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What website do you spend most of your time on?:
facebook, twitter, HBO go, netflix

Have you ever heard of Jeff Dunham? If so, do you like him?:
yeah, i'm not a fan.

Are you a dog or a cat person?:

Are you missing anyone right now?:
yes ^_^

What is your favorite smiley?:

Do you get along with your parents?:

Do you hate when you get one word text messages?:
it depends on what i asked.

Does bad grammar/spelling irritate you?:

Do you ever send more than 300 text messages a month?:
yeah, probably.

Have you ever been on Habbo Hotel?:

Name 3 things you do every day, without fail:
eat, smoke, drink

Are you happy with your age? Would you like to be older? Younger?:
i want to be 18 again.

Do you have anything bothering you lately?:
eh, little things.

Have you ever moved to the opposite side of the country?:

Do you like vitamin water?:

What kind of cell phone do you have?:
iPhone 4 - such crap.

How many siblings do you have?:

Are you in/going to college?:
currently in college

Have you ever ridden a horse?:

Should you be doing something else right now?:

How many people have you kissed?:
uh, i'm not even going to count that.

What is your dream career?:

Do you have a driver's license? Do you want to get one?:
yes, i got one.

Do you have unlimited texting?:

What are your favorite kind of chips?:

Where was the last place you went on vacation to?:
cruise to the bahamas & key west, florida last summer.

Your top 3 favourite colours:
black, gray, white

Will you be going on vacation at all this year?:
maybe, who knows?

Do you eat a lot of sandwiches?:
little bit

Are you afraid of fire?:

What do you have planned for this weekend?:
not sure yetttt

Do you have a walk-in closet?:
i wish!

Do you still have any of your childhood toys?:
yes i have a couple ^_~

How far away do you live from your birthplace?:
like, 20 minutes.

Agree or disagree? Boys who play acoustic guitar are so cute?:
ummm, yeah no.

Who was the last person/people that you hung out with?:

Do you use a purse?:

What are you looking forward to?:

Are all your grandparents still living?:
both my grandmothers are

Do you use body wash, shower gel, or soap?:

Which month were you born?:

What colour are the pants you're wearing right now?:
i'm not wearing any pants n_~

What is your favorite candy?:
snickers, m&ms, tolberone

What is your favorite kind of iced tea?:
lemon & peach

What has been your worst injury?:
black eyes, stitches, etc. etc.

Are you warm, cold, or just right?:
just riiiiight

Are you into anyone right now?:
you can say that..... :-*

Do you tend to want what you can't have?:

What did you last get in the mail?:
lingerie & shoes ahahaha

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