Cities, huge, a mecca of people and things. 

busy busy hustling shuffling, loud, the city

Then came the rain, the strange rain.

Humans too busy to see, too busy to notice the strange rain.

Deals to make, jobs to work, games to play, let it rain, let it rain.

busy busy hustling shuffling, loud, the city

Then the rain became a mist, fine , so fine, the eyes did not see.

A misty haze silent as it captured each soul, one by one, humans became the mist,
and then came more rain, strange rain.

busy busy hustling shuffling, loud the city

One rose, all thorns, then another appeared, but, no human eyes were there to see.

City buildings now a shadow amongst the midst of the strange rain.

And then, as sudden as it came, all stopped.

The Raven, perched upon the thorns of the haunted Rose, looked upon the emptiness.

He filled his lungs with the remnants of the mist, and gave his goodbye call.

For the Raven knows the secrets of such things.
With his city spent, his wings spread and he disappeared into the emptiness.

set and words by the once in a while, strange, Linda Caricofe , teeheeheee
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