She doesnt have to actually look like that btw. I just wanted to put someone there..

Name: Carter Bond
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Rank: Middle
Fate: Dies saving someone she loves
Family: Her mother Celia died when she was little. She was raised by her father, Aaron but he was killed by a zombie.
Friends: German shepherd named Caesar 
Partner: Nope. She is single.
Story Line: Falls in love at some point, has trouble with trust
Grade: 10th (Sophomore)
Major/job: (if they went to college what would they do or what job did they have.)
Power: She can control others emotions, but doing it too much tires her out
Character status: Main
Personality: Shy, resourceful, caring, brave, doesnt trust easily, heart rules her head (Falls in love too easily and gets hurt. Its why she has trouble with trust), shes bi-sexual but doesnt wear it on her sleeves (That means she isnt obvious about it)
Looks: Brown hair with curls (Like mine), gray eyes, quite muscular
Job in community: She worked in a small store before the apocalypse. 

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