The Nikitin Brothers Circus

The Nikitin Brothers Circus
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It's 1924 the height of the Roaring Twenties. The time of Jazz, Flappers, Freedom, and Economic Wealth for most of the United States. But not for everyone. To some a dream and to others a pay check. However all home to the The Nikitin Brothers Circus where it was The Most Spectacular Show on Earth. So what will be your place on the train be? Preformer? An Exotic Dancer? Or just someone who does all of the dirty work? Whoever you are don't slip up because the train doesn't stop and what happens when your getting kicked off?
Owner: Piotr Nikitin
Ring Master: Dmitri Nikitin
Main Preformers: (Not too many)
The Main attractions and the reasons why you loved the circus. They live in private carts lined with Red Velvet Satin with the elegant furnisher.
- Clara Hayes
-Kato Dunay
-Dwayne Elric
-Elizabeth Nicholson
-William Butler
-Arielle Ruth Edwards
Side shows and fill in preformers:
The performers who fill in the time between the big acts of the circus. They live in the common carts which are nice but not as great as the private carts.
- Lucy Cai
-Bella Heathcote
-Warren Beckett
-Damien Beckett
-Anastasia Petrova
-Gabe Halston
-Anastasia Petrova
Exotic Dancers:
These ladies entertain the husbands and fathers who can sneak off while the rest of the family is entertained by the performers.They are hired for there looks not there talents. They also live in the common carts.
- Dolly Madison
- Clara Ann Gats
-Janet Levi
-Dylan Williams
-Moira Leeth
-Elizabeth Banks
The crew:
They help set up the big top, take care of the animals, and run the kitchen. They sleep where ever they can, even with the animals on occasion. They do whatever they can for a pay check.
-Joseph 'Joe' Miller
-Tony Graceffa
-Samuel Murdock
-Juliet Burton
-Gabe Halst
-Bucky Barns
-Galatea Beararu
-Liam McAllister
-Grant Middleton
The hide aways.
They jumped on the train for whatever their story is and trust me they all have them. They live where ever they can find space.
-Alfie Davis
-Samantha Carlton
-Daniel Whitman
+ stay active
+ double
+ If you read the rules, write: '“Life is the most spectacular show on earth ”at the beginning of your audition
+ Only celebrites and models, no sitemodel, no nick/disney or one direction it's the 1920's make them look time appropriate
+ No god-modding, gary/mary-sues, no perfect characters
+ two lines for each reply.
+ Keep drama in the rp's.
Name: (change it)
Age: (17+)
Bio or character study: (make them detailed and descriptive)
Job: (Not everyone can be a main preformer so pick other jobs too)
Tag 3 people: (you must do this on every audition)
Taken models:
Jude Law
Jamie Chung
Amber Heard
Elsa Hosk
Sebastian Stan
Robert Downey Jr.
Marilyn Monroe
Bella Heathcote
Cillian Murphy
Jake Sandvig
James Franco
Marlon Textiera
Mona Johanassen
Ryan Reynolds
Audrey Hepburn
Keira Knightly
Robert Pattinson
Eden Sher
Kacey Rohl
Aaron Tveit
Ash Stymest
Emily Didantino
Barbara Palvin
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Ben Barnes
Candice Swanepoel
Francisco Lachowski
Nico Tortorella
Jessica Parker Kennedy
Carey Mulligan
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