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