STORYTIME: Yuri and Park

Yuri is new to the city and Park lives across the hall.
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    "You know, the worst thing in the world is being all on your own in a new city. Well, that was on my mind. After all, it was almost summer and I hadn't started my job." — @elliewriter
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    "And then I remembered Park, the guy from across the hall. Of course, he didn't talk much. I doubted I'd ever get to know him. Perhaps, he thought I was loud. Sometimes, I liked to talk to myself. After all, I didn't know anyone." — @elliewriter
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    "Of course, I went to see him. His door was half way open.
    "Hi.." my voice was a little high, only Park didn't budge. He was concentrating on studying." — @elliewriter
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    ""Watcha, doing?" Yeah, I can be pretty annoying when I want to be. I looked at some old photos, but they were of the sea and of him with his parents." — @elliewriter
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    ""Leave my stuff, alone!" He said I was snooping.
    That was the last thing I wanted to hear. It didn't look like we could be friends, but maybe I could annoy him, even more.
    "You're door was open." I reminded him." — @elliewriter
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    ""You didn't have to come in." His stare was stern, but I felt as if my feet were stuck to the floor. I wanted to stay.
    "Sorry." I sucked in a breath. "I was just curious...I don't know anyone."" — @elliewriter
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    "I picked up a photo that was when he was younger with his Dad. "Is your family near?"
    He shook his head, NO. He was studying to be a doctor. His parents were overseas. He wouldn't see them again until he graduated.
    Suddenly, I felt so sad for him." — @elliewriter
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    ""Have you..." I started to ask if he'd eaten lunch yet.
    "Yes..." but it wasn't the answer to my question. He began telling me about the only girl he ever loved, who was still back home. Obviously, he wasn't over her and I had to listen." — @elliewriter
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    "He was so alone now. Maybe going through withdrawal.
    "When did you see her last?"
    "She's with another guy."She met an American. I guess I could see why he was so blue." — @elliewriter
    and everything in between
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    "I took a peek outside. It was a beautiful day. So I made some sandwiches and packed some fruit and water and went back to his apartment." — @elliewriter
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    ""Let's go to the park!" I was full of enthusiasm, thinking I needed to be his cheerleader. I might not be as smart, but at least we could see the city together." — @elliewriter
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    "The park was quite romantic. Perhaps it was wishful thinking, but he did like my picnic. The walk and fresh air did do us good." — @elliewriter
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    ""Yuri, you are kind of funny." He said with a smile. "Do you do this all the time with guys you don't know?"
    I rolled my eyes, thinking I wasn't smitten by his flirting. Then he took my hand." — @elliewriter
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    "And together we walked into the chill of the night, ready to take on the world. Somehow, I couldn't wait to start my new job." — @elliewriter
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    ""You know, I like doing nothing with you." He told me when we met up the next day.
    "Seriously?" I smiled, "What do you want to do today?"
    "Nothing, absolutely nothing with you." He smiled." — @elliewriter
  • Ekaterina Darvin
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    "But he kissed me on the forehead and took me out for coffee, anyway." — @elliewriter

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Wrote 11 months ago first attempt..I really wasn't sure if all the pictures would be in order. But it was a way to use some of the pictures I had. @little-miss-rhapsody

Wrote 11 months ago
This is really cute and the colltection fits so nice!!


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